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· Email alerts not received by a user  asked  reply    follow    
· Gemini Mail Box Processor  asked          
· Mail Processing - GMBP - Creating Comments  asked          
· Mail Processing GMBP - Smart Matching  asked          
· Gemini Mailbox Processor - GMBP - Create Issues and coments from email  asked          
· Issue Visibility Query  asked  reply        
· Remember me not seeming to work  asked  reply        
· Where to download the installer?  asked  reply        
· No Images on RAD Editor  asked  reply        
· Getting Severity options via webservices  asked          
· Error appearing in webservices  asked  reply        
· Guide to fix the AVG Scheme in Firefox (Dark Green BAckground on links)  asked          
· Submitting Issues  asked          
· Webservice Notifications?  asked          
· Trouble creating issue via Webservice  asked  reply        
· Webservice Error  asked  reply        
· Previous version of Screen Capture  asked          
· Webservice call to list users  asked          
· Mail box Processor, only create new issues?  asked  reply        
· Project Resourcing  asked          
· Editing issue comment doesnt appear in history  asked          
· Able to view all projects  asked  reply        
· Blank Page When Creating Issue/ Commenting  asked  reply        
· Subversion intergration with ubuntu Linux 7.04  asked          
· Question re viewing of issues  asked  reply        
· Unable to send image  asked  reply        
· Gant chart sometimes adds extra days  asked  reply        
· Licence Issue - Asking to "aquire licence"  asked  reply        
· Search not finding results  asked  reply        
· Installing on System with .NET 2.0  asked          
· Error when creating a new issue  asked  reply        
· Application Error When viewing issues  asked  reply        
· Project Homepage Statistics  asked  reply        
· Logged out after creating first issue  asked  reply        
· History/Contents of an issue  asked  reply        
· Server Errors have appeared  asked  reply        
· Italic Issue numbers  asked          
· Ability to restrict the time information shown for the issue  asked  reply        
· Export Issues to Excel  asked          
· Issue Watching  asked          
· Error Creating New Issue Types  asked  reply        
· Use mailto expression in from email address field    reply        
· Gemini MBP - "The system has disabled this account..."    reply      answer  
· Watchers are not getting updates    reply        
· Several question about project managment    reply        
· Intended use of Mailbox processing    reply        
· Invalid object name 'gemini_components'.    reply        
· Emailed Issues - send reply    reply        
· Invalid object name 'gemini_components'    reply        
· Problem Upgrade from 2.1.1 to 3.0.3    reply        
· 2.2.6 upgrade issue (from 2.1.1)    reply        
· 2.2.6 installation email does not work! :-(    reply        
· Notifications Not Going Out    reply        
· Can Gemini V2.2 installed on load balanced web servers?    reply        
· Current Issues excluded from Gantt based on Date Range    reply        
· Add issue to multiple components    reply        
· Humorous Error Creating Custom Fields.....    reply        
· New Status Item    reply        
· Concerns Regarding GEM-936    reply        
· Screen Capture crashes as soon as it starts    reply        
· Order of scripts when doing an upgrade from 2.0.5    reply        
· Strange caching behaviour in Gemini 2.0.5    reply        
· Creating Sub-levels on Homepage    reply        
· sso.aspx does not accept htmlencoded urls    reply        
· Default visibility for different users    reply        
· Planned release date of Version 2.1    reply        
· Setting Timezone?    reply        
· After entry of 1st issue - go to login screen    reply        
· Closing comment    reply