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Harvey Kandola

Questions (486)

· Support Resources  asked          
· Gemini v2.0.3 Released  asked          
· Gemini v2.0.3 Beta 4 is out  asked          
· Gemini v2.0.3 -- Beta 3 Release  asked          
· Gemini v2.0.3 -- Beta 2 Release  asked          
· History contains unexpected events    reply        
· Not getting email alerts Gemini v5.1.2.3579    reply      answer  100 points
· Genini 4: custom grid and queries    reply        
· Gemini 5: Pinned cards: bug or feature?    reply        100 points
· In Gemini v5 are sub-issues/sub-tasks supported?    reply        
· Changing default labels for Menus    reply      answer  100 points
· Checklist attribute    reply        100 points
· How to back up snapshots of the configuration?    reply        
· Regression testing Sentry    reply        
· Gemini 5.1 Affected Systems / Business Area / Business System field data    reply        
· View project only.    reply        100 points
· Creating an issue programmatically    reply      answer  100 points
· Integration between Team Foundation Explorer plugin for Eclipse?    reply        
· 'source' field not showing up on Create Task Screen    reply        
· We have created some custom fields that we would like to report on. Is this possible? If so, how?    reply        
· Change Item order in hierarchy?    reply      answer  125 points
· Migrating data to a hosted Gemini system    reply        
· Is the search bar configurable?    reply        
· Migration issue    reply      answer  
· Install Gemini trial version with IIS Express    reply        
· Customise items list doesn't show due date and start date    reply  comment    answer  
· Batch creation in 4.0?    reply        
· How can I remove myself from issue watchers?    reply        
· upgrade to 4.0 with "testmanagement" functionality    reply      answer  
· Logged time in testing not visible in time report    reply      answer  
· Create Issue Partial ignoring issue type field    reply        
· Assign Multiple resources OR create a distrubution list for an new item    reply      answer  
· Road Map questions    reply        
· Issue with Email Links    reply        
· Setting Gemini-addin to Gibraltar    reply  comment      
· Subprojects?    reply        
· What is "Import Pattern" doing    reply      answer  
· Update Problems - Quality Problems - Missing simple important features    reply        
· Synchronizing with Gemini    reply        
· Not showing sub-issues at the top level    reply        
· Version control of project documents    reply        
· Track multiple faults in one development    reply      answer  
· VS2010 Add-in - Error connecting to Gemini server.    reply        
· Change the default port    reply        
· Cannot login to Data import utility    reply        
· Megrating from 3.5.x to 3.7    reply        
· Upgrade from 2.2.6 to 3.7.2    reply        
· Knowledge base module    reply        
· Marking bug as Won't Fix doesn't affect Estimated Effort    reply        
· Saved filters doesn't show    reply        
· No concept of issue dependencies?    reply        
· Not understanding Task types    reply        
· Links to documentation are wrong    reply        
· Saved Filters?    reply        
· Security exception when accessing Gemini web services    reply        
· Make field required when changing issue status    reply        
· Login failed when integrating Gemini via iframe    reply        
· Bug in Issue list?    reply        
· Gemini Website is not configured to accept GET/POST/PUT/DELETE Http Verbs (.ashx)    reply        
· History table in the DB    reply        
· Moving Gemini from one server to another    reply        
· Time Report grouped by user    reply        
· Project Lead and Component Lead    reply        
· "Days Left" Field    reply        
· Issue Auto-Assign    reply        
· continous build integration    reply        
· Old Version Install?    reply        
· Gemini Website is not configured to accept GET/POST/PUT/DELETE Http Verbs (.ashx)?    reply        
· Assigning a start and end date to issues    reply        
· Cusom Fields Inline Edit    reply        
· To organize a program with plugins in Gemini    reply        
· Deleting/updating won't work    reply        
· Project Reports    reply        
· Duplicate alert emails    reply        
· Custom Fields / Values - Retiring use of a value without deleting it?    reply        
· Issue comments on closed issues    reply        
· Add-ins    reply        
· Gemini Workflow question    reply        
