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Submitting Issues


would I be correct in saying that when you submit the issue (via SM.IssueServices.CreateIssue(MyIssue)) that the MyIssue does not get populated with the new values (such as the Newly created issueID), project code (not projectID) etc. thus after createing the issue, would need to do a get issue on the integer value returned from the createIssue (which i assume is the new issueid?)

Any reason the IssueEN object is not updated with the full issue details?

PS since the issueID is unque accross all projects, why do we need to submit a project ID for GetIssue()?
- i implemented the getIssue() method, but IssueEN.ProjCode is still blank, is this a bug, or will i have to load the project info seperately as well?   


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Yes, you need to get the issue entity back to get it fully populated. Feel free to submit a request to return the populated issue entity after the creation is done instead of the ID.

You have to pass project id for security reasons. I am not sure how you are using GetIssue, but it seems to work fine for us. Did you see the WSE web services sample app?


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Saar Cohen