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Saar Cohen

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· Gemini Desktop RC1 Release  asked          
· INFO: What URL should I use when installing?  asked          
· INFO: Where is the web services access code?  asked          
· INFO: Where is the web services access code?  asked  reply        
· INFO: What URL should I use when installing?  asked          
· INFO: Login error encountered. Please check username and password.  asked          
· Login error encountered. Please check username and password.  asked  reply        
· "Activity View" for All Projects    reply    follow    
· Item creator can't view item    reply    follow    
· Emailed Error    reply    follow    
· Do versions work as expected in Gemini 5?    reply    follow    
· Released Checkbox in Version (v4)    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Setting Related Item works from one direction but not the other    reply    follow    
· Assembly mismatch    reply        
· How to suppress "Tips of the day"?    reply    follow    
· Is it possible to export time Report as an excel file?    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5.1.5 SQL Driven Custom Field    reply    follow    
· Plus button for fields not showing up    reply    follow    100 points
· Stories window display settings    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· how to attach to task creation by breeze?    reply    follow    
· Hierarchies Versions and Tasks    reply    follow    
· How do I delete a project?    reply    follow  answer  125 points
· Multi attach file field    reply    follow    100 points
· Logout    reply    follow  answer  125 points
· Reported by field    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Removing a project from the share    reply    follow    
· saving a filter    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Project member access limitation    reply    follow    
· Modifying the Versions list    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Links break when moving issues to new project    reply    follow    
· In grid view, Elapsed column is negative    reply    follow    
· Who Can Set Comment Visibility    reply    follow    100 points
· Expand Dependent Tasks / Children By Default in List View    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Customize the ticket info in the planner    reply    follow    
· Move several items between projects    reply    follow    
· Sharing Appnavcards by url    reply    follow    
· Resource allocation report is slow    reply    follow    
· how to print particular content of an item?    reply    follow    
· Repeating task workflow    reply    follow    
· Breeze: client responding to closed items    reply    follow    
· Visibility error in item list    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Email your changes    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5.1.5 - Missing Status Icons    reply    follow    
· History in email notes    reply    follow    
· Inter-dependent Custom Drop Down Menus    reply    follow    
· Helpdesk time tracking    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Creating Dependent Text Fields    reply    follow    
· Cannot Edit/Delete Issue, Gemini App Error    reply    follow    
· OK, something went wrong... ...we know about it so don't panic :)    reply    follow    
· Email when item changes    reply    follow    
· IIS8    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5 - Define unused statuses for some processes    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Assign Item to Team    reply    follow    
· defaults are not shown    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How to add a new component into an existing project ?    reply    follow    
· E-mail Body Empty    reply    follow    100 points
· read customfields through API    reply    follow    
· How do I edit an item title in Gemini 5?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini items not displaying after creation    reply    follow    
· Can you create a new project by copying all items of the another project    reply    follow    
· Application Error/Moving in Planner    reply    follow    
· events not triggered    reply    follow    
· Apps-tab missing in /configure after upgrading to v5.1.5.3639    reply        
· Timer Apps - Do they keep running?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Problem with upgraded 5.1.5    reply    follow    
· TYPO in EMail notification subject    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Unable to record time in version 5.1.3    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Are columns selected in items view saved with app nav cards?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do I create Time Types?    reply    follow    
· How do you upgrade to 5.1.5    reply    follow    
· Unable to Import Excel with cells that have line breaks in the text e.g. Comments    reply    follow    
· Unable to add/edit Gemini check-in policy in TFS for VS 2010    reply    follow    
· Customize | Process | Resolutions - Deleting a Resoluion    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Email alerts for 5.1.5    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Standarsd Email-alerts versus Breeze    reply    follow    
· Create issue without View Project permission    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· System Error    reply    follow    
· Performance Issues    reply        
· Visual Studio 2012 Integration    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Stream Service Alert Process Error Unexpected character    reply        
· More email alert with gemini 5    reply      answer  100 points
· Permission issue    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· When move items between projects, content in custom fields are lost    reply        
· Slow performance when adding dependencies and related items    reply        
· GEMINI 5.1.3: Unable to save changes for items in a project    reply        
· Gemini 5: showing Timeline makes our server unusable    reply        100 points
· REST API: always getting 404    reply        100 points
· Gemini 5.1.3 - issues after upgrading from 5.1.2    reply        
· Upgrade to 5.1.3.XXXX    reply        100 points
· Default Watcher Notification Alert Template    reply    follow    100 points
· Roadmap: grid remains brightened after sorting (v5.1.3.3606)    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Import from excel    reply        100 points
· GitHub/Gemini integration not working    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini Event Apps    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini v4    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· What test reports are available in version 5?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Issues with Gemini 4.2.1    reply        
· How do I add a related item to another item in Gemini 5    reply      answer  100 points
· Attachment Uploading Issue    reply    follow    
· Tasks are appearing on wrong dates on calendar    reply    follow    
· Gemini Stream service cannot connect to Gemini Web Application due to authentication issues    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: @Html.Raw() does not work with Stream service    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini 5.1: New Project not showing in dropdown for new items    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: AppNav Card Alerts - no emails are sent    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Error when lauching the following reports in Gemini 4.2.1 :    reply        
· Gemini 2,3,4,5: How to configure app to automatically change Status to Assigned when Resource is set    reply    follow    
· add attachment does not work    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Reports only works for Admin users    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Email alerts on comments doesn't work    reply      answer  100 points
· Importing    reply    follow    
· Bulk delete all items in a project    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: HTML tags are displayed in email notifications    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Error on saving issue - appears to save ok but email error is generated too    reply    follow    
· Countersoft Gemini Active Directory Process error    reply    follow    
· New Comment or Status Change Email Alert    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini 5: Colors    reply    follow  answer  125 points
· Gemini 5: How to rename project template?    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Missing attachment thumbnails    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: User picture?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: Permanent links to issue from Gemini 4.2 doesn't work    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini 5: Automated email to Issue creator    reply      answer  100 points
· Gemini Application Exception    reply        100 points
· Auto-Follower?    reply    follow    
· Directory Listing Denied    reply    follow    100 points
· Can I select fields for zoom levels in planner?    reply    follow    
· Why are Activity, Planner, etc, still in dropdown menu?    reply    follow    100 points
· Can you add your company logo?    reply    follow    
· Affected Sprint    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Unable to set "Can Set Project Default Values". Menu is off the foot of screen.    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Upgrading from v5.1.1 to 5.1.2    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Time Report Gemini 5 Date Issue    reply    follow    
· How to restrict permissions for External Users?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· No button for adding documents    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Issue Templates    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Easiest way to see Non-Closed Issues I've Created    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Is it possible to have security (per user/ resource) on item level    reply    follow    
· Does sourcesafe integration work with Gemini 4.2    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· License for Test Runner    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Duplicating test does not duplicate steps    reply    follow    
· What is meaning of error message in system log?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How to restore a backuped projekt to other gemini instance    reply    follow    
· Planning board sort problem    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How to remove extra users?    reply    follow    
· Page Refresh    reply    follow    
· Changing Status/Resources While Adding Comments    reply    follow    
· Error when access to System Log tab    reply    follow    100 points
· Exception when attempting to save a comment    reply    follow    
· Item list => Timeframe    reply    follow  answer  125 points
· Is it possible to display Project Name instead of Project Code in Gemini 5.1    reply    follow    
· Alert template - list of available variables    reply    follow    
· When will the Visual Studio Extension be updated to VS 2012 and Gemini 5?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Email Changelog    reply        
· Upgrade from 4.1.0 to 5.1    reply        125 points
· When adding projects to one permission, the same projects are removed from other permissions, why?    reply    follow    100 points
· Stream service - log level    reply    follow    
· Update installed version from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How to remove requirement for components    reply    follow    
· How to move items to a different project?    reply        
· Breeze - followers    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Mistakes in spanish translation    reply    follow    
· Cannot add time to issues    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· SVN commit problem with version 5.1    reply    follow    
· How to set the page that appears after login?    reply    follow    
· Restrict ability of user to delete items from planning board    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Test Plan Tree View Layout    reply    follow    
· Can't edit fields in list view    reply        
· How to set default values in Gemini 5    reply    follow    
· Custom fields lost during migration to Gemini 5    reply    follow    
· Custom field project visibility in Gemini 5    reply    follow    
· Icons not displaying in the intranet    reply        
· During Create, a second attachment overwrites the first attachment    reply    follow    
· An issue in one project also appears in another project as a ticket    reply    follow    100 points
· How to search in the PDF docs?    reply    follow    
· How do I see what time have "Excceded and Time Remaining"?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· V4.1 -> V5.1 License Upgrade    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· API cannot set non-visible custom field    reply    follow    
· How do I restore the SENTRY template    reply        
· v5.1: can't update Configuration - Options    reply    follow    100 points
· Where is the API documentation    reply    follow    
· Issue vs Item    reply    follow    
· v5.1: Issue types - not all being migrated?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How can I import some issues from a .csv file into Gemini ?    reply      answer  100 points
· Custom Fields in E-mails    reply    follow    
· How do I get Sentry?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· importing .txt or .csv file results in error in gemini 5    reply    follow    
· v5.1 can't view the site after upgrading    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Create_views.sql and Create_procs.sql scripts    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· geckoboard for hosted Gemini 5.0    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Upgrade from 5 -> 5.1 guide    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Licensed User Error Message    reply    follow    100 points
· How do I indent components in Gemini 5?    reply        
· How do you filter out planner columns that belong to other processes?    reply        125 points
· Geckoboard json error    reply    follow    100 points
