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 5      Breeze - Email-to-ticketing
 5.1        Introduction to Breeze
 5.2        Breeze: Queues
 5.3        Breeze: SMTP Servers
 5.4        Breeze: Mailboxes
 5.5        Breeze: Response Templates
 10.2.5           Scheduler Service
 10.8         Notifications
 10.8.1           Project Alerts
 10.8.2           Item Watchers
usage              SMTP and Notifications
admin              Outbound Notifications
converse              Project Mapping
 10.12.8            Alerts API
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Breeze: Mailboxes





To create or maintain a Mailbox in Breeze, navigate to the Customization section from the Customize link in the top right hand section of the menu. Select the Breeze tab and the Mailboxes sub tab (see below).


 Breeze Mailboxes

To create a Mailbox, click on the Add button, you will be prompted to provide:

  • Queue – The Queue to which this Mailbox belongs
  • Name – The name you wish to give the Mailbox
  • Email Address – The email address that this Mailbox processes
  • Authentication Mode – One of: AUTO, APOP, REGULAR or NONE
  • Username and Password – The username and password associated with the email address to be processed
  • Connection Type – POP3 or IMAP
  • Server and Port – The Server and Port on which the mailbox for the email address resides
  • Use SSL – Checkbox to indicate if you use SSL
  • Delete Messages – A checkbox to indicate if messages should be deleted when processed or left on the email server
  • Black List – Blacklisted email addresses, not to be processed
  • No Reply List – Email addresses that should not receive a reply from the Mailbox
  • Subject ‘Like’ Expressions – Regular Expressionsthat the subject line must match for the email to be processed
  • Subject ‘Not Like’ Expressions – Regular Expressions that the subject line must not match for the email to be processed
  • Content Replacement Match Expressions – Regular Expressions that will result in content being replaced
  • Content Truncation Match Expressions – Regular Expressions that will result in the email being truncated
  • Strip Signature – If checked Breeze will use its algorithms to strip the signature from the inbound email before creating an item in Gemini
  • Ignore Attachments – If checked Breeze will not add attachments from the email to the item in Gemini
  • Alert Template – A Breeze Response Template for responding to the email sender
  • SMTP Server – A previously configured SMTP Server
  • Project – A field to let you override the project set at the Queue level

Click Save to create the Mailbox.


When the Mailbox is saved Gemini will attempt to validate that it exists and is accessible. If there is a problem with the technical configuration you may get a message like the example shown below.

Breeze Mailbox Validation Msg

Sample error message from Gemini’s attempt to validate the SMTP server in Breeze configuration

To maintain the Name, Email Address or Server values you can click in the appropriate field and use Gemini’s inline editing to easily and instantly change the field value. To edit every field, click on the Edit icon edit icon . To delete a Mailbox, click on the Delete delete icon icon to the right of the screen. You will be prompted to confirm the action and allowed to proceed or abort.

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