· Requesting other users review a task    reply        
· Thank you...    reply        
· Add Comments -> Security Issue?!    reply        
· New installation - Failed to grant minimum permission requests    reply        
· Automatically create sub-issues    reply        
· Project Management, Product Issue Management, and Product Assessment in an Iterative Development Pro    reply        
· SCRUM Example?    reply        
· Gemama - enables full mail-based lifecycle of issues in Gemini.    reply        
· Can't change status with Batch Update    reply        
· USing Gemini as a PBL as well as bug tracker    reply        
· Component Name Sorting    reply        
· Snag IT Always Prompts For A File Name    reply        
· Default detailed description and Time Tracking    reply        
· Would the current version please stand up... and tell me what's changed?    reply        
· Gemini release for Right-To-Left lanugages (Hebrew)    reply        
· Customizing burn down chart?    reply        
· Migrate to 3.3.5 from 2.2.7    reply        
· Pre Sales questions    reply        
· New Gemini Permissions Needed?    reply        
· Slow performance when using 'Image Manager' within Gemini    reply        
· Upgrading DB from 2.0.3 to 3.5.1    reply        
· New permissions scheme in 3.x simply doesn't work.    reply        
· Batch Update doesnt work (V3.5.1)    reply        
· Gemini and Team Foundation Server / Sharepoint    reply        
· Burn Down Chart 3.5.1    reply        
· Need to handle duplicate usernames during account creation at the user level    reply        
· Edit Issue Dialog: Entering Hours and Minutes Bug(?)    reply        
· Permissions    reply        
· SVN post-commit StackOverflowException    reply        
· Issue Visibility Query    reply        
· Cross Project linking    reply        
· Telerik.Web.UI.RadWindowManager with ID='RadWindowManager2' was unable to find embedded skin with na    reply        
· Globally customising "My Work View".    reply        
· how to manage Project Versions    reply        
· RSS    reply        
· Scheduler source code    reply        
· Active Directory User Groups linkws with Global groups    reply        
· Time Tracker has .Net RUntime 2.0 Error after installation    reply        
· How much resource available?    reply        
· Controlling assignment and resolution on an issue    reply        
· Print Friendly content formatting    reply        
· Gemini and Active Directory    reply        
· New feature request...    reply        
· Testing Management    reply        
· CounterSoft Gemini Scheduler v2.x    reply        
· Emailed Issues - send reply    reply        
· "All Issues" link caused the browsers hang on IE7 and Firefox3    reply        
· Translating a solved issue into a KB article    reply        
· Cannot delete users    reply        
· SMTP Error messages    reply        
· Migration 2.2.7 -> 3.1.1 no "Private" Marks    reply        
· Suggestion for component re-use across releases    reply        
· Some reports fail if SessionState is not InProc    reply        
· Gemini SourceControl on Linux svn server    reply        
· v3.1.0: When click on Comment link, the comment page doesn't load    reply        
· Show attached image on issue comments    reply        
· 2.2.7 --> 3.1.1 Invalid object name 'users'    reply        
· Gemini User Permissions / Project Visibility 3.1.1    reply        
· Project Groups containing Project Groups    reply        
· Electronic Signature    reply        
· ability to create a recurring issue or task?    reply        
· Gemini Exception Manager    reply        
· Cannot find my Gemini API Key    reply        
· Issue Link Problems    reply        
· Mailplugin options in 3 like there use to be in 2    reply        
· v3.1: benefit of using/setting parent component    reply        
· Bug with SchedulerService installer    reply        
· V3.1 Huge tab font in issue view    reply        
· Gemini 3.1beta: Index was outside the bounds of the array.    reply        
· Restriciting Visibility    reply        
· Scrum    reply        
· "Back to Issue Filter" dose not take you back to orginal sorted list    reply        
· Need a suggestion for workflow    reply        
· VSS Integration - still supported?    reply        
· Sub Issues of Sub Issues    reply        
· Time planning    reply        
· comments in notification emails    reply        
· Getting Error During SampleDB Setup (3.0.4)    reply        
· Hierarchy of projects    reply        
· Project Administration -> Version Attributes == Crashed. Can´t Edit it    reply        