· Long time operation    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· multi-select custom field    reply    follow    
· Anyone using Windows XP Pro 32-bit and IIS 5.1?    reply    follow    
· Multiple AppNav cards for the same project dont work!    reply    follow    100 points
· Document link    reply    follow    
· New user gets 500 when logging in    reply    follow    
· Documentation for and examples of email templates    reply    follow    100 points
· API Documentation    reply        
· API files    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Isn'nt there a way to omit use of status workflows for a template.    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5 base url for css    reply    follow    100 points
· custom filter    reply        
· Drop and drop is not working (right click either)    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Custom reports at gemini 3.6    reply    follow    
· SVN Integration with v5    reply    follow    
· gemini 5.0 Duplicate Templates Issue    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Integration with MS Projects    reply    follow    
· Adding Non-Custom Fields to Test Case Screen    reply        
· Closing comment tickbox usage    reply    follow    
· Any plans to improve "kanban" readyness    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· History missing    reply    follow    
· Special permission for custom fields    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Notification emails not sent    reply        100 points
· Time Custom Field    reply    follow    
· Converse not picking up incoming emails    reply        
· Converse - email polling frequency    reply    follow    
· Import into web hosted Gemini    reply    follow    
· Get Filtered Issues API call returns too much data    reply      answer  100 points
· How to change the timezone?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· SQL Timeout / Custom Field Search via API    reply    follow    
· Moved to new server, notifications aren't being sent    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Timestamp History On Status Change    reply        
· Unexpected token from GetIssue    reply        
· Email notifications    reply    follow    
· Items grid graphical refresh bug    reply        100 points
· Can the new version of Gemini have different colored cards for task types on planner board    reply    follow    
· Reports for all projects    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· <NOBODY> in assigned resource selection    reply        
· newlines doubled when editing RTF with Internet Explorer 9    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· 4.2.1 Icons not displaying in IE9 (Type, Priority, Severity)    reply    follow    
· how to sort and deal with long list of previous releases?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Issue with adding 'New Item'    reply    follow    
· Email into ticket problem POP3    reply    follow    
· Image directory for on demand    reply    follow    
· Authentication    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Which API we have to use to get the list of bugs ?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Can a field be read-only?    reply    follow    
· LDAP Global Groups sync "issue" - Active users    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Error adding comment - Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.gemini_watchissues' with uniqu    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Converse uninstall    reply    follow    
· HTML attachment prompts Save in IE9 but opens in IE8    reply    follow    
· How do I delete multiple items at once?    reply    follow    
· Custom Field Issue    reply    follow    
· Exporting hierarchy data    reply    follow    
· Upgrades, migrations and Licenses    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Generate a time report for a user or group of users    reply    follow    
· Converse not picking up    reply        
· Deleted issue    reply        
· SBS 2011 Install - A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected    reply    follow    
· Custom Date in Schedule Calendar?    reply    follow    
· How do you restore the Gemini database?    reply        
· Scheduler service error    reply    follow    
· Amend edit bug    reply    follow    
· How do I restore a site?    reply    follow    
· change Resolution under existing project or group resolutions for a particular project under New Ite    reply    follow    
· Unregistered product - please obtain license    reply    follow    
· Prevent unassigned items    reply    follow    
· Acknowledge mail template change    reply    follow    
· Custom properties (fields) do not show up in the items list view    reply    follow    
· Login issues    reply    follow    
· TFS Check-In Policy repeats changeset files in comment when tagging multiple issues.    reply    follow    
· Send request thru email    reply    follow    
· Documentation about Mailbox settings    reply    follow    
· Setting the string replacement or truncation doesn't do anything    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Is there any way to change an items project    reply    follow    
· Unable to setup Converse plug-in    reply    follow    
· External Users - add fields to users -add fields to new item under help desk    reply        
· Can TFS Work Items be imported into Gemini?    reply        
· Can you enforce a Complex Password for users, version 4.0?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Change workflow under existing project    reply      answer  100 points
· How to confirm Converse is running    reply    follow    
· Image links contained in "Issues" are broken after Upgrade from 3.7 to 4.0    reply    follow    100 points
· How to set dash board    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· In Version 3.7.3, I cannot remove some fields    reply    follow    
· Alternative date formats    reply        
· change the severity after ticket submission    reply    follow    
· My test cases    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Assigning resources to test plans / test runs    reply    follow    
· Image in a PDF Document    reply    follow    
· How do we Update the amout of Status Icons on the Dashboard    reply    follow    
· DNN module doesn't work on DNN 6.1.2    reply    follow    
· Don't want to automatically be added as Watcher when Assigned To field is reassigned.    reply    follow    
· Receiving multiple (exact) email alerts    reply    follow    
· Can't change Percent Complete on left side (inline) of the view screen    reply    follow    
· converse - email only comments    reply    follow    
· Replies to email notifications are created as new issues.    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 4.1 SSL and Scheduler    reply        
· Why do non-required custom fields get the first value in the list if the user doesn't select one?    reply    follow    100 points
· Invalid Gemini URL when attempting to connect with desktop utility    reply        
· Gemini crashed    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· HTTP 500.19 after using automated installer    reply    follow    
· how to connect a case to an plan    reply    follow    
· Can't get the Burndown chart to populate    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· "Status" column shows (icon + text) when others only show icon    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Plugin broken moving from 4.1.1 to 4.2.1    reply        
· Active Directory integration issue    reply    follow    100 points
· Scheduler not sending mails    reply        
· Remove Old Database Tables    reply    follow    
· Setting "Email Item Resource:" to "Yes" from Global > Notifications times out    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· set default values for log time    reply    follow    
· How do I make fixed in version required?    reply    follow    
· add 'log time' to comments form    reply    follow    
· Set field visiblity\edit rights???    reply    follow    
· Missing links in header    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Initial Status    reply    follow    
· Is the search bar configurable?    reply    follow    
· Can I arrange the fields on a screen?    reply    follow    
· SVN connector problem when Gemini is installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2    reply        
· Gemini 3.1.0: how to find when the project was put in archived?    reply    follow    
· email templates    reply      answer  100 points
· Sql Server user credentials    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· SaveCustomFieldData & IssueUpdated    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Access denied on Gemini DLLs with API    reply    follow    
· Invalid object name 'gemini_applicationsettings'.    reply    follow    
· SVN Connector - Permission error when AddIssueSourceCodeFileLink = True    reply    follow    100 points
· SVN Connector - Error when attempting to commit - authentication    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· All status icons are using the "unassigned" icon. How can I change them?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do I assign users a 'role' in Gemini 4.2?    reply    follow    
· How do I move the database from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do I add components to a project?    reply    follow    
· SVN Integration - Setting SVN project properties    reply        
· Permissions needed for API GetUsers    reply    follow    
· Visibility change displays number instead of group names    reply        
· Invalid Gemini Url    reply        100 points
· How do you setup the snag-it connector?    reply  comment  follow    
· All users can see the Component Field, but only some can change it. Why?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do I delete a view?    reply    follow    
· What does Export do    reply    follow    
· Testing - Test Runs    reply    follow    100 points
· converse    reply    follow    
· "canned responses" to close issues    reply    follow    
· History shows user dbo when using windows authentication    reply    follow    
· Windows authentication documentation    reply    follow    
· Change status to closed for Bug, Task and Enhancement    reply    follow  answer  125 points
· Change Visibility    reply    follow    
· Timeouts bringing up "summary" page for biggest project    reply    follow  answer  100 points
·  "Service Unavailable" error    reply    follow    
· Error when saving "Test Case Filter View"    reply  comment  follow    
· Screens - Items vs Projects    reply    follow  answer  
· Custom field user picker    reply    follow    
· Jpg & Gif images are not being displayed however Png image are on a new install of IIS 7.5    reply        
· Assigned resource required field    reply    follow    
· Test plan find case to add    reply    follow    
· Test Plan Folders View    reply    follow    
· Converse - notifications    reply    follow    
· SVN commit hook failing    reply    follow    
· Make certain fields "Required"    reply    follow    
· Get issues under a component including sub-components    reply    follow    
· Converse Mailbox Setup    reply    follow    
· Percent complete invisible    reply    follow    
· Not sending acknowledgement emails    reply        
· Unable to delete priority    reply    follow    
· Extra / inserted in URL when selecting a saved view, breaks hyperlinks    reply    follow    
· Is there a known problem with IE9 and Item Filters?    reply  comment  follow    
· Trying to integrate MS-test unittest with gemini.    reply    follow    
· Unable to add comments or delete issues since upgrade to v4    reply    follow    
· Can a component be disabled?    reply    follow    
· Email Notifications Subject Line    reply    follow    
· 2.2.6 --> 4.1.1 upgrade results    reply    follow    
· Reports configuration    reply    follow    
· Custom field: Link to directory    reply  comment  follow    
· Scheduler not sending mails    reply    follow    
· Receiving Email Alerts for random tickets    reply    follow    
· API Documentation Incomplete for Testing API    reply    follow  answer  
· Scheduler Service not starting    reply  comment  follow    
· Login redirects to IP of the server    reply    follow    
· How to edit the source code (.cs file)    reply    follow    
· How do you change the column width on the Items Grid?    reply    follow    
· Gemini Timeout    reply    follow  answer  
· Adding Attachments to Items or Comments Results in 404 Error    reply    follow  answer  
· Unable to change issue status    reply    follow    
· Error when creating PDFs    reply        
· Unable to Update Custom Field Data    reply    follow  answer  
· Is possible to configure automatic sending email    reply    follow    
· Copy test plan    reply    follow  answer  
· Report output format    reply    follow  answer  
· migrating 2.0 to 4.1 issues : Issue not imported because Risk Level ID is invalid    reply    follow    
· Time Reports    reply    follow    
· How to create a plugin    reply    follow  answer  
· assigning test plans/runs to components    reply    follow    
· Custom Field Type    reply    follow    
· Report results do not seem to be accurate!!!    reply    follow    
· Assigned/UnAssigned????    reply    follow    
· Countersoft URL password change    reply    follow    
· MSTest 4.1.1    reply    follow    
· Custom Report Issue List    reply    follow    
· Migration Utility Import Error    reply    follow    
· HOWTO share Components between Products/Projects?    reply    follow    
· Report filter on Groups    reply    follow    
· Planning Board    reply    follow    
· Control columns displayed in "all items" listing?    reply    follow    
· Invalid Column name 'projectid'    reply    follow    
· Seing user emails in item list    reply        
· Gemini keeps sending to Login page after update something    reply    follow    
· Gemini Scheduler Service and Active directory Integration    reply        
· How to get access to Administration menu for new install?    reply    follow    
· Cannot connect to gemini with Data Import    reply    follow    
· What is ATLAS?    reply    follow    
· New Version email notification?    reply    follow    
· Report on Issues created and Issues closed???    reply    follow    
