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Project Resourcing


When you get a lot of users signed up to gemini, assigning resources starts to become quite a chore, as the list to select from is very large. I think there should be some way to limit this list.

For example, when the project needs permissions to view it, then you could just list all those that have permission to view the project (or other permissions on the project). As it would possibly be pointless assigning a resource that could not access the project? (though probably should be a way to see the entire list as im sure some people might want that)

For projects that are openly viewable (and therefore anyone has permission to view it) you could group by name, or perhaps a nice ajaxy type control where you can type the name and the list of the users found are displayed and can be assigned as resources...

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Next release will have User Groups and better user management (filtering/finding/searching/assigning). 

We look forward to getting you involved in testing early public beta's that we will host.  Hopefully within 4-5 weeks time!


Harvey Kandola
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Harvey Kandola