· Move the components between projects    reply        
· Sub Components    reply        
· Issue Sorting - which issues should be handled first    reply        
· Security in 3.0.4    reply        
· How to add users to a Project Group    reply        
· yet another one - unable to login to desktop    reply        
· Issue detail - deselect everything in list    reply        
· "Insufficient user rights" error when you click on issue link in timesheet    reply        
· Using user's email address as the sender address    reply        
· Move Gemini to new SQL server 2005    reply        
· Removing Default Values from a project    reply        
· Issues List View Customization Bug    reply        
· Scheduler setup - error message to do with authentication    reply        
· Wiki    reply        
· Email Alerts - Customising which alerts we get    reply        
· Visual Studio 2008 Add in problems    reply        
· using gemini for support tickets    reply        
· load balancing    reply        
· Process this :)    reply        
· VS2008 Plug-in - can't login.    reply        
· problems to install the last version of Gemini desktop    reply        
· Google Chrome strange characters    reply        
· Ressource Allocation and Usage    reply        
· Visual Studio 2005 Addin: Cant login to Gemini    reply        
· Users not displayed in dropdown for Security Schemes or Email Alerts    reply        
· Can't rename project groups    reply        
· Issue visibility problem    reply        
· Gemini 3.0.4 - User Administration - Display of permissions and selected groups    reply        
· Add-on Login dialog - position of OK button is not ok (in Vista?)    reply        
· Not possible to remove preset Issue Types?    reply        
· Comment visibility in connection with notifications???    reply        
· scheduler service, catch mails from clients and create issue    reply        
· Gemini v3.0.4 - Possibility of setting global filters    reply        
· GEMINI - Time Tracker Beta 1 - Helpfull features    reply        
· Notification problem or incorrect security scheme settings?    reply        
· Gemini non WSE web services    reply        
· Adding user to watch list    reply        
· Problems with Scheduler v3.0.4 b2026 mailbox processing    reply        
· Gemini 2.1.1 not showing all made issues    reply        
· Gemini 2.2.7 batch delete issues    reply        
· Strange Language behaviour.    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler (v3.0.4 Build 2026) - changes from v1.7.1    reply        
· after install Gemini web app will not start, errors    reply        
· cannot connect gemini time tracker and gemini desktop beta version to the gemini server    reply        
· Unassigned issue    reply        
· Basic reports don't work    reply        
· User Management    reply        
· Structuring projects by sub projects    reply        
· Groups and schemes    reply        
· field visibility not applied to "my watched issue"    reply        
· Portal mode issue    reply        
· scheduler and memory leak    reply        
· Access to the path is denied: c:\gemini_smtp_log.txt    reply        
· Server Changed IP address    reply        
· Mail Alerts Not Working - Different Error than the others...    reply        
· Version attributes cannot be changed    reply        
· Gemini Visual Studio 2008 Add-in: Beta 1 Released!    reply        
· Getting an error repeatedly in Gemini    reply        
· Batch Edit Issues    reply        
· Unique features of this product?    reply        
· Seeing exceptions all over..    reply        
· mail alerts will not work    reply        
· Not seeing all issues... in 3.0.2    reply        
· Where in CSS does this value come from?    reply        
· System group    reply        
· Global Group Testers    reply        
· RSS feed not validating    reply        
· Images not present on issues text after migration from 226 to 302    reply        
· Email alerts are not working    reply        
· Issue attachments    reply        
· commons dll 1979 version into services 3.0.2 zip !!!    reply        
· No row with the given identifier exists: 56, of class: CounterSoft.Gemini.Commons.UserEN    reply        
· Date Range in Gantt    reply        
· Mail alerts not working    reply        
· Project homepage displaying all "assignable" users    reply        
· Customising issue list view    reply        
· ../user/Time.aspx Error    reply        
· Re-assign an issue when adding a comment    reply        