· VB.Net CreateIssueComment is throwing exception    reply      answer  
· Gemini SQL - Moving CFS    reply    follow    
· Upgrade from 2.0.4 to 4.1    reply    follow    
· New Install Config Error    reply    follow    
· Project Summary Page - Version List & Rollups    reply    follow    
· Gemini requires user to have Admin privileges for Testuff interface?    reply    follow    
· How to upgrade from V4.0.1 to 4.1.0    reply    follow  answer  
· Scheduler fell over.    reply    follow    
· Gemini API for Java    reply    follow  answer  
· Help Desk user not seeing own items    reply    follow  answer  
· Time summary for issue with hierarchy    reply        
· is there a upgrade path from version 2.2.3 ?    reply    follow    
· Custom notification plugin    reply    follow    
· How to remove an item from the hierarchy.    reply    follow  answer  
· Manage issue status    reply      answer  
· Unable to create any items    reply    follow    
· Can't change status on items    reply    follow    
· Outlook Plugin Configuration    reply    follow    
· Error "Root element is missing" when connecting to Gemini    reply        
· Restrictions for creating a new project in the free version    reply    follow    
· Control over priority and status?    reply    follow    
· Having a very hard time filtering and sorting    reply      answer  
· custom fields drop down values    reply    follow    
· Upgrading server and database used by Gemini    reply    follow  answer  
· Customer or Contact information    reply    follow    
· DotNetNuke module - broken?    reply        
· No groups being retrieved from Active Directory    reply    follow    
· Restriction of issues in a time frame    reply    follow    
· Add parameters to custom report    reply    follow    
· Weekly Time Spent by User/Issue report    reply    follow    
· Component Relationships    reply    follow    
· Method to list possible Resolution status for an issue    reply    follow    
· Add a new image for a new item type    reply    follow    
· How to search by 'Reported By' field?    reply    follow  answer  
· Using API - Unable to save date value?    reply    follow    
· special behavior for built-in system groups    reply    follow    
· Field Visibility - Version Affected    reply    follow    
· Just installed the free version, and get sql errors    reply    follow    
· Can we add custom fields to the project summary page    reply    follow    
· about automatic component filter after creating item    reply    follow    
· Can we do something to save a specific Issues List View for different users of same project    reply  comment  follow    
· Missing projects after update    reply    follow  answer  
· Can I have resolved date set to the date when resolution is set to Implemented?    reply    follow  answer  
· Can we put the most current comment in the Issues List View ?    reply    follow    
· which groups show up in the default resource values box    reply    follow    
· Upgrade 4.0 to 4.0.1 - Guide?    reply    follow  answer  
· I can't restore my backup    reply    follow  answer  
· CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices - Method requires authentication    reply    follow  answer  
· Use mailto expression in from email address field    reply    follow    
· Bread crumbs in ver 4.0    reply    follow    
· I have looked through all of the settings but I can't find where to put Fixed in Version    reply    follow    
· E-mail message    reply    follow    
· export to excel - missing fields    reply    follow    
· Share and/or delete saved Filters    reply    follow    
· Gemini v4 - How do I work with Active Directory?    reply  comment  follow    
· I haven’t been able to figure out how to turn off a custom filter.    reply    follow    
· Padding is invalid and cannot be removed    reply    follow    
· Is it possible to change the order of the fields on the different screens?    reply    follow    
· Is it possible to increase the size of inserted images?    reply      answer  
· attachment size limit?    reply    follow  answer  
· Access information on Time Tab through the API    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Testing feature API    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Is there a tutorial or description of how to create custom Gemini reports?    reply    follow    
· Disable/hide Resolution unless Status is Closed    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· Removing Severity from UI    reply    follow  answer  
· Log Time in Testing runs cases    reply    follow    
· Duplicate Emails for all issue creations, updates, closes    reply    follow    
· VS 2010 addon never finishes Fetching...    reply    follow    
· Issues Ordering    reply      answer  
· Error "This page has been blocked because it attemps to exploit an application level vulnerability"    reply    follow  answer  
· Error "Unable to validate data. at System.Web.Configuration.MachineKeySection.EncryptOrDecryptData"    reply    follow    
· Email notifications not being sent    reply    follow  answer  
· Input String not in correct format .. do not know which field is causing the issue    reply    follow  answer  
· Adding Custom Field via the UI limited to 10 chars?    reply      answer  
· Error:Object doesn't support this property or method    reply    follow    
· Browser Support for IE6 - Item menus disappear on mouseover    reply    follow    
· Custom attachment field applied to test cases    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· Does this product require training?    reply    follow    
· [RESOLVED]Issues with the Start and Due date in Gemini Desktop    reply    follow    
· Issues with the Start and Dur date in Gemini Desktop    reply    follow  answer  
· Adding a file or image as attachment?    reply    follow  answer  
· Screen capture on multiple screen    reply  comment  follow    
· Comment Visibility styling    reply    follow    
· Searching summary and description with the API    reply    follow    
· Lost data after merging duplicate custom fields    reply    follow    
· Where is the quick issue screen    reply        
· Issues with Gemini Scheduler 37 running on Windows 2008 R2    reply    follow    
· Custom Fields not showing when issue list exported to Excel    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· Making 'Due Date' a required field when creating an issue    reply    follow  answer  
· Install Gemini trial version with IIS Express    reply    follow    
· Localize Custom Fields    reply  comment  follow    
· Sometimes there are double slashes seporating our base url from the rest of the url.    reply    follow    
· Is there a way to to add comments on a reply email?    reply        
· New Custom Field Visibility    reply  comment  follow    
· Send automated username and password Emails    reply    follow  answer  
· Roadmap sorting    reply    follow    
· VSnet 2010 addon - Invalid Gemini URL    reply    follow    
· Old Versus New Filters - Confusion    reply    follow  answer  
· How do you search without posting a question?    reply    follow    
· Summary Doesn't Show Up in the Item List View    reply    follow    
· Time Logging Doesn't Work    reply    follow  answer  
· Can't Create a New Item    reply    follow  answer  
· Time Tracker    reply    follow  answer  
· Are there any incompatible API changes from 3.7 to 4.0?    reply    follow    
· Email Scheduler Must be Restarted after XML Error    reply    follow    
· System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'C:\Windows\TEMP\6u00povh.dll'.    reply    follow    
· E-Mail Notification Not Working    reply    follow  answer  
· Importing Excel Flat file issues to existing project    reply        
· Batch creation in 4.0?    reply    follow    
· Updating version attribute values    reply    follow    
· How can I remove myself from issue watchers?    reply    follow    
· Working with version attributes through the API    reply    follow    
· Gemini issue Resolution in project level    reply        
· DNN - sorting    reply        
· Email Notifications Don't Work    reply        
· RAD Editor default content    reply      answer  
· Notifcations    reply        
· A potentially dangerous Request.Form    reply      answer  
· Search for a person in &quot;Assigned To&quot; field    reply        
· Customized Printing?    reply        
· Remove severity for projects    reply      answer  
· Null issue comment attachment    reply        
· No planning option on test forum    reply      answer  
· Custom Fields - Screen Order    reply      answer  
· MailBee.NET - Wrong account name and/or password    reply        
· Error starting Gemini Scheduler [3] (3.5.4)    reply      answer  
· impossible to unhide description field of the Items Form for Customers    reply      answer  
· v3.7.2 Build 2784: Gemini Scheduler service question    reply      answer  
· Upgrade by use of webpi    reply      answer  
· Calendar format (day an month)    reply        
· XML in a custom field throwing error    reply      answer  
· add new field    reply        
· Integrate Gemini into Call Log / Call Tracking application    reply        
· Recurring error running Gemini Scheduler (3.7.2)    reply        
· Custom Fields    reply      answer  
· Issue Status un-changeable?    reply      answer  
· Searching with 'Closed Issues' included results in Timeout.    reply        
· Manipulate entities from a plugin?    reply      answer  
· The server rejected the given recipient. The server responded: 550 5.1.1 User unknown.    reply        
· Global Timezone    reply        
· outlook 2010 64 Bit    reply        
· Gemini Web Service: Not saving custom field    reply      answer  
· Gemini 3.1.1 - SVN Plugin    reply      answer  
· Delete Save Issue Filter    reply      answer  
· Create Quick Issue not working    reply        
· Import to existing project from CSV    reply        
· Get user with space in username    reply      answer  
· Upgrading from 2.2.6 to 3.7.2 - Missing Issues    reply        
· Issue Filters    reply        
· Get issues by custom field    reply      answer  
· Problem Install with Office 2010    reply      answer  
· Gemini upgrade steps 3.7.0 -&gt; 3.7.3    reply        
· Image manager does NOT work with Internet Explorer 7.0    reply        
· Customize Issues List View    reply        
· Lots of deleted tasks    reply        
· Outlook add-on uninstaller    reply        
· Gemini Desktop app freezing when opening a ticket    reply        
· Upgrading from 2.2.6 to 3.7.2    reply      answer  
· Enabling specific options in Gemini Desktop    reply      answer  
· Bulk Maintenance of Users    reply        
· Updating Custom Lookup Field DataValue **RESOLVED**    reply        
· Issue Filter, How I use date filter by between date    reply      answer  
· Consuming Web Services from Windows Server 2003 **RESOLVED**    reply        
· webcal / ics for integration with calendar apps (e.g. Outlook)    reply        
· Display Resolution in Road Map    reply        
· Problem after upgrading from v. 3.5.3 to v. 3.7.2    reply      answer  
· Users unable to change issue status, resolution or assignment    reply      answer  
· Error updating Issue from Custom Event Handler - **RESOLVED**    reply        
· Issues not marked as revised after changing sub issues    reply        
· Import from Sharepoint into Gemini    reply        
· Dreaded Invalid Gemini URL? appearing    reply        
· Custom Workflow - **RESOLVED**    reply        
· Invalid DateTime exception    reply        
· what do i do with ProjectWatcherEN    reply        
· Component ought to link to Sub-components    reply        
· Can Components be common among projects    reply        
· set Assigned status and Final Status differently per Issue Workflow    reply        
· Versions not appearing if parent has been archived    reply        
· How to upgrade from 3.7.1 to 3.7.2    reply        
· Customize create Issue screen    reply        
· Retrieving users from .NET API    reply        
· Assigning workflow to Issue Types    reply        
· Control workflow of requests    reply        
· Migrating from 3.7.1 to 3.7.2    reply        
· v3.7.2: Sometimes don't see (blinking) cursor in the Description box    reply        
· v3.7.2: problem updating the issue description with IE    reply        
· v3.7.2: email alert doesn't work    reply      answer  
· v3.7.2: missing plugins folder    reply      answer  
· is it possible to produce report showing elapsed time by resource for each issue?    reply        
· version multiple project    reply        
· Windows authentication    reply      answer  
· v3.7.2: Gemini with FIPS compliant    reply        
· v5.0.2: Unable to validate data    reply        
· Errors about /_vti_bin/sitedata.asmx in the System Log    reply      answer  
· Change Who Can Create Projects    reply      answer  
· Customizing email notification templates    reply        
· Time Reports seem to be wrong    reply        
· not getting emails from Scheduler    reply        
· Java SDK and getting project issues    reply      answer  
· Private comment and notifications    reply        
· Can't get Desktop 3.7.7(2784) to complete its startup    reply        
· v3.7.2: can't see components, resources, etc on the project home page    reply        
· timeline of issue on page ViewIssue.aspx    reply        
· Upgrade from ver 3.6 - 3.7    reply      answer  
· Voting - What is it, and how can it be set up?    reply        
· v3.7.2: email alert doesn't work when create new issue    reply        
· Windows Auth - 403 Forbidden    reply      answer  
· Find Issue - Button does not work.    reply        
· Global reports/issue filters    reply        
· Can we customize Forms that appear in TFS?    reply        
· Document Management - Upload Breaking with large files    reply        
· API change?    reply        
· Api -&gt; Projects Api    reply        
· v3.7.2: Internal Server Error after installation    reply        
· Mail Processor trouble with Exchange    reply        
· v3.1.0: Unkown server tag 'gem:externalheader'    reply        
· Suggestion: Easier access to Saved Filters    reply        
· Reopening an item    reply        
· Watched Issues Problem    reply        
· Raised By field ignored?    reply        
· Can't see any issues (open or closed) after deleting groups/schemes    reply        
· Problem with installation on IIS 7 and physical path    reply        
