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Copy pictures into comments


Hi When we receive an email relating to an issue, we normally copy these into the related Gemini item. However, when we get a mail with a picture in it, I have to make a screen shot of the image and save it to disk. Then copy the mail in to the comment, then in the comment use the upload manager to , upload the image, after which I can then insert the picture in to the comment. As you can see this is a pain as we receive may such mails a day.

I know that I could just attach the mail as an attachment, but then the users reading the issue, have to keep opening attachments. Is there an easier way to insert images in to comments ?

We are using version 3.7.2 build

best regards Simon

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Upgrade to V4.2.1 and use Converse to automatically issue a ticket for an issue eliminating the need for you to copy the text of an email into a issue in Gemini. With Converse you can also schedule responses and send updates to the sender of the issue. You can also attach an image to the issue created by Converse from within Gemini.

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