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Mark Wing

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· Sharing a planner view    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Custom SLA reports    reply    follow    
· Story Display Default Settings    reply    follow    
· Adding multi attachments custom field    reply    follow    
· icons in the template where not shown    reply    follow    
· Comments with email history in Breeze    reply    follow    
· BeforeUpdate / IIssueBeforeListener is triggered twice    reply    follow    
· Item creator can't view item    reply        
· Unable to log time    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Visibility field    reply    follow    
· System error at each startup of Gemini    reply    follow    
· Custom reporting fields (last Modified date, last status modified date, parent/child)?    reply    follow    
· Custom Reports independent of current View + Access    reply    follow    
· Setting Related Item works from one direction but not the other    reply        
· 1 hour substracted from timeentrydate?    reply    follow    
· Assembly mismatch    reply    follow    
· upgrade v4.2 to v5.1.5    reply    follow    
· From address in comment field    reply    follow    
· Plus button for fields not showing up    reply      answer  100 points
· Bad words    reply    follow    
· Database upgrade failed - table already exists    reply    follow    
· Copying a task doesn't apply set permissions.    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5.1.5 DisplayItemId Error on System Log    reply    follow    
· Rename the "due date" field?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Email Address Format    reply    follow    
· How to protect database during Gemini upgrade?    reply    follow    
· Time rollup    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Import estimated time    reply    follow    
· Prevent item editing for certain workflow status    reply    follow    
· CSV    reply    follow    
· Who Can Set Comment Visibility    reply      answer  100 points
· Customize the ticket info in the planner    reply        
· Email your changes    reply        
· How to group time types over different project templates?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Duplicating a template in Gemini 5    reply    follow    
· Editing the name of existing taps    reply    follow    
· Screens - Field Follower is not shown in Create screen    reply    follow    
· Setting up project default value end to SQL error    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5.1.5 - Error Message received    reply  comment  follow    
· defaults are not shown    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini 5.1.5 Attachment Disappeared after Edit in Custom Field    reply    follow    
· can i set the actual date as default value?    reply    follow    
· Update CustomField Closed Item    reply    follow    
· How does a follower only see tickets that they are following?    reply    follow    
·  Gemini 5.1.5 Adding Dependencies    reply    follow    
· Support for Version 4    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· E-mail Body Empty    reply      answer  100 points
· Sentry License    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Ordering Test Cases    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· SVN checking questions    reply    follow    
· Test Migration from v4 to v5    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5.1.5 Search Closed Ticket    reply    follow    
· Email Issues    reply    follow    
· How easy is it to upgrade from 5.1.3 to 5.1.5 - and what are benefits    reply    follow    
· Can a sprint span multiple projects?    reply    follow    
· read customfields through API    reply        
· Access Denied in Breeze Outlook Plugin    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Attachments in Email reply    reply    follow    
· Visibility in Email Reply field    reply    follow    
· How can you display the Issue number / reference in the Project Grid    reply    follow    
· Possible to migrate configuration or data    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Timeline for all projects    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· connecting two custom fields    reply    follow    
· Collapse comments    reply    follow    
· Amend comment from other users (gemini 5)    reply    follow    
· Setting up "repeat rules" on tasks - Gemini v5.1.3.3606    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Stay in item after creating (gemini 5)    reply    follow    
· Where do I find project attributes?    reply    follow    
· Is there any plugin for NetBeans?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Find all usable variables    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5 Item Update - MethodNotAllowed    reply    follow    
· Where is Components Affected in v5?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· TFS Plugin does not work after upgrade.    reply    follow    100 points
· events not triggered    reply        
· How to use status colors?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Breeze - Email-to-Ticket with screen captures    reply    follow    
· License Expired!    reply    follow    
· Use of License for New Instance    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Apps-tab missing in /configure after upgrading to v5.1.5.3639    reply    follow    
· Reports icon in "Stories" view    reply    follow    
· Are there reports available like the item reports with hours/ time?    reply    follow    
· Customize naming    reply    follow    
· Can't open item from the planner view    reply    follow    
· Upgrades and backup    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· backup    reply    follow    
· Breeze License, Aborting    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Using time report for billings    reply    follow    
· error ussing SSL pop3    reply    follow    
· Upgrade 3.x to 5.x    reply    follow    
· Grouping Existing Item    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Project version number gone in gemini 5    reply    follow    
· Editing items    reply    follow    
· Breeze - inbound and outbound mails    reply    follow    
· Performance Issues    reply    follow    
· Telerik Test Studio Integration    reply    follow    
· Stream Service Alert Process Error Unexpected character    reply    follow    
· More email alert with gemini 5    reply    follow    100 points
· SVN Connector - support for multiple ID in single commit?    reply    follow    100 points
· Email alerts in Gemini 5    reply    follow    
· System log displays nothing    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· When move items between projects, content in custom fields are lost    reply    follow    
· Slow performance when adding dependencies and related items    reply    follow    
· GEMINI 5.1.3: Unable to save changes for items in a project    reply    follow    