· issue with &quot;from&quot; email address - gemini is using Gemini@mycompany.com    reply        
· Integration with SVN -- Linux    reply        
· bad performance    reply        
· Invalid URL?    reply        
· Issue with Version 3.7.x    reply        
· Unexpected token error...    reply        
· Getting issues with multiple search parameters    reply        
· Create Quick Issue vs. Create Quick Issues?    reply        
· Maintenance or Readonly Mode?    reply        
· Loss of formatting after upgrade?    reply        
· How to connect resources to projects?    reply        
· v3.7: Different theme?    reply        
· v3.7: Can't do the Project Backup using the built-in option    reply      answer  
· v3.7: cannot delete projects    reply        
· Fresh install Gemini 3.7 with 3.1 db?    reply        
· Private comments from old Gemini are not visible to our project groups    reply        
· &quot;Image Manager&quot; in Create Issue - Detailed Description box    reply        
· Multiple Time Zones    reply        
· Webservices Setup 101    reply        
· Gemini won't automatically download email from pop-inbox    reply        
· Desktop - version in offline mode    reply        
· Use of Gemini to manage product development    reply        
· Gemini desktop changing url links in email    reply        
· Custom Fields - User Telephone    reply        
· Error importing between Gemini Instances    reply        
· Techsmith Snagit    reply        
· Revise Date Closed    reply        
· Password Strength    reply        
· Timeout expired when accessing project summary page    reply      answer  
· Localization    reply        
· Closing a bug is a 2-step process?    reply        
· VS2010 Add-on Problems    reply        
· Upgrade 3.7.0 to 3.7.2    reply        
· SVN file locations and repository information    reply        
· Smtp server problem    reply        
· Which upgrade files to choose? 2.x to 3.7 migration    reply        
· Project Admin cannot add users to his project    reply        
· Rights to assign watchers    reply        
· Installation complete - Login fails    reply        
· Invalid column name 'ResetPWD' Exception After Install    reply        
· Log Files not being populated    reply        
· Problem with Links in E-Mail Notifications    reply        
· VSS Repository Connector Isssue    reply        
· Flyin Menu's in Chrome    reply        
· Browser compatability    reply        
· Comments Count and Closed count not tickable    reply        
· I need help on two problems    reply        
· Login failed when integrating Gemini via iframe    reply        
· Gemini Website is not configured to accept GET/POST/PUT/DELETE Http Verbs (.ashx)    reply        
· Old Version Install?    reply        
· Question about gemini.countersoft.com    reply        
· Mailbox Processing    reply        
· Gemini Website is not configured to accept GET/POST/PUT/DELETE Http Verbs (.ashx)?    reply        
· Sort Order of Versions in Roadmap    reply        
· Bug in user rights?    reply      answer  
· DataBinding: 'System.Data.DataRowView' does not contain a property with the name 'ComponentDesc'.    reply      answer  
· Gemini Time Tracking Toolbar download?    reply      answer  
· Creating a SubIssue throwing an exception    reply        
· Project issues not visible    reply        
· Dashboard    reply        
· Getting all issues related to a project    reply        
· flush old email notifications?    reply      answer  
· Set Email Notifcations by User    reply        
· Addin not saving (some) changes back to server.    reply        
· change name of existing fields    reply        
· Gemini Specific Permissions for certain web service calls    reply        
· Invalid Gemini URL?    reply        
· To organize a program with plugins in Gemini    reply        
· Possible to set Default Page for groups?    reply        
· Where to download older version from Gemini desktop    reply        
· How to set security for external users    reply        
· Reports are showing the red x    reply        
· Report on &quot;Time Type&quot;    reply        
· Visual studio exits to desktop after opening .aspx file in the designer    reply        
· Upgrade Script    reply        
· Issue Search    reply        
· Issues Cascading Sort?    reply        
· OutofMemoryExceptions    reply        
· Countersoft Homepage - Swim lane image    reply        
· Global Versions/Components    reply        
· Deleting a Project    reply        
· Snagit addin for 3.7 setup    reply        
· Error on Vista when app running    reply        
· Deleting/updating won't work    reply        
· Issue &quot;Find&quot; Performance    reply        
· Charts/stats on the Project Dashbaord    reply        
· how to remove a single user from all ticket watcher lists    reply        
· Issue Saved Filters    reply        
· Error loading VS2010 extension    reply        
· homepage not visible for all groups    reply        
· Upgrading Gemini to 3.7    reply        
· Error after 3.7 upgrade    reply        
· Documentation    reply        
· Create Quick Issue and Create Quick Issues does not work    reply        
· Outlook Task changes don't sync to Gemini    reply        
· Problems getting Scheduler and Webservices to play together    reply        
· Closing issues    reply        
· Issue Field - Resolved - how do I get it to show up on a form    reply        
· Mailbox Processor not deleting email after popping them    reply        
· Overide.xml    reply        
· Description template    reply        
· v3.7.0 upgrade    reply        
· Security    reply        
· Desktop on Win7 x64 crashed on start    reply        
· email subscribers    reply        
· Multiple projects, multiple clients    reply        
· Upgrading from 3.1.0 to 3.7    reply        
· VS 2010 Integration    reply        
· Issue Links    reply        
· &quot;Pop up&quot; forms sometimes load as full page and won't close    reply        
· Sorting of projects on Home page    reply        
· Scheming configuration    reply        
· Front end customization    reply        
· Document Handling Issues    reply        
· Backup/Restore options    reply        
· History Tracking    reply        
· Status Change on resource assignment    reply        
· Multi project versions    reply        
· Mailbox Processor - Scheduler    reply        
· How do I install this..    reply        
· Mailbox processor and alerts    reply        
· Is there a way to stay &quot;signed in&quot;?    reply        
· Resolution based on Status    reply        
· Ideal line and milestones do not appear    reply        
· Error page after upgrade to 3.6.5 (Required permissions cannot be acquired)    reply        
· Office 2010    reply        
· Forms and Windows Auth on the Same IIS    reply        
· Project &gt; Home &gt; Project Administration Menu &gt; Versions    reply        
· Email Notifications/alerts do not work    reply      answer  
· My Watches -- Too SLOW!    reply        
· Gemini Road map    reply        
· DB error migrating from 2.0.2 to 3.6.5    reply        
· Duplicate alert emails    reply        
· '--' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '&amp;gt;'. Line 81, position 5.    reply        
· How to email specific users when status changes    reply        
· How do I delete saved filters?    reply        
· Federated Authentication?    reply        
· Customize text for emailed Alerts    reply        
· Documents Section in 3.7.0    reply        
· Misconfigured server    reply        
· What is the purpose of a Project or Version Attribute?    reply        
· Installing Test Site Before Upgrading (2.2.6 to 3.6.5)    reply        
· How to filter Dashboard ? v3.6.3    reply        
· Windows Live Writer    reply        
· can't login using time tracker 3.6.4    reply        
· Trying to moving database - Invalid object name 'gemini_applicationsettings'    reply        
· translation    reply        
· gemini 3.6.5    reply        
· Create Issue error - IE cannot display the webpage    reply        
· Server error after upgrade - Child nodes not allowed    reply      answer  
· Could not load file or assembly 'System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations, Version=, Culture=neu    reply      answer  
· IIS authentication issue &amp; REST api    reply        
· Server Migration    reply      answer  
· Trying to get off TrackIT!    reply        
· VS2010    reply        
· Import from Axosoft OnTime 2009    reply        
· Gemini 3.1.0: How to disable a field    reply        
· Gemini Virtual Directory Error - 404.17    reply        
· SMTP not working    reply        
· How to delete a document folder?    reply        
· Linking to issue lists    reply        
· Exception: Dashborad --&gt; Time tab    reply        
· Automatic ticket creation via Email    reply        
· Cannot Login via desktop 3.6.4    reply        
· RAD editor displays in Chrome, but not IE or Firefox v3.6.3 Build 2590    reply        
· How do you assign an issue to a version    reply        
· What does it take to upgrade from Gemini 3.1.2 (Build 2257) to latest?    reply        
· UsersService.WhoAmI() throws error, can still access issues, etc    reply        
· Add comment when editing a ticket?    reply      answer  
· Issue watcher when assigned?    reply        
· PDF Reports    reply        
· Problems with AddProjectGroupMembership()    reply        
· Potentially Dangerous Cookie    reply        
· Strange behavior after upgrade to 3.6.5    reply        
· Remember me not work    reply        
· Working with plugins    reply        
· IE6 - v3.6.4 Build 2630    reply        
· Plugin Trouble    reply        
· API: Edit Not Working    reply        
· Selecting multiple Reported By    reply        
· Timeout Issues    reply        
· Admin for just one project?    reply        
· Module Load Exception on DNN 5.2.3    reply        
· Desktop crashes when attempting to take any screen shot    reply        
· Document Manager Disabled - Gemini v3.6.3 Build 2590    reply        
· Filter - which SP gets called    reply        
· &quot;Root element is missing.&quot; when consuming .GetMyWork()    reply        
· Invalid URI - Requested Resource could not be found.    reply        
· Email Template error    reply        
· SMTP Test Works, Can't Get Issue to Send to Anyone    reply        
· VSS integration on 64 bit machine    reply        
· Can't Delete Issue Resolution    reply        
· Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.    reply        
· Problem with Portal Mode    reply        
· Unable to view System Log    reply        
· Importing is nothing but problems - how to make it work?    reply        
· Can't login    reply        
· unable to assign resource(s) to issues    reply        
· How to authenticate with Gemini Web Services (not using .NET)    reply        
· Where do I get VS2005 Add-on?    reply        
· Custom Fields don't show in Excel    reply        
· Issue Visibility across Project Groups    reply        
· upgrade issue to 3.6.3    reply        
· Updating Fields for Issues    reply        
· Using Sample Test Harness: getting '--' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '&gt;'. Li    reply        
· IssueService.CreateAttachment() returns 404 error    reply        
· Multiple attachments    reply        
· New installation - Failed to grant minimum permission requests    reply        
· 3.6.3?    reply        
· Trying to import sample data into sample database receive [3904] CounterSoft.Gemini.DataImport 3.6.1    reply        
· Calling web services from Plugin    reply        
· 500 Internal Server Error occurs any time I attempt to create an entry with the API    reply        
· Error when some users attach zip files?    reply        
· Gemini 3.6, excellent    reply        
· Gemini not sending emails since new certificate on mail server    reply        
· Unable to look issues    reply        
· Server Error in '/gemini' Application.    reply        
· How does one filter subissues    reply        
· Problem editing Description (was: Thank you for the improvements in Desktop)    reply        
· How to enable voting    reply        
· Adding custom HTML in comments (Gemini 3.6)    reply        
· Error Installing DNN Integration Module    reply        
· Log in issues with Gemini Desktop and time tracker    reply        
· Issue assignment, issue watchers and issue visibility    reply        
· Gemini 2.0.3 - Application crashes when trying to fetch a deleted or non-available issue    reply        
· Complimentary license is now just for 3 users instead of the previous 5?    reply        
· Issue Alerts not mailing    reply        
· Can't see saved Personal Filters    reply        
· Automatic parent-issue time log when updating sub-issue time log    reply        
· Automatically create sub-issues    reply        
· Email overload    reply        
· Unselect in custom field of type Listbox    reply        
· Create quick issues    reply        
· Authentication error Scheduler 3.6    reply        
· Version heirarchy breaks when creating a project from a template    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler 3.6 with Gemini 3.5?    reply        
· v3.1.0: The whole Edit menu is missing    reply        
· Modify dashboard filter Older    reply        
· Watcher emails without the message body    reply        
· Issues with Firefox/Chrome after upgrade to 3.6.2    reply        
· Can't change status with Batch Update in version 3.6.2    reply        
· Can't Create Issue for a Specific project    reply        
· users being logged out    reply        
· CustomFieldsService.CreateCustomFieldLookupData returns (500) Internal Server Error.    reply        
· Search shows issues from projects not enabled for user    reply        
· Desktop crashes at startup    reply        
· SCRUM Example?    reply        
· Create Issue Comment    reply        
· Possible to set the visibility of an issue &amp; comment via the API?    reply        
· Invalid column name 'summary'    reply        
· Is it possible to integrate Gemini with Active directory on our network?    reply        
· Is it possible to customize the emails sent out by Gemini?    reply        
· Email being ingested repeatedly with Scheduler    reply        
· Issues from different projects in the same release?    reply        
· Edit scheme role, or create my own    reply        
