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· When you browse a Web site that uses Integrated Authentication and is hosted on IIS 5.1 or IIS 6  asked  reply        
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· Custom reports    reply        
· v3.1.0: filter by affected version    reply        
· Unable to authenticate    reply        
· Localization of custom fields?    reply        
· How to set a default value for a custom field    reply        
· Live demo where I can create and customize projects.    reply        
· Scheduler cannot delete gemini_issuealerts records    reply        
· SMTP Error    reply        
· Gemini API    reply        
· Is SVN integration able to work with a Free Gemini License?    reply        
· Log in problems when using VS 2008 add-on from computer not in Domain and using Windows Authenticati    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.3 - Where is the table?    reply        
· Upgrade to 3.5.4 leads to: Server Error in '/Gemini' Application. Attempted to read or write protect    reply        
· Error Starting Schedular    reply        
· Combo boxes in webpages    reply        
· Field Visibility - same for all issue type    reply        
· Send email to issue creator v3.1.2    reply        
· How to login as admin    reply        
· 1.5.4 error    reply        
· The snap-in does not show languages combo - just shows System.Data.DataRow    reply        
· Can't delete a version on the 'Project Administration > Versions' page    reply        
· Effect of the 'Log Time' security role    reply        
· Importing from Excel/other for Gemini 2.0.1    reply        
· Free-busy reporting    reply        
· Issue history: Project Id instead of name    reply        
· Change Log takes 50 seconds to render    reply        
· Showing 'Time Left' / 'Excess Time' on the issue list.    reply        
· Edit Issue Bug and Request    reply        
· Globally customising "MY Work View".    reply        
· Regarding visibility of comments and history    reply        
· Subprojects impossible ?    reply        
· Why does 'Copy Issue' default the project to the first in the list?    reply        
· Error setting animation value    reply        
· Custom user control is not loading....    reply        
· "Insufficient user rights" when trying to create a new issue    reply        
· Installation Gemini 3.5 on Vista IIS 7.0 SQL Server 2008 Express    reply        
· Deny access to "My Profile"    reply        
· Set Default Configuration    reply        
· Batch update does not save changes    reply        
· Attempted to read or write protected memory.    reply        
· v3.1.0 - Export to Excel contains HTML    reply        
· Issue search yields inconsistent results    reply        
· Could not find a part of the path ...    reply        
· Filter is not used when clicking refresh.    reply        
· Can't assign "add project group member" permissions to project administrator group members    reply        
· Plug in do not show type, Priority, Severity and Status    reply        
· Failed to import Mantis database to Gemini    reply        
· Question: How to View Time Reports for ANY User, Across ALL Projects    reply        
· Default Values for project    reply        
· Log in problems when using VS add-on    reply        
· Problems with Custom Fields    reply        
· Gemini Timetracker 1.5.1 Build 2373    reply        
· Bug: Timer resumes after unlocking workstation, even if timer wasnt start when it was locked    reply        
· Editor    reply        
· Remember me behaviour    reply        
· Time reporting - new feature request    reply        
· tracked time lost if internet connection is lost    reply        
· Screen Order of Fields when Creating Issue    reply        
· Can't see issues in a certain project    reply        
· Formatting do not consistent in Issue Details    reply        
· Remove permission    reply        
· Question about MSN agent    reply        
· unable to login    reply        
· How to save filters in VS2008    reply        
· Offline use of the time tracker    reply        
· Suggestions    reply        
· Gemini Desktop & VS2008 addin are very slow when loading issues    reply        
· set reported by    reply        
· Proxy authentication    reply        
· Add new issues to an existing project using the data import utility    reply        
· Object Reference not set to an instance of an object    reply        
· Time Tracker has .Net RUntime 2.0 Error after installation    reply        
· "Created by" not visible    reply        
· DISREGARD: Unable to connect using VS2008 Add-In or Gemini Desktop    reply        
· Problem with installation    reply        
· Administrator has no rights - Fresh installation    reply        
· Top Level Reporting    reply        
· Time Tracking - Buttons are disabled    reply        
· Time Tracking    reply        
· [Q] Resolution on an Issue    reply        
· Outlook Plugin Install Problem - Vista    reply        
· Changing Status and Resolution in Visual Studio Add-in    reply        
· Login Error Using Plug-Ins    reply        
· Cannot delete users    reply        
· Where do I find or set up the admin login info?    reply        
· How do you delete an import?    reply        
· default Login Details? What are they?    reply        
· Filter forgets custom field selections    reply        
· TimeTracker Login    reply        
· "Exlcude closed issues" on Issue Filter in Desktop Client is greyed out    reply        
· TimeTracker NullReferenceException    reply        
· Import Issues in 3.1    reply        
· VS2005 add-in : Can't open issue depending of regional settings    reply        
· Visual Studio Add-in 2005 - Can't switch projects    reply        
· Missing field description    reply        
· V3.1 Huge tab font in issue view    reply        
· Gemini desktop crashes at startup    reply        
· TimeTracker Login    reply        
· layout of the additional information tab    reply        
· New feature for Gemini Desktop    reply        
· yet another one - unable to login to desktop    reply        
· cannot synch with the web application    reply        
· Visual Studio 2008 Add in problems    reply        
· TimeTracker Addon Issues    reply        
· Outlook Add-on Issues    reply        
· Problems signing in 2    reply        
· VS2008 Plug-in - can't login.    reply        
· Visual Studio 2005 Addin: Cant login to Gemini    reply        
· VS 2008 Plugin - Issues    reply        
· Add-on Login dialog - position of OK button is not ok (in Vista?)    reply        
· GEMINI - Time Tracker Beta 1 - Helpfull features    reply        
· Authentication problem with Gemini Add-On Desktop & Outlook    reply        
· Missing language folder / resource file    reply        
· screen capture usage    reply        
· Login error encountered. Please check username and password.    reply