· Countersoft's Gemini change log    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler v2.0.1 throws errors    reply        
· Resolved issues in 3.0.1    reply        
· Ressource dropdown is empty on issues version 3.0.1    reply        
· Scheduler error    reply        
· png images not displayed nicely in IE6    reply        
· Keeping it private    reply        
· a different object with the same identifier error on save issue workflow    reply        
· 404 Pages consistently happening - Enforce URL not persisting    reply        
· Request timed out on visibility scheme edit    reply        
· Gemini 3 - Cannot see issues that have been raised by another user    reply        
· Gemini 3 - Bad page links and missing icons    reply        
· Gemini 3 feedback    reply        
· After Upgrade to 3.0.0 Problems update Issue on Project    reply        
· Unable to specify time in MINUTES, only allows hours?    reply        
· Does this work with V3.0?    reply        
· Assigning workflow to issue type    reply        
· Email alerts - scheduler service    reply        
· Agile Development Modeling?    reply        
· Gemini 3.0 - Cannot assign the same user / project group on multiple projects    reply        
· Bug? Issues view not updated when you use the actions/edit on an issue    reply        
· Security scheme role question    reply        
· Bug - Time logs do not accept decimal input    reply        
· Required custom fields    reply        
· Invisible Tabs    reply        
· Field visibility in issue list    reply        
· Issue counts in type/priority/severity admin screens    reply        
· Users - Understanding Security    reply        
· Bad link: Security Settings>Global Groups>Group Schemes    reply        
· Batched e-mail via Scheduler all jacked up    reply        
· Page redirection error    reply        
· Field Visibility - Votes    reply        
· Issue Tab Control - make more informative    reply        
· Not easy to see Project User assignments    reply        
· Change Log has no records    reply        
· Error- Too many spaces in field definition    reply        
· Project Panel issues list does not filter properly.    reply        
· Ability to create fully resolved issues    reply        
· Problem creating new sample database    reply        
· No "Projects" link / User roles, schemes    reply        
· Download link broken?    reply        
· Scheduler email templates customization    reply        
· Default Schemes    reply        
· SMTP Setup Issues (Yep, another thread)    reply        
· Schdeuler Error    reply        
· Broken Images In Email Gemini 2.2.6    reply        
· Does Issue filter work ?    reply        
· Suggestion: others fields visibility    reply        
· Visibility schemes not apply on some fields    reply        
· Wrong number of projects on users after migration    reply        
· Event Log Message Every 30 Minutes    reply        
· Comment not included in comment notification    reply        
· Alerts are not being created... I don't believe    reply        
· Resource user permissions    reply        
· Gemini scheduler memory leak?    reply        
· Does Gemini enable to edit version of each component belong to the same project?    reply        
· Two different Gemini web applications pointing to one database...    reply        
· Change default values when creating an issue    reply        
· Find issue link displays all issue in the system    reply        
· Spaces in Email subject    reply        
· Gemini Theme Tweak - Blue Steel    reply        
· Small style bug    reply        
· Cannot attach file to the ticket - Gemini Application Error    reply        
· Error encountered processing template file...    reply        
· Custom Reporting    reply        
· Blank emails from scheduler 1.7    reply        
· SMTP Test works; emails alert don't    reply        
· Private Issues Toggle on Roadmap and Change Log    reply        
· Mailbox Processor Event Log TOO Verbose    reply        
· Notifications Not Going Out    reply        
· Post Sharepoint WSS 3.0 Install Problem - Gemini Half Works    reply        
· Scheduler Service 1.7 E-Mails No Longer Shows Change Log    reply        
· 2.2.3 vs scheduler 1.6 - releases unclear    reply        
· POP Email Not Being Retrieved and no Issues Created    reply        
· Issue Created date blank in Issue Created alert email (Gemini 2.2.2)    reply        
· How can I set Issue Alerts Filter?    reply        
· e-Mail-DCONCERN has TAB after 18 characters    reply        
· Gemini v3    reply        
· scheduler 1.5    reply        
