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Subversion intergration with ubuntu Linux 7.04


Do you have any code samples that can be run on a Linux box (that is where our SVN is hosted)

It appears that the samples provided all run under windows?

What details are needed to pass to the L:inkSourceControlFile.aspx in order to add the files to the gemini project


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Please see section 7.3 on the manual:

7.3 Automatic Integration Basics

Gemini exposes web services and a URL method to allow source control integration.

We also provide a sample VC++ project to allow Gemini to integrate with Microsoft’s

SourceSafe. This can be used to integrate Gemini with any other source control software that

exposes it’s events in a similar manner. Below is the structure of the URL:




These are the URL parameters:

Query String Description

ii Issue ID. The issue ID to associate the file with.

fn File name. The file name to associate.

ac Access Code. You can disable the use of this code in the web.config file.

scr Source Control Repository.

fp File Path. The path of the file (within source control).

on Old Name. This parameter is only used if the issue id is -999. It allows

renaming of a source control file.

Please note that you’ll have to encode the parameters when using the URL option.

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