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Keeping it private



I have a few queries about private issues/comments.

a) If I make an issue private, I assume people who have appropriate permissions get notifications if the issue is updated and/or comments are made etc? Otherwise most people don't get them. Obviously the issue hides itself.

b) Will the original reporter get notifications if their issue is made private? Will they be able to see the issue, regardless? Let's say a security related issue gets logged. I make that private. Then I want to ask the reporter some questions via comments for example? Will they be able to reply?

c) See b. Let's say I decide to hide the issue now from the orignal reporter now. How do I do that?

d) What exactly is a private comment in relation to a public issue?

e) What exactly is a private comment in relation to a private issue?

f) If I post a public comment in a private issue what happens?

If some of the functionality is not available for these scenarios (see a,b,c) , can we have it in a future release as an enhancement request?

Many thanks


Nuke AlexS
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Nuke AlexS
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Hi Alex,

Public/private replaced with Issue Visibility in Gemini 3.0.  You decide which user group can see the issue/comment.

Also note that Gemini 3.0 has "help desk mode" capability where certain users can only see their own issues (reported/assigned) and can only view the issues list.

Hope this helps.

Harvey Kandola
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Harvey Kandola