· Mismatched emails?    reply        
· Issue history    reply        
· 2.2 trust    reply        
· error when downloading source code from customer portal    reply        
· Problem after re-install    reply        
· Complimentary license - not getting license email    reply        
· It is legaly allow to change the name of the application with commercial licence ?    reply        
· Localization in Scheduler Service    reply        
· Email issue creator    reply        
· issue comment box/editor    reply        
· Email alert not working in 2.2.1    reply        
· Configuring Notifications    reply        
· How to get the toolbar with the full screen button in RADEditor    reply        
· 404 'page not found' error (no 64-bit server)    reply        
· New gemini with one database    reply        
· New Status Item    reply        
· Email notification did not work...    reply        
· Test Management in Gemini (GEM-477)    reply        
· Setting up E-Mail Alerts    reply        
· Sorting by Issue ID    reply        
· Email of Issue Comments    reply        
· Invalid object name 'geminiappsettings'    reply        
· Where can I set user groups    reply        
· 2.2 - Cannot have multiple issue settings set as closed    reply        
· Project and Issue Alerts Not Working (HELP!!!)    reply        
· Scheduler Service    reply        
· Scheduler V1.3 - No automatic Issuecreation possible    reply        
· Webservice Error    reply        
· Wrong Page will be displayed    reply        
· Running Gemini for the first time - Security Exception    reply        
· Can't create comment with ".exe.exe."    reply        
· Issue comments do not generate 'Commented ' email    reply        
· Scheduler Service    reply        
· Login Redirect Looping from Main.aspx back to Default.aspx    reply        
· 3 continuous errors in Scheduler Service Beta    reply        
· MailProcessor reporting MailBee.NET - Socket connection was aborted by remote host    reply        
· Left Justify Items On Main Project Page With Internet Explorer 6/7    reply        
· SchedulerService 1.2 installation problems    reply        
· Project Change Log without entries    reply        
· SMTP does not work for issues    reply        
· redirect problem after create/edit comment    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler Service Error In Application Log (Server was unable to process request)    reply        
· Can't View ANY Issues After 2.2 Upgrade!!    reply        
· Project Resourcing    reply        
· Upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 Nightmare!    reply        
· parser error after installation countersoft    reply        
· Some emails are processed, and some errors out    reply        
· Web Services - Problem Getting Scheduler Service Functioning + Desktop and Screen Capture Tools    reply        
· Concerns Regarding GEM-936    reply        
· Does the Mail Processor works with version 2.2.0?    reply        
· Scheduler Service installs, but actually doesn't    reply        
· Applying Themes only changes default.aspx    reply        
· 2.1.1 Anonymous Redirecting    reply        
· Is MailPlugin functional in 2.2 Beta 1?    reply        
· Ordering Issues - manual order priority    reply        
· Previous version - 1.9.x - Gemini SMTP Service    reply        
· Error after upgrade    reply        
· Using themed css requires header control    reply        
· Scheduler Service    reply        
· Where to find Dutch languagepack    reply        
· How to set the Administrator when using Windows Authentication    reply        
· The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'geminiappsettings', database 'GeminiData', schema 'd    reply        
· usernameTokenManager error    reply        
· Track the date for Status Change?    reply        
· Need help upgrading from 1.9b    reply        
· I cant Send Emails    reply        
· too many emails    reply        
· Question re viewing of issues    reply        
· Wrong URL in email alerts, and From Address?    reply        
· All Project Issues not Displayed    reply        
· Registered users cannot post comments    reply        
· Errors after upgrading from 2.0.4 to 2.1    reply        
· theme URL color incorrect    reply        
· Error Installing 2.1    reply        
· Filter flyout when "pinned" become unusable    reply        
· Gemini Application Error after entering License Key    reply        
· Fatal Execution Engine Error - 64Bit Issue?    reply        
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