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 5      Breeze - Email-to-ticketing
 5.1        Introduction to Breeze
 5.2        Breeze: Queues
 5.3        Breeze: SMTP Servers
 5.4        Breeze: Mailboxes
 5.5        Breeze: Response Templates
 10.2.5           Scheduler Service
 10.8         Notifications
 10.8.1           Project Alerts
 10.8.2           Item Watchers
usage              SMTP and Notifications
admin              Outbound Notifications
converse              Project Mapping
 10.12.8            Alerts API
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Breeze: Queues


Queues exist at the highest level of email processing in Breeze. They are aggregators of emails from one or more Mailboxes.


To create or maintain a Queue in Breeze, navigate to the Customization section from the Customize link in the top right hand section of the menu. Select the Breeze tab and the Queues sub tab (see below).

Breeze - Queue Navigation


To create a Queue, click on the Add button, you will be prompted to provide:


  • Name – The name you wish to give the Queue
  • Description – A description of the queue
  • Color – A color by which the Queue will be known
  • Active – A checkbox that allows you to easily activate and deactivate a Queue
  • Project – A default project that items processed by this Queue will be added to

Click Save to create the Queue.

To maintain the Name, Description or Color value, click in the appropriate field and use Gemini’s inline editing to easily and instantly change the field value. To delete a Queue, click on the Delete delete icon icon to the right of the screen. You will be prompted to confirm the action and allowed to proceed or abort.

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