· Reply to notification emails to create issue comments?    reply        
· Error while trying to save documents to a project    reply        
· Descriptions not being filled in when emails are created as issues.    reply        
· Issue emails Not Sent    reply        
· V 3.61 - Change Log &amp; Road Map only show issues filtered by user    reply        
· Gemini running slow/locking up since...    reply        
· windows authentication fails after migrating from 2.1 to 3.6    reply        
· View Issue realtime update items missing image (?check.png)    reply        
· Component Lead doesn't work    reply        
· Mailbox Processor Description    reply        
· sql error : missing gemini_errorlog table when migrating from 2.1 to 3.6    reply        
· Link in component's tree    reply        
· Globalization pt-PT    reply        
· Default values in Time Log    reply        
· Dashboard - Time    reply        
· Required custom field date    reply        
· gemini 3.6 Can't show Roadmap for 1 Project    reply        
· Can't change status with Batch Update    reply        
· IssuesService.GetIssue error when issue does not exist    reply        
· CustomFieldsService.SaveCustomFieldData returning error    reply        
· PDF generation Error    reply    follow    
· API: GetIsssues using CustomFields    reply        
· Sheduler Error since Update to 3.6    reply        
· Usability of version attributes in 3.6    reply        
· web page errors after upgrading to 3.6    reply        
· Gemini V3.6 Upgrade SQL script failures    reply        
· AdminService.GetWorkflow always returns null    reply        
· Assign resource to an issue    reply        
· upgrade 3.5.4 to 3.6 error &quot;The name 'US English' contains characters that are not valid&quot;    reply        
· Merging calendar entries into User Calendar    reply        
· Defining where this task/issue has been committed    reply        
· Ability to see all tickets (for all / certains projects)in my calendar    reply        
· Synchronising doesnt exactly    reply        
· Developing of plugins    reply        
· System log page gives an error since I upgraded Gemini 3.5.3 to 3.6    reply        
· Email Alerts Opt-Out    reply        
· ProjectsService.GetComponents - what does it return?    reply        
· Learning the Web API    reply        
· CounterSoft Gemini Scheduler Error    reply        
· Password reset sends strange email    reply        
· 3.6 Upgrade - Can only see Home Page    reply        
· Work estimate Gemini 3.6.0    reply        
· Gemini 3.6 on IIS 7?    reply        
· Dashboard    reply        
· Can't filter by Reporter    reply        
· 3.6: Adding comments doesn't work in my java application since I upgraded to 3.6    reply        
· 3.6: Can't see Versions (Application Error)    reply        
· IssueCommentEN.Attachment collection is empty    reply        
· IssuesService.GetAttachments not returning FileEN collection    reply        
· Gemini 3.6 - Lost inline issue editing    reply        
· Dude Fixed to Version    reply        
· SQL Server requirement    reply        
· IssueEN.IssueHistory not returning history information    reply        
· Hooking up ankh to Gemini via the vs add-in    reply        
· Change Field Names?    reply        
· SVN Integration Error with TortoiseSVN    reply        
· Documents Tab On Project Homepage    reply        
· CVSNT integration    reply        
· '--' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '&gt;'. Line 81, position 5.    reply        
· Estimated Hours - Need over 500 hours    reply        
· Uninstall Outlook Add-on on Vista Ultimate 32bit    reply        
· No issues in the issue filter page..    reply        
· Cutover Issues    reply        
· Install Beta on same server as Production (3.5.4)?    reply        
· Sharing Filters    reply        
· Link the image on Gemini issue?    reply        
· Watchers are not getting updates    reply        
· &quot;Only View Own Issues&quot; override    reply        
· Customized Issue Field - Globally    reply        
· trigger email notification based on component    reply        
· Cannot install Gemini Outlook Add-on on windows 7    reply        
· SVN connector, multiple issues    reply        
· Is it possible to delete a global group?    reply        
· Gemini scheduler service sends allways the same email    reply        
· This Morning Little Locks Started Appearing On Issues    reply        
· Change Log in issue-updated e-mail messages    reply        
· Users getting logged out and system log entries    reply        
· Ad Hoc Reporting Custom Field    reply        
· Forcing created date on new issues and comments    reply        
· Searching In Gemini    reply        
· Custom Field Screen Order    reply        
· Time Tracking displays wrong hours for the week    reply        
· Custom Field - Change Order in Ticket Creation    reply        
· Error during 2.2.6 - 3.5.4 upgrade (while running Upgrade_v3-1.sql)    reply        
· Anonymous Login    reply        
· Default setting for &quot;Reported by&quot; in Mailbox processor    reply        
· Batch Update    reply        
· probleme configure mailbox processor    reply        
· Application error on editing issue resolvements    reply        
· Email alerts not working as intended    reply        
· Why can't we close issues in Gemini?    reply        
· Documentation for Security Scheme Roles/Permissions    reply        
· Unable to Assign Issues    reply        
· No Reports Showing Up?    reply        
· Gemini Desktop Not Launching    reply        
· Issue Routing and Assigning by Severity    reply        
· Growing issue watch list    reply        
· Windows Authentication - Gemini 3.5.4 and IIS7    reply        
· What is the recommended Hardware setup required to install Gemini 3.5.1?    reply        
· Calling Gemini API from a WCF web service    reply        
· Errors on reports    reply        
· Scheduler POP3 Windows Integrated Security    reply        
· CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices - Invalid URI    reply        
· Setting permissions by Project    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler 3.5.3 Question    reply        
· How to post clean code snippet ?    reply        
· Issue timelogging    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler 3.5.3 Error    reply        
· Scheduler Error : The type initializer for 'CounterSoft.Gemini.DataProvider.x73a34067f4cd229a' threw    reply        
· Gemini WebServices API - PDF Attachment    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler 3.5.3    reply        
· released versions in the &quot;Fixed in Fixed For Version&quot; field    reply        
· Merging two Gemini instances    reply        
· Minor nit: Title for &quot;Fixed in ver. number&quot; is too long    reply        
· Spanish version?    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.3 Batch delete    reply        
· Update custom field from web service fails    reply        
· Adding custom data to an issue    reply        
· Emailing a requestor from Gemini 2.2.6    reply        
· SVN -&gt; Gemini Integration with SSH    reply        
· Default detailed description and Time Tracking    reply        
· Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64 R2 with SQL Server 2008    reply        
· Default values    reply        
· gemini lost password    reply        
· Additional Columns in Issues List    reply        
· v3.1.0: &quot;View Issue Watcher / Vote&quot; role doesn't work    reply        
· Method requires authentication    reply        
· Post preformatted text to Comment    reply        
· Exception thrown by the target of an invocation - CreateIssue    reply        
· Remove &quot;Assigned To&quot; User    reply        
· Gemini's application pool keeps being stopped    reply        
· Synchronizing Custom Time Field with Outlook    reply        
· Visibility scheme weirdness    reply        
· Create user through web service? / Missing Documentation?    reply        
· Wrong project displayed on screen    reply        
· &quot;Groups&quot; box in Issue Workflow edit    reply        
· Ability to see which users voted up issue    reply        
· Custom fields in issue list    reply        
· Initial screen not showing Projects    reply        
· problem in Installation    reply        
· v3.1.0: Affected Version ID different but the AffectedVersionNumber (in the same project) are the sa    reply        
· v3.1.0: Batch update for Affected Version field doesn't work    reply        
· Comment visibility - security issue    reply        
· Gemini API    reply        
· Is SVN integration able to work with a Free Gemini License?    reply        
· EventListener API    reply        
· Wrong redirect (3.5.4 - project download)    reply        
· Custom field security    reply        
· Upgrade to 3.5.4 leads to: Server Error in '/Gemini' Application. Attempted to read or write protect    reply        
· Can't create comments with 3.5.4    reply        
· Field Visibility - same for all issue type    reply        
· v3.5.3: Error when switch to different project using &quot;Select project&quot; drop down box    reply        
· Create issue using webservice in 3.1.2 from asp.net app    reply        
· Selected Comment Visibility    reply        
· External User Voting    reply        
· Bad performance on Gemini    reply        
· Source Code licence - reusable across instances?    reply        
· 3.1.0: Road Map &amp; Change Log    reply        
· 3.1.0: Hyperlink Manager    reply        
· Change Log takes 50 seconds to render    reply        
· Upload of attachments to issues    reply        
· Edit Issue Bug and Request    reply        
· Error with SVN integration    reply        
· implemention Rus letters from SVN to Gemini    reply        
· Sorting by severity and priority    reply        
· ASMX Web services    reply        
· Burn-down-chart    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.3 sends too much emails    reply        
· Need to login twice with Window Authentication    reply        
· Wrong user is used in history if issue is updated using batch update    reply        
· Error while upgrading Gemini database from 3.0.4 to 3.5.3    reply        
· Losing Full Gemini URL and Licence    reply        
· Regarding visibility of comments and history    reply        
· SVN integration does not generate error descriptions in client    reply        
· Error trying to setup Integration - Unhandled Exception: CounterSoft.Gemini.Commons.Rest.GeminiRestE    reply        
· VSS Plugin - Installation?    reply        
· Newly created status not appearing in drop-down list    reply        
· Global Settings &gt; Notifications &gt; Enable issue WATCHER alerts    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.3 - Login Returning to Login    reply        
· Date Format not setting to US format    reply        
· Licens for development    reply        
· Slow performance after upgrade to 3.5.1    reply        
· Installation Gemini 3.5 on Vista IIS 7.0 SQL Server 2008 Express    reply        
· Gemini release for Right-To-Left lanugages (Hebrew)    reply        
· Migrate to 3.3.5 from 2.2.7    reply        
· Could not find a part of the path ...    reply        
· E-Mail without subject in some projects    reply        
· Can't assign &quot;add project group member&quot; permissions to project administrator group members    reply        
· Problem with the GetProjectAttributes method    reply        
· Get assigned to data    reply        
· Change from listbox to checkbox list    reply        
· License Problem after Upgrading to 3.5.1    reply        
· My Work??    reply        
· Error after upgrade to 3.5.2    reply        
· Trouble getting email notifications to work    reply        
· Required fields for Custom Listbox Features    reply        
· Default Values for project    reply        
· Integration with Trouble Ticket Express    reply        
· Custom Field problem    reply        
· CounterSoft.Gemini.SourceControl.VSS    reply        
· TimeType DDL empty?    reply        
· SQL EXPRESS 2008 Supported?    reply        
· Need to filtering custom fields (v2.0.3)    reply        
· Issue with creating issue    reply        
· complimentary license - cannot login    reply        
· QA notification    reply        
· Slow performance when using 'Image Manager' within Gemini    reply        
· Mailbox Processor creates blank issues    reply        
· closeddate not being set?    reply        
· Gemini e-mail alarts has hiccup!    reply        
· Gemini Application Error when adding comments    reply        
· scheduler error on startup    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.1: How to get number of attachements for issue?    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.1: How to update custom fields?    reply        
· E-mail notification to all Gemini accounts    reply        
· Scheduler 3.5.1 startup error    reply        
· Exception    reply        
· Gemini Comments    reply        
· Can't register using windows authentication in 3.5    reply        
· New permissions scheme in 3.x simply doesn't work.    reply        
· Adding user to group via web service sdk.    reply        
· Editor    reply        
· Error in versions    reply        
· Issue Grid Default Format/Order    reply        
· Server Error in /Gemini application    reply        
· Windows Authentication with timetracker    reply        
· issue filter for startdate doesn't work    reply        
· sql 2008 express config?    reply        
· Any future plans to provide Reporting and Gantt charts across multiple projects    reply        
· Future Source Control Plugins    reply        
· No admin options after upgrade 3.1.1 &gt; 3.5.1    reply        
· Creating comments with REST    reply        
· E-Mail alert when new user account is created in Gemini    reply        
· Error when try to see 'All issues'    reply        
· Change Profile Data    reply        
· Gemini 3.5 + SVN hooks 3.5 integration fails    reply        
· API/SDK for non .net systems?    reply        
· v3.5.1    reply        
· Error on Windows 2000    reply        
· VS2005 add-on problem    reply        
· SVN connector problem    reply        
· Problem with POP3 Processor    reply        
· Selecting the created date in issue filter throws exception    reply        
· Closing the issues tab requires application restart    reply        
· plugins folder in installation directory    reply        
