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running test cases from test plans and in standalone mode


When I create test cases under test plan and run the test cases from the test plan, an outcome; either passed or failed is displayed for the test cases in the test plan screen. But if I run the tests from test cases (not through test plans), it still shows pending in the test plan. Do I have to run the test cases 2 times if I want to see the same outcome in the test plan?

What I want to see is the outcome shown in all the test plan and test cases, not pending in either one of these, even after I have run the test.

I have attached a file just to give a clear view of what my issue is.

test files.pdf ]
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In Gemini 4 you have to run test cases under a test plan to be able to assign a passed value otherwise the case will stay as pending. You can run a test case out of a test plan but you will not be able to give it a value of passed or failed it will remain as pending.

··· is it resolved in gemini 5?preetyFriday, August 17, 2012, 5:33:58 PM

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