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· v5.1.1: can't go to project  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· v5.1: can't update Configuration - Options  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· v3.1: Unhandled exception: Begin failed with SQL exception  asked  reply    follow    
· v5.1: Issue types - not all being migrated?  asked      follow    100 points
· v5.1: Associate permission to all projects?  asked      follow    100 points
· Upgraded from 3.1 to 5.1: can't see all open issues  asked  reply    follow    
· v5.1 can't view the site after upgrading  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· v4.2 missing projects on home page  asked      follow    
· Create_views.sql and Create_procs.sql scripts  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· Upgrading from v3.x.x. to latest v5  asked  reply    follow    
· attachment size limit?  asked      follow    
· v3.7.2 Build 2784: Gemini Scheduler service question  asked  reply        
· add new field  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Timeout expired for one particular project  asked  reply      answer  
· v3.1.0: filter by due date  asked  reply        
· v3.7.2: Sometimes don't see (blinking) cursor in the Description box  asked  reply        
· v3.7.2: problem updating the issue description with IE  asked          
· v3.7.2: email alert doesn't work  asked  reply        
· v3.7.2: missing plugins folder  asked          
· v3.7.2: Gemini with FIPS compliant  asked  reply        
· v5.0.2: Unable to validate data  asked  reply        
· v3.7.2: can't see components, resources, etc on the project home page  asked  reply        
· v3.7.2: email alert doesn't work when create new issue  asked  reply        
· v3.7.2: Batch update  asked          
· v3.7.2: RoadMap - resource cannot be found  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Unkown server tag 'gem:externalheader'  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: can't view home page of certain existing gemini project  asked  reply        
· v3.7: Different theme?  asked  reply        
· v3.7: Can't do the Project Backup using the built-in option  asked  reply        
· v3.7: cannot delete projects  asked  reply        
· Fresh install Gemini 3.7 with 3.1 db?  asked  reply        
· Gemini 3.1.0: How to disable a field  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Notification emails shows no Description at all  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: The whole Edit menu is missing  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Reports option don't display some component  asked          
· Link the image on Gemini issue?  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: "View Issue Watcher / Vote" role doesn't work  asked  reply        
· v3.1.3: Cannot open the component with IE6 SP3  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Affected Version ID different but the AffectedVersionNumber (in the same project) are the sa  asked          
· v3.1.0: Batch update for Affected Version field doesn't work  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: filter by affected version  asked          
· v3.5.3: can't export the report?  asked          
· v3.5.3: Error when switch to different project using "Select project" drop down box  asked  reply        
· 3.1.0: Road Map & Change Log  asked  reply        
· 3.1.0: Hyperlink Manager  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.  asked  reply        
· generate monthly report for an individual user  asked          
· "All Issues" link caused the browsers hang on IE7 and Firefox3  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: IE 7 need to login again whenever clicking on a "create issue"  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Can't type in comment box  asked  reply        
· Invalid column name 'statusseq'  asked  reply        
· restore one issue from old gemini system to new gemini system  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Closing Comment option  asked          
· v3.1.0: One component description shows up regardless which component is selected  asked          
· v3.1.0: can't delete "issue type"  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Resolve issue role  asked          
· v3.1.0: How issue administrator and project administrator are different in term of roles/rights?  asked          
· Hide/Disable Issue Visibility Field  asked  reply        
· Issue Visibility set to specific project group  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Session time out ?  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: server rejected the given recipient.  asked          
· v3.1.0: Got error when set default values for a project  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Status drop down menu problem  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Duplicated issue statuses show up on the drop down list when "adding comment"  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Email notifications  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: change date format to mm/dd/yyyy?  asked          
· Upgrade from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1  asked          
· v3.1.0: When click on Comment link, the comment page doesn't load  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: private comments changed to Visible to External Users global group after migrating  asked          
· v3.1.0: can't login to Gemini with Gemini Desktop  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Set language  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: set default value for "comment visibility"  asked          
· v3.1.0: Unexpected Row Count error after clicking the SAVE button  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: fail to delete project  asked  reply        
· v3.1.0: Can't remove members from Project Administrator global group  asked  reply        
· v3.1: error with Gemini web application  asked  reply        
· v3.1: Severity (new field) and Priority field  asked  reply        
· Upgrade to Gemini 3.1 web application portion  asked          
· V3.1: How to change the [1 day = 7hr 30minutes] ?  asked          
· v3.1: Can't enter attributes for selected Version  asked  reply        
· Gemini Exception Manager  asked  reply        
· v3.1: delete security scheme  asked          
· v3.1: benefit of using/setting parent component  asked          
· v3.1: create default assign  asked          
· project administrator is not automatically added as assignable to issues?  asked  reply        
· v3.0.4: Socket connection has been refused by remote host.  asked          
· v3.0.4: in what case we need to configure multiple sites for Gemini Scheduler?  asked          
· What is different between small x (bug icon) and big X (bug icon) Type?  asked  reply        
· What "manage schedule" role can do?  asked          
· Repository Link (V2.0.x) ~ Document link (v3.0.x) <== are they the same?  asked  reply        
· v3.0.4: Manage repository role  asked          
· v3.0.4: Everyone is allowed to delete own comment  asked  reply        
· V2.0.3: How to change the default issue priority?  asked  reply        
· v3.0.4: How to edit Project Group description?  asked          
· v3.0.4: Gemini Administrator cannot add/remove user from Project Groups?  asked  reply        
· Gemini and SourceGear Vault  asked          
· Gemini 3.1beta: Index was outside the bounds of the array.  asked  reply        
· Add resources to existing projects  asked  reply        
· Gemini Visual Studio 2005 Add-in HOW TO  asked  reply        
· (Gemini v2.0.3) - Correct project id reported on issue table, but incorrectedly reported on issuehis  asked          
· Move the components between projects  asked  reply        
· Configure web.config file to point to a database in separate physical SQL server  asked  reply        
· Hardware requirement for Gemini  asked  reply        
· Upgrade from V2.0.3 to v2.2.7  asked  reply        
· Email alerts    reply        
· How to Assign Users per Project    reply        
· Visual Studio 2005 Addin: Cant login to Gemini    reply        
· Why upload document is disable?    reply        
· Blank Page When Creating Issue/ Commenting    reply        
· screen capture usage    reply