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Editing emailtemplates



Im having a really weired issue Editing emailtemplates.

Whatever I do in the folder /templates/mail have nove effect whatsoever ? Ive tried renaming the folder deleting the files deleting content etc - with no effect at all.

Furthermore the versionnumber in the footer "This message was automatically generated by Gemini v3.7.0 Build 2711" is wrong - we're using "v4.1.0 (build 3106)".

I have verified that im in the correct sitefolder - by editing the web.config in the parentfolder of /template. The links in the emails are pointing to the correct site.

please advice - Im really confused about this .

Kind regards Morten

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It might be because the scheduler service is installed and is sending alerts. Can you check what is you email alert engine in the Administration -> Notifications page?

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing