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· Filters: # limit of selected components in the filter  asked  reply        
· could not resolve property: IssueStatusAscen of: CounterSoft.Gemini.Commons.IssueEN  asked  reply        
· load balancing  asked  reply        
· required issue fields  asked  reply        
· RAD Editor Control: context menu items truncated  asked          
· GEMINI 3.0.4: sql timeout  asked  reply        
· gantt sunday and saturday  asked  reply        
· empty excel from "All projects issue reporting"  asked          
· estimateddays are not considered  asked  reply        
· "Add issue comment (optional)" when edit issue  asked  reply        
· field visibility not applied to "my watched issue"  asked          
· F5 after logtime, doubles entry of time  asked          
· Where is my watch closed issue ?  asked  reply        
· Print friendly (full) and field visibility  asked          
· Portal mode issue  asked  reply        
· scheduler send empty email  asked  reply        
· scheduler and memory leak  asked  reply        
· Access to the path is denied: c:\gemini_smtp_log.txt  asked  reply        
· Wrong "My Work"  asked  reply        
· Scheduler: application event error  asked  reply        
· Email alerts always sended  asked  reply        
· Wrong Excess Time  asked  reply        
· Images not present on issues text after migration from 226 to 302  asked  reply        
· Behavior on custom field displayed into issue filter  asked          
· Issue filter search only whole value on custom field  asked          
· behavior with custom field issue filter  asked  reply        
· commons dll 1979 version into services 3.0.2 zip !!!  asked  reply        
· a different object with the same identifier error on save issue workflow  asked          
· Request timed out on visibility scheme edit  asked  reply        
· json error on add user to security scheme  asked  reply        
· logout and http 404 error: the resource cannot be found  asked  reply        
· Project Administration > Insufficient user rights  asked          
· Does Issue filter work ?  asked  reply        
· Suggestion: others fields visibility  asked  reply        
· Visibility schemes not apply on some fields  asked  reply        
· Create Project > Lead is not refreshed w/ users  asked  reply        
· Issue Workflow > Default workflow not migrated correctly  asked          
· Wrong number of projects on users after migration  asked  reply        
· SMTP Authentication Password: not migrated  asked  reply        
· Shift-Tab not active  asked  reply        
· System.Web.Extensions (aka AJAX) do not exist  asked          
· running errors on upgrade_v3-0-step1  asked  reply        
· warning schema script create_tables  asked          
· Webservice Manual ?  asked          
· Missing Days in Work Estimate (3.0.4)    reply