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Synchronizing with Gemini


I set up the Outlook add-on to synchronize with Gemini, but although the add-on gives me the possibility to change the priority and status of the items, it is not sent back to Gemini.

Additionally, the statusses I see in the tasks list of Outlook do not match those setup for the project in Gemini. It is actually not so surprising then, that these do not sync.

There are lots of fields available in Outlook tasks, like 'owner' and '% complete'. These fields could be matched between Outlook and Gemini perfectly and would make the add-on so much more useful.

Are there any plans on finishing this product? As it seems quite immature / beta.

Outlook add-on 3.7.2 build 2784

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Hi Patrick,

Outlook add-in provides basic viewing of taska allocated to you.

We have plans to provide a much richer experience whereby different aspects of an issue sync with Outlook and can be editing.

Planned for 2011.

Harvey Kandola
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Harvey Kandola