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Questions (137)

· How can I translate the portal myself ?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How can I put a task as a sub-task and create a task directly as a sub-task ?    reply  comment  follow  answer  100 points
· How do I indent components in Gemini 5?    reply    follow    
· How can I get the default vsibility value to save? (Gemini 5)    reply    follow    
· How could I restore one deleted Issue?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Upgraded from 4.2 to 5 but can't open any projects    reply    follow    
· Emails from Gemini 5    reply    follow    
· Trial install Help Desk project    reply    follow    100 points
· Sending mail to all related persons?    reply    follow    
· Geckoboard json error    reply    follow    100 points
· Sub-items in Gemini issue tracker 4.2.1    reply    follow    
· customer fields in test steps in sentry    reply    follow    
· Templates and Themes not saving    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Installer not responding    reply    follow    
· Projects Migration 2.0.2 -> 4.1    reply    follow    
· import gemini 36 project    reply    follow    
· How can I create subItems in Gemini 5?    reply        
· Firefox adds comments twice    reply        
· Request timeout    reply    follow    100 points
· Email Alerts/Notifications    reply        
· How to set the default font in the text editor?    reply        
· Download Gemini Scheduler Service 4.2    reply        100 points
· Upgraded to 5.0, can't unassign resource    reply        100 points
· Documentation for and examples of email templates    reply      answer  100 points
· How do I delete a project?    reply        
· Add and remove followers    reply      answer  100 points
· Email address in user and under followers    reply      answer  100 points
· Cannot edit Description field even though it has been configured in process-screens-Editing setting    reply      answer  100 points
· custom filter    reply        
· Gemini Desktop: Screen Capture + More    reply  comment      
· Plugin Examples / Security?    reply        
· Gemini 5 API    reply        
· Alternative way to migrate from 4.2.1 to 5    reply        
· Gemini is really slow and keeps timing out!    reply        
· gemini 5 no resources are showing    reply      answer  100 points
· Can I install or upgrade to gemini5 on IIS 5 with winxp installed    reply        
· SVN Integration with v5    reply        
· Integration with MS Projects    reply        
· E-mail Frequency    reply        
· Email Template Customization    reply        
· time tracker?    reply        
· editing the "status" tab    reply      answer  100 points
· Login page reloading again and again    reply        100 points
· How do you search the Community Support site?    reply      answer  100 points
· We have a not for profit licence of Gemini 2.0.5    reply        
· Test Filter Screen    reply        
· Migrate very old version    reply        
· Linking items to test cases    reply        
· Attaching PDF to Help Section    reply        
· Critical Path methodology    reply        
· project visibility to limited users    reply      answer  100 points
· Cannot create a PDF from Roadmap or Change Log    reply        
· Intergration with SourceGear Vault    reply      answer  100 points
· javascript from rich text editor    reply      answer  100 points
· Users from Active directory. How do I set them to my project    reply        
· notification for a specific status change    reply      answer  100 points
· manipulating summary of project    reply      answer  100 points
· custom screens per project?    reply        
· Project Groups in Beta    reply      answer  100 points
· Customizing Beta    reply      answer  100 points
· Can I generate a report for Resolution Progress?    reply      answer  100 points
· running test cases from test plans and in standalone mode    reply      answer  100 points
· Duplication Project Template    reply      answer  100 points
· Reminder before due date    reply        
· Active directory    reply        100 points
· Copy pictures into comments    reply        
· exporting test cases to excel    reply        
· Gemini scheduler service is missing    reply        
· TFS integration install, missing option in check-in policy    reply        100 points
· Gemini 5.0 Upgrade Issue    reply        
· Error when creating new Global Group    reply        
· Default values    reply        
· Setting up default Project alert settings for all users    reply        
· Notification Email Subject Line    reply        
· Hierarchy sub issues not in issueid order    reply        
· Templating Documentation    reply        100 points
· item ID    reply      answer  100 points
· external access    reply        
· change time to your local time    reply      answer  100 points
· Gantt chart features and task hierrachies    reply        
· I created a ticket/item-but i don't see it in project dashboard in the project I created it for    reply        
· Gemini 5 beta release    reply  comment      
· Multiple Scheduler Services on Same Web Server    reply        
· Emails not going out after upgrading from 3.6.5 to 4.2.1    reply        
· Move Gemini instance from Win 2K3 to Win 2K8 R2    reply        
· Sprint Progress Tracking    reply        
· How do I create a burndown chart for my sprint?    reply      answer  100 points
· Converse not picking up e-mails    reply        
· Gantt view empty    reply        
· Why I can't link items to test cases?    reply        
· Is there a way to import Issue Links when Importing issues with Gemini Data import program    reply        
· Suppress customer notification for their own replies    reply        
· Exporting Test Cases from Gemini to Excel/Word    reply        
· Integration with Automation tools    reply        
· Adding Test Parameters in Test Steps    reply        
· Migrating/Importing TFS Team Queries to Gemini    reply        
· too much notifications using mailplugin    reply      answer  100 points
· Importing Test Cases from Excel into Gemini    reply        
· How can I attach a file to a response?    reply        
· Videos Section Usage - Enhancements?    reply      answer  100 points
· Querying a separate database for lists.    reply        
· Client home page - straight to items list    reply        
· Converse - pick up sender's email address    reply        
· auto changing status    reply        
· Several attachments when adding comment to item    reply        
· Notification e-mail template    reply        
· Where is the "issues list"?    reply        
· Some "Howtos" about Time Logging    reply      answer  100 points
· We use 4.2. We like to change the Dutch translation of some items. Is that possible?    reply        
· I would like to Rename "Components" to "Milestones"    reply        
· Gemini on MS SQL Server 2012 Express    reply        
· Converse not picking up incoming emails    reply        
· Converse cannot send - 550 Relaying not allowed    reply      answer  100 points
· Can't import issues via CSV    reply        
· Prioritizing Issues    reply        
· Saving test case filters    reply      answer  100 points
· Hosted Countersoft-how to manage Converse email template    reply      answer  100 points
· We use version 3.6, we would like to use 4.2. I cannot find the releasenotes. Can you hand them to m    reply        125 points
· Change DB under Gemini    reply      answer  100 points
· Get Filtered Issues API call returns too much data    reply        100 points
· LOTS of "302 redirect" in Fiddler when starting desktop client    reply        
· Tying images to Custom Fields    reply      answer  100 points
· Autocomplete does not work when trying to add watcher on issue    reply        
· Attaching/Linking Sharepoint Documents    reply        
· IP appearing in urls : issues when using a proxy    reply      answer  100 points
· SQL Timeout / Custom Field Search via API    reply        
· Does a last modified by or equivalent field exist?    reply        100 points
· Converse throwing exception    reply        100 points
· IE9 and TinyMCE editor bugs    reply        
· Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.    reply      answer  100 points
· How to setup permissions?    reply        
· Batch creation in 4.0?    reply        
· TFS 2010 Plugin    reply        
· Global Timezone    reply        
· Mailbox Processor not processing automaticly        follow    
· Anyone using Windows XP Pro 32-bit and IIS 5.1?        follow    
· export ad hoc report        follow    100 points