· Newly created users are not getting email alerts when their account is initially created    reply    follow    
· How to Delete a User    reply    follow    
· How can I add bunch of test cases in one test plan?    reply    follow    
· ServiceManager.Admin.WhoAmI throws exception in TestApi sample application    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: No Gant Charts - what version of MS Project Required    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: showing Timeline makes our server unusable    reply    follow    100 points
· REST API: always getting 404    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini Subversion Connector - user name doesn't appear in comments (bug or feature?)    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini Subversion Connector and lot of repositories    reply    follow    
· Gemini Subversion Connector 5.1.3 doesn't add comments    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5.1.3 - issues after upgrading from 5.1.2    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5.1.3 Upgrade Issues from 4.2.1    reply    follow    
· How to manipulate the filter options?    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: How can i notify (email) a specific resource.    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5.1.3: Unhandled exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object    reply    follow    
· Create resources as reference    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5.1.3: Unhandled exception: An item with the same key has already been added    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5.1.3: Time Reporting    reply    follow    
· Can Gemini Be Installes on IIS v6    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Can´t run samples or my own app    reply    follow    100 points
· Print one item from the item view    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· turn off black red welcome tips    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Can I see all my tasks cross-project in the Calendar?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Status of a defect    reply    follow    
· How do I delete attachments on an item?    reply    follow    
· Upgrade to 5.1.3.XXXX    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Alternative to GetPagedFilteredIssues    reply    follow    
· gemini 5.1.3 Saucery App won't work    reply    follow    
· Default Watcher Notification Alert Template    reply      answer  100 points
· Question on licensing    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini5: PDF icon?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How to enable comments on task    reply    follow    
· Not getting email alerts Gemini v5.1.2.3579    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini 3.5.3 add ons (outlook/desktop/etc...) download    reply    follow    
· Download link to Scheduler Service V4.0.0    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: Error Message in Email    reply    follow    
· Import from excel    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· where can i get the free licence?    reply    follow    
· How do I update the license information on the new Gemini 5?    reply    follow    
· Mandatory fields    reply    follow    
· Printing to PDF    reply    follow    
· Main screen in Projects    reply    follow    
· Project default screen vs. custom issue views    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· project related email notifications    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Custom Fields    reply    follow    
· What MS Outlook capabilities arte available?    reply    follow    
· What is the cost for hosted verse internal ?    reply    follow    
· How is Gemini compatiable with Visual Studio?    reply    follow    
· Is Gemini available for Open Source, and if so please provide details?    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Unhandled exception: 'The file ... already exists'    reply    follow    
· source control integration    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: We receive "Gemini App Error" email    reply    follow    
· GitHub/Gemini integration not working    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini Event Apps    reply      answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: Encoding issue in Timeline    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5 Plugin Tutorial    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· After customising the system with processes I am getting a Unhandled Exception Error    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini API Time Export    reply    follow    
· On Demand - Custom Excel reporting    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: how to add pictures to the description    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· recover deleted ticket    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Email alert Issue    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· What permission is needed to see the "Customize" button?    reply    follow    
· Problem navigating from    reply  comment  follow  answer  100 points
· Issues with Gemini 4.2.1    reply    follow    
· Possible to filter on custom field values?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini caching    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· GEMINI 4 Add Ons    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· gemini not working    reply    follow    
· The 'load template' link is not working    reply        
· Custom Field values not showing    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do I add a related item to another item in Gemini 5    reply    follow    100 points
· Subversion integration: Server, Client or Both?    reply    follow    125 points
· Outlook plugin: select destination project on the fly    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· time totals for a bunch of items in a list    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: DotNetNuke module?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· dialogue "Add Time Log": resizing not possible    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· "Item Key" missing when viewing an item    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· status workflow broken after moving an item to another project    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· AppNav cards: notification problems with multiple projects-cards    reply    follow    
· planner: no gain from collapsing    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· planner: exceptions when adding/editing/moving items    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Themes    reply    follow  answer  125 points
· Active Directory Not Syncing    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Error Message for Alert Templates    reply    follow    
· Scheduler service not working    reply    follow    
