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Project and Issue Alerts Not Working (HELP!!!)



1. We have just had a fresh installation of Gemini 2.2.

2. We configured the SMTP and emailing works.

3. However, the Alert/Notification System does not work.

    - The Notification is configured to run with MailPlugin as the Email Alert Engine

    - When we configure for the following alerts about a project to be sent from a project, no alerts are sent even though we have them checked (as below) to be sent:

Receive alert when issue is CREATED  Receive alert when issue is UPDATED  Receive alert when issue is DELETED  Receive alert when COMMENT is added to issue  Receive alert when resource ASSIGNED to issue  Receive alert when issue is CLOSED  Receive alert when issue is RESOLVED  Receive alert when issue STATUS changes  Receive alert when issue RESOLUTION changes

    - It does not work even when a person is configured  as a IssueWatcher.

    - The same with issue Alerts.

    - Email Alerts is enabled for the project under Global Settings-> Projects

What can I do to get the alerts to work so I can receive alerts when issues are created, updated, deleted or when project status and other aspects of the project change? [:(]

Is there anything especial that I need to do on the server?

Is there anything special that I need to do in web.config?

Is there anything else that I need to download and install? if so, what is it? where can I get it? How do I install it?

Thanks in advance.


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Do you have any errors in the windows event log (where the Scheduler service is installed)?

Also, check the gemini error log.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen
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Go to Administration --> SMTP Configuration.  Click on the Test button to send out test email to the logged in user. Any errors encountered will be logged to Gemini, you can view them via Administration --> System Log.

If you have configured to use MailPlugin as the engine, then the Scheduler Service will not be used!  Instead an internal async component within Gemini web application will be used to send out emails. Flick the engine to SchedulerService to use your instance of the Gemini Scheduler.

If you still cannot get it to work, send email to support and I will remotely login and check.

Latest version of Scheduler is 1.3!

Harvey Kandola
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Harvey Kandola