· Determining 'last log in' for users    reply        
· How do you get the burndown chart to work in v3.5?    reply        
· REMOVED issues alerts never sent    reply        
· Problem with Data.ChangeLog.Count in 3.5 Scheduler Template    reply        
· Problem running the Upgrade_v3-1.sql script    reply        
· Permissions    reply        
· Problems with integration of SVN in Gemini 3.5    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler 3.5 - System XML '-' is an unexpected token. Spams emails.    reply        
· Gemini scheduler 3.5 - Root element is missing    reply        
· String was not recognized as a valid DateTime    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler for 3.5    reply        
· Remove an attachment after posting the issue    reply        
· Issue Filter showing values from all projects.    reply        
· Issue Filter Search by date is incorrect when globalization set to en-US.    reply        
· My Work Filter    reply        
· Maintenance project with Gemini    reply        
· Can&#180;t delete Users    reply        
· Duplicate Issues Created By Scheduler Service    reply        
· Gemini 3.5 Installation Problem    reply        
· SVN SC 3.5 Error    reply        
· Add Mailbox Processor - Insufficient user rights    reply        
· Upgrade from 2.2.x to 3.5    reply        
· Can't update the Status or Resolution of an issue    reply        
· Customing Issue Creating Form    reply        
· Default value on screen of a custom field    reply        
· Access denied trying to create a new project from a template    reply        
· existing data from V1.8 did not show in V3.1    reply        
· SVN post-commit StackOverflowException    reply        
· Web Service and Event Listener API    reply        
· Question on upgrading Gemini from v2.0.2 to v3.1.2    reply        
· Cross Project linking    reply        
· Generating issues from emails - configuration options    reply        
· Certain status items coming across more than once...    reply        
· Cannot find column 4.    reply        
· Importing old ticket from Outlook PST files    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler Service - Memory Leak    reply        
· &quot;Find Issue&quot; Speed Issue    reply        
· date formatting changed after upgrade to 3.1.2    reply        
· Integration with Test Case Management tools    reply        
· Adding a second custom field    reply        
· Time tracking - day indicators    reply        
· Scheduler Mailbox Processor Settings    reply        
· Customising the Layout    reply        
· Scheduler Error on startup    reply        
· Another Medium Trust question    reply        
· Issue Time Duration Report    reply        
· Trouble with Scheduler    reply        
· Gemini 3.1.2 and .NET 3.5 System.Web.Extensions    reply        
· Gemini 3.5    reply        
· Rename Components, Versions and Affected versions    reply        
· Can't connect to Gemini instance with Time Tracker    reply        
· Gemini Desktop &amp; VS2008 addin are very slow when loading issues    reply        
· Logout issue    reply        
· Comment update history    reply        
· urgent help required to uninstall gemini and reinstall it    reply        
· Field Visibility Question    reply        
· problem installing gemini web application    reply        
· Subversion Integration using SvnGeminiConnector    reply        
· Cannot update issues after database move - URGENT    reply        
· How to add one level to the Group Members    reply        
· Assigning issues - URGENT    reply        
· Re-Assigning Issues    reply        
· Server error while generating XML response    reply        
· Upgrading from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2    reply        
· Issue title is squashed to the left.    reply        
· Adding extra fields from the &quot;Reported By&quot; selection    reply        
· Documentation?    reply        
· Invalid web service access code    reply        
· Latest Gemini Scheduler release and Gemini 2.2.6    reply        
· Visibility Constants are Wrong    reply        
· How much resource available?    reply        
· Controlling assignment and resolution on an issue    reply        
· Filter links from Project pages not working correctly    reply        
· Send email to all registered Users    reply        
· How to upgrade from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2    reply        
· View issue headings too wide v3.1.2    reply        
· Issues by Severity on project page does not work    reply        
· Cannot login    reply        
· In project &quot;All Tasks&quot; is not showing all tasks    reply        
· Email has stopped working, settings are correct    reply        
· Missing * Unscheduled * and * Unassigned * in some projects    reply        
· v3.0.4 to 3.1.2 fail    reply        
· Invalid object name 'gemini_components'.    reply        
· Solve an issue...    reply        
· Problem with installation    reply        
· Gemini 3.1 slow performances    reply        
· Administrator has no rights - Fresh installation    reply        
· My Work not displaying issues for some    reply        
· &quot;Resourcing&quot; menu in &quot;Project Administration&quot;.    reply        
· Top Level Reporting    reply        
· Intermittent problem with Telerik RadUpload File Attachment control in I.E.    reply        
· Horizontal line in Main Project window    reply        
· Custom Issue fields?    reply        
· SnagIT add-on install question    reply        
· How to configure security for this scenario?    reply        
· Gantt and Schedule    reply        
· Uploading large attachments causes 404 error    reply        
· VSS integration    reply        
· how to create new SQL database    reply        
· [Q] Resolution on an Issue    reply        
· CounterSoft Gemini Scheduler v2.x    reply        
· Attachments &amp; download    reply        
· Emailed Issues - send reply    reply        
· Web services proxy classes problem in Gemini 2.2.6    reply        
· Sharing Views over URL    reply        
· Time Tracker should pause on workstation lock    reply        
· Cannot delete users    reply        
· change log excel report how to add additional fields?    reply        
· v3.1.0: IE 7 need to login again whenever clicking on a &quot;create issue&quot;    reply        
· v3.1.0 - Max # of Custom Fields per project?    reply        
· how to change date format in the issues list    reply        
· Upgrade Issues (2.1.1 to 3.1.1)    reply        
· New Installation    reply        
· v3.1.0: Can't type in comment box    reply        
· Invalid column name 'statusseq'    reply        
· restore one issue from old gemini system to new gemini system    reply        
· v3.1.0 - Server Error when sorting by Issue ID by double clicking column header    reply        
· v1.9.1 : Problem after reinstall    reply        
· Build 2212 - where are the reports?    reply        
· GeminiWS Questions    reply        
· Migration 2.2.7 -&gt; 3.1.1 no &quot;Private&quot; Marks    reply        
· Crash on &quot;Issue overview&quot; after upgrading from 3.0.4    reply        
· v3.1.0 - Intermittent email alert issues?    reply        
· v3.1.0: Closing Comment option    reply        
· v3.1.0 Build 2179 - Wrong Project when editing/updating an Issue    reply        
· Scheduler Issues.    reply        
· v3.1.0: Resolve issue role    reply        
· v3.1.0: How issue administrator and project administrator are different in term of roles/rights?    reply        
· default Login Details? What are they?    reply        
· Telerik error    reply        
· Filter forgets custom field selections    reply        
· server error !    reply        
· can i use 2 versions of gemini at the same computer    reply        
· Hide/Disable Issue Visibility Field    reply        
· scripting typical administration setups    reply        
· Issue Visibility set to specific project group    reply        
· Granting access to a project through project groups    reply        
· 2.02 - Can not make new status visible    reply        
· Emails - We are not Receiving emails using the Scheduler option    reply        
· Data Import Utility V1 for Gemini 3.1 security questions    reply        
· Issue by Type duplicate how to remove    reply        
· Plugins in 3.1    reply        
· 3.1.1 - None of the Ajax enabled Drop Downs Populate    reply        
· v3.1.0: server rejected the given recipient.    reply        
· v3.1.0: Got error when set default values for a project    reply        
· v3.1.0: Status drop down menu problem    reply        
· v3.1.0: Duplicated issue statuses show up on the drop down list when &quot;adding comment&quot;    reply        
· v3.1.0: Email notifications    reply        
· Email alerts    reply        
· v.2.0.2-&gt;3.1.1 Reduction in Speed    reply        
· Some reports fail if SessionState is not InProc    reply        
· How do you get the Scheduler to work?    reply        
· Setup Gemini Users (Resources) from global adress book, corporate network / ads    reply        
· hyperlink manager    reply        
· Invalid object name 'gemini_components'    reply        
· Upgrade from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1    reply        
· Gemini SourceControl on Linux svn server    reply        
· v3.1.0: When click on Comment link, the comment page doesn't load    reply        
· Show attached image on issue comments    reply        
· 2.2.7 --&gt; 3.1.1 Invalid object name 'users'    reply        
· migrating from 2.2.6 to v3_1_1 i get error Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the r    reply        
· v3.1.0: can't login to Gemini with Gemini Desktop    reply        
· migrating from 2.2.6 to v3_1_1 getting a db error onflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint    reply        
· v3.1.0: set default value for &quot;comment visibility&quot;    reply        
· v3.1.0: Unexpected Row Count error after clicking the SAVE button    reply        
· Issue Reporting Visibility does not show for Global Group    reply        
· New issue notifications- subject always 'updated'    reply        
· Issues Always Marked Private    reply        
· Gemini User Permissions / Project Visibility 3.1.1    reply        
· Error after installation    reply        
· Breadcrumb links not working    reply        
· delete system log    reply        
· Show Rights as a Tree    reply        
· Disable &quot;Reported By&quot; for Testers?    reply        
· v3.1: Severity (new field) and Priority field    reply        
· Add custom field data when creating a new issue using the webservice    reply        
· ability to create a recurring issue or task?    reply        
· See issues from all projects    reply        
· Hiding Company Name    reply        
· Upgrade to Gemini 3.1 web application portion    reply        
· V3.1: How to change the [1 day = 7hr 30minutes] ?    reply        
· upgrade from 2.1 -&gt; 2.2 to 3.1, older project issues not displaying    reply        
· Show resolution time    reply        
· v3.1: Can't enter attributes for selected Version    reply        
· Safe way of Migrating 2.2.6 to 3.1.0    reply        
· Where to get Gemini Desktop 3.0    reply        
· Filters: # limit of selected components in the filter    reply        
· Create sub issue from issue    reply        
· Issue with component hierarchy in Create Issue and Issue Filter    reply        
· Issue workflow: back to reporter for approval    reply        
· GeminiHelper.LogException    reply        
· API for User Management?    reply        
· Project Report    reply        
· Anonymous User account    reply        
· Comments not being added &amp; Page formatting is wrong.    reply        
· Issue Link Problems    reply        
· Project List on Home page sort order    reply        
· v3.1: delete security scheme    reply        
· &quot;progress bar&quot; for Excess time seems to be incorrect in gemini 3.1    reply        
· time logging action is not in the history in gemini 3.1    reply        
· How to send Email Alerts to only those connected with the issue    reply        
· Time logging    reply        
· Cutomise View without effect to &quot;All projects&quot;    reply        
· SourceSafe integration    reply        
· Comment dfault Visibility    reply        
· Error when attempting to edit Field Visibility Scheme    reply        
· how can i see all issues over all projects of an selected ressource?    reply        
· cannot see issues when there is no ressource assigned    reply        
· v3.1: create default assign    reply        
· Filter Box order on issues.aspx    reply        
· Upgrading from 3.0.3 to 3.1.0    reply        
· Switched to Windows Authentication, does not allow users to signup    reply        
· Many install issues and Test SMTP settings crashes W3WP.exe on Windows 2008 Server    reply        
· v3.0.4: Turn off Email Notifications from Web Services CreateIssue?    reply        
· project administrator is not automatically added as assignable to issues?    reply        
· Security Settings    reply        
· v3.0.4: Socket connection has been refused by remote host.    reply        
· v3.0.4: in what case we need to configure multiple sites for Gemini Scheduler?    reply        
· What is different between small x (bug icon) and big X (bug icon) Type?    reply        
· What &quot;manage schedule&quot; role can do?    reply        
· Repository Link (V2.0.x) ~ Document link (v3.0.x) &lt;== are they the same?    reply        
· v3.0.4: Manage repository role    reply        
· v3.0.4: Everyone is allowed to delete own comment    reply        
· V2.0.3: How to change the default issue priority?    reply        
· * Unscheduled * Issues    reply        
· v3.0.4: Gemini Administrator cannot add/remove user from Project Groups?    reply        
· How to sort list of projects in combobox when creating an issue?    reply        
· Filtering On Custom Field Checkbox    reply        
· Email alert flood for only one modification    reply        
· Inactive user still receiving emails    reply        
· Gemini and SourceGear Vault    reply        
· Gemini 3.1beta: Index was outside the bounds of the array.    reply        
· Permission problem with SVN Post-Commit Hook and CreateComment    reply        
· Bulk Move Issues from one project/component to another project/component    reply        
· Email Alerts - Receive Alert when Comment is added to Issue (3.0.4)    reply        
