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Questions (31)

· BeforeUpdate / IIssueBeforeListener is triggered twice  asked  reply    follow    
· Assembly mismatch  asked  reply  comment  follow    
· read customfields through API  asked  reply    follow    
· events not triggered  asked  reply    follow    
· Writing entries to system log  asked      follow    100 points
· Apps-tab missing in /configure after upgrading to v5.1.5.3639  asked  reply    follow    
· Standarsd Email-alerts versus Breeze  asked      follow    
· Breeze - inbound and outbound mails  asked      follow    
· Plugins  asked      follow    
· Creating filters by API  asked  reply    follow    
· Size-differences in dll's  asked      follow    
· Error when upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2  asked  reply    follow  answer  
· Converse add-on for Gemini  asked      follow    
· visibility  asked  reply    follow    
· latest version of Gemini API is missing (3136)  asked  reply    follow    
· Editing emailtemplates  asked      follow    
· using the serviceManager within a plugin  asked      follow    
· Missing projects after update  asked  reply    follow    
· I need to download previous versions of gemini, is that possible  asked      follow    
· Upgrade by use of webpi  asked          
· signed encrypted mail  asked  reply        
· Getting all issues related to a project  asked  reply        
· How do I assign an issue to a user through API ?  asked          
· When creating an issue through API - how do I specify the component ?  asked          
· MailMachine for Gemini now supports sending out summaries/reminders  asked  reply        
· Gemama - enables full mail-based lifecycle of issues in Gemini.  asked          
· Developing of plugins  asked  reply        
· Cannot install Gemini Outlook Add-on on windows 7  asked  reply        
· IIS authentication issue & REST api    reply        
· Automatic ticket creation via Email    reply        
· Email Alert at Due Date    reply