· Restriciting Visibility    reply        
· Gemini 3.1    reply        
· Add resources to existing projects    reply        
· Project Code Length    reply        
· Anonymous user (Excel, Print Friendly, Print Friendly (Full) and Gantt) issue in ver 3.0.4 (Build 2    reply        
· email settings    reply        
· Doing a migration from 2.02 to 3.04    reply        
· TimeTracker Issue - Can't Signin    reply        
· Performance related questions    reply        
· Gemini Visual Studio 2005 Add-in HOW TO    reply        
· Gemini emails no longer contain stylesheet text    reply        
· (Gemini v2.0.3) - Correct project id reported on issue table, but incorrectedly reported on issuehis    reply        
· Gemini and windows 2008    reply        
· See my own logged time?    reply        
· Users cannot re-assign an issue to each other    reply        
· Increase upload capacity, possible ?    reply        
· Issue Status box becomes disabled after insertion    reply        
· &quot;Everyone&quot; v.s. &quot;Everyone Authenticated&quot;    reply        
· VSS Integration - Can't get it working, need help    reply        
· VSS Integration - still supported?    reply        
· layout of the additional information tab    reply        
· Email Not working all of a sudden    reply        
· Main.aspx Gone!    reply        
· double email after upgrading to Gemini 3.0.4 (Build 2026)    reply        
· How to Assign Users per Project    reply        
· Reorganization of the email alert possible ?    reply        
· Custom &quot;field&quot; during changing status    reply        
· comments in notification emails    reply        
· Getting Error During SampleDB Setup (3.0.4)    reply        
· Security Issue with 3.0.4 HELP!    reply        
· Batch update unassigned issues doesn't work    reply        
· Project Administration -&gt; Version Attributes == Crashed. Can&#180;t Edit it    reply        
· Extra system users?    reply        
· Move the components between projects    reply        
· Problems with Security Model    reply        
· Configure web.config file to point to a database in separate physical SQL server    reply        
· Final Status only for Project Admins ?    reply        
· Sub Components    reply        
· Batch button missing v3.0.4    reply        
· create issue for not assigned project    reply        
· Problems with Gemini Services and IssueFilter    reply        
· Hardware requirement for Gemini    reply        
· Remember Me?    reply        
· Gemini Application Error    reply        
· Breaking API Changes from 2.2 to 3.1?    reply        
· Getting Severity options via webservices    reply        
· Formatting replaced by $0$0$0$0$0    reply        
· Copy a whole Project    reply        
· Create a Developer Project    reply        
· Setup Issues status    reply        
· Upgrade 3.0.0 build 1955 to 3.0.4, which Gemini database patch to use?    reply        
· Is it posible to duplicate Project    reply        
· need help: Issue Visibility    reply        
· Invalid object name versions when clicking on MyWork    reply        
· Estimated effort progress tooltip    reply        
· Email Alerts not working    reply        
· How to delete inactive users?    reply        
· Field visibility problem    reply        
· problems with permissions    reply        
· Problems customising issues report    reply        
· Project Migration    reply        
· Scheduler MailboxProcessor Setup Issues    reply        
· Gemini Issue Alert emails    reply        
· Very disappointed.....    reply        
· yet another one - unable to login to desktop    reply        
· upgrade to 3.0.4 wiped out versions?    reply        
· Wrong project linked to time entry    reply        
· &quot;Insufficient user rights&quot; error when you click on issue link in timesheet    reply        
· Using user's email address as the sender address    reply        
· Display bug in Batch Update    reply        
· Is there a bug on create/edit form with required custom field    reply        
· Issues List View Customization Bug    reply        
· Problem changing the Version Attributes    reply        
· Error showed up after running for a while now it will not go away.    reply        
· could not resolve property: IssueStatusAscen of: CounterSoft.Gemini.Commons.IssueEN    reply        
· OpenLDAP Support    reply        
· Upgrade from V2.0.3 to v2.2.7    reply        
· Right click on rich text box when adding comments is cut off (v3.0.4)    reply        
· I cant Assign issues to other users    reply        
· Adding support for Thai language    reply        
· No-one able to post Screendump - Error while trying to communicate with the server    reply        
· Gemini v3.0.4 does not work according to the manual !    reply        
· Export to Excel - Minutes Logged missing    reply        
· Issue with Delete Comment/Delete Own Comment permission    reply        
· RSS feeds    reply        
· How to reset RSS Feed token?    reply        
· Migrating database from 2.2.7 to 3.0.4 results into wrong security settings for the users    reply        
· using gemini for support tickets    reply        
· Integration with MS Project Server    reply        
· Windows Authentication for desktop tools    reply        
· load balancing    reply        
· POP mailbox configuration for inbound email to create new issue    reply        
· 2.1.1 No Access users still showing in Not Watching Watch page.    reply        
· required issue fields    reply        
· Start date    reply        
· Can't use time traker or desktop with trial    reply        
· Unable to copy or move issues between projects    reply        
· User cannot assign resource when an issue are created    reply        
· Can't login    reply        
· Single Sign On    reply        
· Road Map very slow after migrating from 2.2.7 to 3.0.4    reply        
· Moving the login box    reply        
· WebService - adding an attachement to the existing issue. HOW?    reply        
· Scheduler does not send notification even tough SMTP is configured    reply        
· Hiding the Schedule and Time Tracking tabs    reply        
· Main Page - sample projects    reply        
· after upgrade from 2.2.6 to 3.0.4 all issues are lost in hyper space    reply        
· Upgrading DB from 2.0.5 to 3.0.4    reply        
· Process this :)    reply        
· Localization in Scheduler Service Email templates    reply        
· Assign Add User Role?    reply        
· Upgrade from 2.2.6 to 3.0.4 DB upgrades OK but can't login    reply        
· Strange behavior on the issues.aspx page    reply        
· RAD Editor Control: context menu items truncated    reply        
· Is there a open API for creating custom Reports in project level    reply        
· Hide Version and Ressource Column from external users    reply        
· Removing anonymous comments    reply        
· Add-on Source code    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler error    reply        
· Ressource Allocation and Usage    reply        
· After first install Email are rejected due to there coming from admin@mycompany.com    reply        
· Visual Studio 2005 Addin: Cant login to Gemini    reply        
· SQL Server 2008    reply        
· Create Issue Page    reply        
· Issues visibility    reply        
· Project Lead question    reply        
· Field visibility schemes don't work    reply        
· Custom issue status not visible in projects    reply        
· Failed to map the path '/Gemini/App_GlobalResources/'    reply        
· Project sort order not consistently applied per user    reply        
· Default theme doesn't seem to work    reply        
· Gemini non WSE web services    reply        
· Version 3.0.4 Problem after installation    reply        
· Gemini 2.1.1 not showing all made issues    reply        
· Email Link to project/issue: how to prevent malicious use (i.e. sending spam)?    reply        
· Strange Language behaviour.    reply        
· Error trying to build Gemini    reply        
· Email Alerts- How to set it up.    reply        
· set visibility on created issue by client and set visibility to more groups    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler (v3.0.4 Build 2026) - changes from v1.7.1    reply        
· V3.0.4 running in Medium Trust?    reply        
·  Create Issue - Insufficient user rights    reply        
· Setting default Issue visibility?    reply        
· after install Gemini web app will not start, errors    reply        
· cannot connect gemini time tracker and gemini desktop beta version to the gemini server    reply        
· Insufficient user rights when accesing a link in a comment    reply        
· monthly time filter    reply        
· Emails not sending    reply        
· Unassigned issue    reply        
· Subcomponents    reply        
· urgent: upgrade from 2.2 to 3; windows authentication doesn't works    reply        
· Can I configure administrative account to watch every case in a project?    reply        
· Directly accessing a project url does not work. Default page is shown.    reply        
· Ability to export projects?    reply        
· Allowing customers to get notifications    reply        
· Issue Type Screen error    reply        
· database update 3.0.3 -&gt; 3.0.4    reply        
· Field Visibility Schemes help    reply        
· Missing Days in Work Estimate (3.0.4)    reply        
· Timesheet of another user    reply        
· Time report &amp; Issue / Project visibility    reply        
· Scheduler - Pop3 Mailbox - Auto Issue Creation    reply        
· SVN Hooks    reply        
· Basic reports don't work    reply        
· Problem with VSS plugin - Message box pops up    reply        
· Visual Source Safe Integration doesn't work.    reply        
· How to: Set default issue visibility    reply        
· v 3.0.3 Projects DropDown    reply        
· Email alerts being sent to inactive users    reply        
· Error when running a web service - Scheduler    reply        
· User Management    reply        
· Showing version attributes in the change log    reply        
· Any way that the 'Last edited by user' value can be included as a custom column on the all issues vi    reply        
· Customizing Controls    reply        
· SQL Error when upgrading from 2.2.6 to 3.0.3    reply        
· Structuring projects by sub projects    reply        
· Exception After Upgrading 2.2.6 to 3.0.3    reply        
· Can't view any issues after 2.2.6 -&gt; 3.0.3 upgrade    reply        
· Linking Problem: Full Gemini URL is ignored    reply        
· Where is my watch closed issue ?    reply        
· Print friendly (full) and field visibility    reply        
· Portal mode issue    reply        
· Installation problems    reply        
· scheduler send empty email    reply        
· scheduler and memory leak    reply        
· Problem with project navigation combo box    reply        
· Archived projects still visible on home page    reply        
· Wrong &quot;My Work&quot;    reply        
· Scheduler: application event error    reply        
· Email alerts always sended    reply        
· Possible to removed fields.    reply        
· Logging time in minutes is not visible in the actual working hours    reply        
· cannot enter administration section    reply        
· User does not want to receive emails    reply        
· Mail Alerts Not Working - Different Error than the others...    reply        
· Version attributes cannot be changed    reply        
· Problem Upgrade from 2.1.1 to 3.0.3    reply        
· Getting an error repeatedly in Gemini    reply        
· issue creation submit button    reply        
· Scheduler Service receive pop 3 Mails    reply        
· Custom Field Checkbox not Updating or Displaying Value correctly    reply        
· Batch Edit Issues    reply        
· Where is my mail? I don't understand it    reply        
· Issue Visibility    reply        
· Issue Status Ordering    reply        
· Installation hand holding, which file should I try?    reply        
· Installation messup    reply        
· Seeing exceptions all over..    reply        
· mail alerts will not work    reply        
· Wrong Project selected when updating Issue    reply        
· English-French    reply        
· Install multiple instances of Gemini 2.2 on same server    reply        
· Images not present on issues text after migration from 226 to 302    reply        
· Behavior on custom field displayed into issue filter    reply        
· Issue filter search only whole value on custom field    reply        
· behavior with custom field issue filter    reply        
· Sub Issues - Insufficient user rights    reply        
· Email alerts are not working    reply        
· Issue attachments    reply        
· Field visibility and Issues missing    reply        
· upgrade &quot;Gemini 3.0.1 (Build 1972)&quot; to &quot;Gemini v3.0.2 Build 1980&quot;    reply        
· Issue visibility    reply        
· In House Time Tracking???    reply        
· duplicate issue types    reply        
· How to create dynamic / custom fields    reply        
· No row with the given identifier exists: 56, of class: CounterSoft.Gemini.Commons.UserEN    reply        
· Not for Profit kids site - Unable to get email notifications to work    reply        
· Mail alerts not working    reply        
· migrating database to 3.0 get the following errors    reply        
· Insufficient user rights when upgrading to 3.0.1 from 2.2.6    reply        
· Webservices and free/complementary license key    reply        
· ../user/Time.aspx Error    reply        
· Email Flood After Installing Scheduler With Gemini 3.0.1    reply        
· Create New Issue - Issue Type is missing in the dropdown control    reply        
· Gemini Desktop 2008 Beta    reply        
· Countersoft's Gemini change log    reply        
· Find issue in v3.0.1    reply        
· Possible bug - Custom issue status    reply        
· Export to Excel shouldn't export html    reply        
· Cannot Create issues    reply        
· Invalid column name 'projectidfilter'.    reply        
· 404 Pages consistently happening - Enforce URL not persisting    reply        
· Request timed out on visibility scheme edit    reply        
· json error on add user to security scheme    reply        
· Problem with Gemini version3 installation    reply        
· logout and http 404 error: the resource cannot be found    reply        
· Fresh install 3.0 on SBS2003 not working...    reply        
· Fresh install version 3.0: can't log in as Admin    reply        
· Problem installing Gemini 3 under Vista SP1    reply        
· EXECUTE permission denied on object 'aspnet_CheckSchemaVersion'    reply        
· Database upgrade issues from 2.0.5 to 3.0    reply        
· General question on installation.    reply        
· Unable to specify time in MINUTES, only allows hours?    reply        
· Bug - Selecting date picker in Time throws exception    reply        
· Scheduler does not work - throws errors    reply        
· Does this work with V3.0?    reply        
· More 3.0 Upgrade woes    reply        
· Error if sending screenshot to Gemini with using the &quot;Sambar&quot; proxy    reply        
· Image issues    reply        
· Assigning workflow to issue type    reply        
· Email alerts - scheduler service    reply        
· Gemini 3.0 - Cannot assign the same user / project group on multiple projects    reply        
· Upgrading to latest version from build 1952?    reply        
· Gemini 3.0 Migration Issue - Missing issue attachments    reply        
· Gemini web site &quot;Stopped&quot;, can't start....    reply        
· Email notification overload!    reply        
· Unable to edit issue    reply        
· Error after moving issues to different project    reply        
· Server Error in '/Gemini' Application.    reply        
· Custom Field error - Ambiguous column name 'env'.    reply        
· Field visibility in issue list    reply        
· Upgrade issues from 2.0.2 to 3.0RC1    reply        
· Email Notifications not sending    reply        
· Bad link: Security Settings&gt;Global Groups&gt;Group Schemes    reply        
· Odd Request: Remove Dates and Work Estimate sections from issue/Edit.aspx    reply        
· V2.1 to 2.2 Batch Update stops working.    reply        
· Issue Status not editable    reply        
· Project Panel issues list does not filter properly.    reply        
· Ability to create fully resolved issues    reply        
· Upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 errors...    reply        
· High Memory Consumption - Memory Leak?    reply        
· Internet Information Server 4 required?    reply        
· Errors..?    reply        
· Groups? Why bother?    reply        
· Restor database from 1.8    reply        
· add custom field value to &quot;MY WORK&quot; area    reply        
· Prep for next upgrade?    reply        
· server error, An application error occurred on the server    reply        
· Internet Explorer 6 SP2 crashes when using functions within Gemini v2.1.1 and v2.2.6.    reply        
· Internet Explorer crashes after applying MS07-033 when using Gemini v2.1.1 and v2.2.6    reply        
· Issues list pagination and private issues    reply        
· Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.aspnet_CheckSchemaVersion'    reply        
· Automatic issue creation, when our own ASP.NET app fails    reply        
· SMTP Setup Issues (Yep, another thread)    reply        
· Schdeuler Error    reply        
· How using Gemini Services through proxy with authentification    reply        
· Gemini beta versions    reply        
· Broken Images In Email Gemini 2.2.6    reply        
· Project List    reply        
· Can't get email notices to user    reply        
· First Gemini version available to be used with the current Gemini Services    reply        
· Would like to change the registered name    reply        
· Resources    reply        
· No &quot;All projects issue reporting&quot;?    reply        
· Resource value not found for key: IssueWorkflow for Language US English    reply        
· How can I create reports?    reply        
· One project stopped sending &quot;Issue Created&quot; and &quot;Issue Closed&quot; email alerts.    reply        
· Could not load type 'System.Byte' from assembly 'MailBee.NET, Version=, Culture=neutral, Pub    reply        
· Email reminder    reply        
· Email alerts: Any change to issues assigned to me    reply        
· Version 2.2.6 Object Reference not set    reply        
· g2.2: Fatal database error    reply        
· Project Administration &gt; Insufficient user rights    reply        
· Does Issue filter work ?    reply        
· Visibility schemes not apply on some fields    reply        
· How to get Gemini Desktop 2008 Beta 1 to work - login problem    reply        
· Create Project &gt; Lead is not refreshed w/ users    reply        
· Issue Workflow &gt; Default workflow not migrated correctly    reply        
· Wrong number of projects on users after migration    reply        
· SMTP Authentication Password: not migrated    reply        
· Error after creating new issue type    reply        
· System.Web.Extensions (aka AJAX) do not exist    reply        
· moving a batch of tickets    reply        
· Version 3 beta - Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web.Extensions'    reply        
· Reporting issues to gemini via email    reply        
· Batch Delete or other method??    reply        
· running errors on upgrade_v3-0-step1    reply        
· Gemini MailboxProcessor Exchange Support??    reply        
· adding custom field to the default issue list column    reply        
· How to create a custom field an issue filter?    reply        
· custom field creation help: Invalid object name error    reply        
· System.Security.SecurityException: Requested registry access is not allowed.    reply        
· Sudden Error!    reply        
· Fixed For Version Grayed Out For Issue Workers    reply        
· Gemini error: Invalid character in a Base-64 string.    reply        
· scheduler service stopped working    reply        
· Event Log Message Every 30 Minutes    reply        
· SMTP Mail Box Processor Installation Instructions?    reply        
· Is it possible to forbid the user to change the password ?    reply        
· Fixed for Version is disabled for the Issue Creator    reply        
· All users can't see custom status    reply        
· Renaming &quot;Issue Priority&quot; as &quot;Issue Severity&quot;    reply        
· Search Stored Procedure    reply        
· Alerts are not being created... I don't believe    reply        
· Custom Field Types    reply        
· SMTP Configuration trouble    reply        
· How to get IssuePriority items from Web Services    reply        
· Resource user permissions    reply        
· duplicate alias: components error when trying to sort on component    reply        
· Display message on missing rights    reply        
· gemini error    reply        
· Exporting to excel adds code to cells    reply        
· Two different Gemini web applications pointing to one database...    reply        
· Gemini 2.0.5 Issue Tracker, Firefox, Context Menu, Spellcheck    reply        
· Welcome caption &amp; message    reply        
· Evaluating Gemini Desktop, Screen Capture, TimeTracker and having problems...    reply        
· Import Utility    reply        
· Gemini Desktop Windows Authentication    reply        
· Problems signing in    reply        
· Find issue link displays all issue in the system    reply        
· &quot;Assigned To&quot; and &quot;Assigned Resource&quot; empty    reply        
· Scheduler Service v1.7.1: Error testing connectivity/authentication to client    reply        
· Issue status automatically changed to New    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler v1.7.1 features    reply        
· Spaces in Email subject    reply        
· Drop down list vs. Select Box    reply        
· error on many pages (view Issue, add Issue, etc...)    reply        
· define new issue error    reply        
· Retrieving the status changes trace: HOW ?    reply        
· Cannot attach file to the ticket - Gemini Application Error    reply        
· Which version do I have ?    reply        
· access to Administration page    reply        
· Error encountered processing template file...    reply        
· Performance and Closed status    reply        
· Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'    reply        
· SMTP mail processor    reply        
· Unable to set the SQL Server Instance Name in installer    reply        
· Error Message    reply        
· Ongoing Error after setup    reply        
· Ongoing errors upgrading from 2.0.5 to 2.2.x    reply        
· Custom Reporting    reply        
· Gemini Services - How to use the &quot;SetProxyServer&quot; on &quot;ServiceManager&quot;?    reply        
· stuck at redirect    reply        
· Got a &quot;SoapException&quot; when use IssueServices.GetFilteredIssuesEN()    reply        
· &quot;Affected Versions&quot; vs &quot;Fixed in Version&quot; and what is a &quot;version&quot; anyw    reply        
· Workflow    reply        
· Error when creating a new issue    reply        
· License problem after upgrade 2.0.5 -&gt; 2.2.6    reply        
· Problem with issue and dont show &quot;Type&quot; and &quot;Priority&quot;.    reply        
· textbox size    reply        
· customizing issue editing pages    reply        
· I am using trusted connection    reply        
· Windows Authentication    reply        
· errors in log No Page.Request    reply        
· Redundant drop down?    reply        
· You should not be able to edit the Creation and Revision dates of an issue.    reply        
· issue search timeouts    reply        
· Object reference not set to an instance of an object. forced restart    reply        
· invalid hyperlinks in email alerts?    reply        
· SMTP Test works; emails alert don't    reply        
· How to remove Gemini web site in IIS 5?    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler Documentation    reply        
· Strange RadEditor Compliation Errors after upgrading from 2.0.5 to 2.2.6    reply        
· POP3    reply        
· Is there any way to hide affected versions?    reply        
· Won't Fix resolution issues don't show in all issues reporting?    reply        
· Create New Issue - description is disabled    reply        
· [Webservice] GetIssue, CreateIssueComment    reply        
· REceiving 2 emails for the same Log when Assigned a Resource    reply        
· How do I get access to Administration page?    reply        
· Set Issue Watcher - Project and Issue numbers are the wrong way around    reply        
· Repository as Link-List    reply        
· BUG: Error: Must specify valid information for parsing in the string    reply        
· Batch update fails    reply        
· Unassigning A User Resource From An Issue Using &lt;Nobody&gt;    reply        
· Bug in Capture?    reply        
· Session Refreshing Too Frequently    reply        
· gemini and SQL 2000 problem (Could not open a connection to SQL Server)    reply        
· Same custom field on multiple projects    reply        
· Mailbox Processor Event Log TOO Verbose    reply        
· Post Sharepoint WSS 3.0 Install Problem - Gemini Half Works    reply        
· Login error    reply        
· Scheduler Service 1.7 Errors    reply        
· Sending Email has stopped    reply        
· No Issue in Projects --&gt; *Unassigned*    reply        
· 2.2.4 vs 2.2.5    reply        
· Scheduler Stopped Processing Email    reply        
· login does not work properly    reply        
· HOLY !@#!. Database lost after upgrade    reply        
· Scheduler Service 1.7 E-Mails No Longer Shows Change Log    reply        
· Web service - ReportedByUsername    reply        
· RedirectURL bug    reply        
· Blank/Empty emails from Gemini after issue changes    reply        
· Error appearing in webservices    reply        
· Poor performance    reply        
· Downloadable version    reply        
· Yep, dip question on initial setup SQL configuration but I give up.    reply        
· POP Email Not Being Retrieved and no Issues Created    reply        
· WebServices Documentation/Understanding/Errors....    reply        
· Why are hundreds of emails being sent after turning on Gemini Scheduler?    reply        
· countersoft.gemini.scheduler.exe.config documentation    reply        
· Issue filter with [Create Date] or [Revise Date] error    reply        
· Upgrade to 2.2.3 fails.....    reply        
· Issue Filter by Due Date    reply        
· How do I increase SQL timeout?    reply        
· Create Issue in VB.Nat with WebServices    reply        
· How can I link issue and assigned worker?    reply        
· Webservice Manual ?    reply        
· Gemini v3    reply        
· scheduler 1.5    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler Service v.2.2.2 - Multiple MailboxProcessors?    reply        
· Mismatched emails?    reply        
· How to change the color of the background in the issue list according to the statut of the issue ?    reply        
· upgrade from 1.9.1 to 2.2.2    reply        
· CAn't View ALL PROJECT ISSUE REPORTING    reply        
· Issue history    reply        
· Historic snapshot    reply        
· Date format    reply        
· 2.2 trust    reply        
· MaxIssuesPerPage    reply        
· A transport-level error has occurred when receiving results from the server.    reply        
· Submitting Issues    reply        
·  filter.SystemFilter = IssuesFilterEN.SystemFilterTypes.LateIssues logic    reply        
· Double Emails - Gemini 2.03    reply        
· Default Resource Assigning?    reply        
· Gemini 2.2.2 &amp; SQL 2005    reply        
· Webservice Notifications?    reply        
· Multiple Gemini Installations on a single server    reply        
· Unable to send Email Alerts    reply        
· The issue list isn't refreshed correctly when switching projects    reply        
· Can not update any issue descriptions    reply        
· Issues do not change when switching projects    reply        
· 404 error after installation    reply        
· Win Auth username changed, Access Denied now    reply        
· creating a plug-in - section 9.5 from gemini.pdf    reply        
· Problem after re-install    reply        
· Complimentary License - User Count    reply        
· applicaton error of Object ref not set to an inst    reply        
· Cannot remove user access    reply        
· Some issues after updating from 2.1.1 to 2.2.2    reply        
· Current Issues excluded from Gantt based on Date Range    reply        
· Screen Capture and Comments Added by John Smith    reply        
· Time Report is incorrect    reply        
· Add issue to multiple components    reply        
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