· Can import the first 30 rows from Excel, then get error    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini Stream service cannot connect to Gemini Web Application due to authentication issues    reply        100 points
· Gemini 5: @Html.Raw() does not work with Stream service    reply      answer  100 points
· Dynamic refresh of dropdown list    reply    follow    
· Cannot import a column entitled "Comments"    reply    follow    
· Only two "Affected Version" visible in dropdown at one time    reply    follow    
· Error when lauching the following reports in Gemini 4.2.1 :    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: please allow to close editor by pressing the Esc    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Assigning project templates not working after upgrading from 4.2 to 5.1    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Is there any way I can change the date format in Gemini from the American style to the British style    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Encoding error    reply        100 points
· Rapid Planner    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Custom fields in viewing mode    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: Error Message    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Choosing resource - cannot use keyboard to filter    reply    follow    
· Gemini v4.2.1 item assignment issue to multiple resources    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Is it possible to create sub-issue from the issue page?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: Always send alerts to selected users (support team)    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Reports only works for Admin users    reply    follow    
· Gemini Time Tracking    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Users registered via their Google account are not assigned to Default Groups    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Bulk Update Custom Fields    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: Pinned cards: bug or feature?    reply    follow    100 points
· Planner Security Bug    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5: Email alerts on comments doesn't work    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini 5: Bulk update - how to select items?    reply    follow  answer  125 points
· Gemini 5 Permissions    reply    follow    
· Import from Excel is not importing all columns    reply    follow    100 points
· Bulk delete all items in a project    reply        100 points
· Gemini 5: Project Dashboard    reply    follow    
· Project title missing from blue header    reply    follow    
· Cannot log time currently    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· A workflow status is not in Bulk update    reply    follow    
· Countersoft Gemini Active Directory Process error    reply        
· New Comment or Status Change Email Alert    reply      answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: Permanent links to issue from Gemini 4.2 doesn't work    reply      answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: Automated email to Issue creator    reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini Application Exception    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Auto-Follower?    reply        
· Breeze and Hosted Exchange 2010    reply    follow    
· Gemini Install: 4.0 to 5.2 Missing Database Objects    reply    follow    
· Directory Listing Denied    reply        100 points
· Constraint error on project delete    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5.1.1 - released version appearing when editing an issue    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Import template    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· User Images    reply    follow    
· Email Changelog    reply    follow    
· Upgrade from 4.1.0 to 5.1    reply    follow  answer  125 points
· Unable to view linked issues option    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Stream service - log level    reply        
· Update installed version from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2    reply        100 points
· Error is reported when user send e-mail with empty body    reply    follow    
· Does SourceSafe integration work with Gemini 5?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How to move items to a different project?    reply    follow    
· Only one repeated issue?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Purpose of Default Landing Page?    reply    follow    
· Due date - default    reply    follow    
· Breeze - followers    reply    follow    100 points
· Task created by Breeze - display Sender    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Batch updates in Gemini 5    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· external setting of custom fields    reply    follow    
· Change default alert e-mail templates    reply    follow    
· SVN commit problem with version 5.1    reply        
· Cannot add comments while creating a new issue    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do I export out a time report?    reply    follow    
· Items creation fields    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Projects Page as Default    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· MS Project Connector    reply    follow    
· Rename Components and Version    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Role Based Resolution    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Gemini 5: Click on a Duplicate link and a new window pops up    reply    follow    
· Defining default values    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· What encoding do you use?    reply    follow    
· Want to run a query to select custom field picker from another database    reply    follow    
· Checklist attribute    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Report on Ticket Status over a date range    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Can't edit fields in list view    reply    follow    
· Rename Title and modify description    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· I get "Error 1" when I try to import a CSV file    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Add followers shows inactive users    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do I get the Planning, Activity, etc. menu items available across ALL projects    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Is there a way to change the number sceme for IssueId    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Custom fields lost during migration to Gemini 5    reply        
· Icons not displaying in the intranet    reply    follow    
· Can Gemini 5 display the upload date of documents in Document folders?    reply        
· Regression testing Sentry    reply    follow    
· Change Avatar in 5.1?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Test Runner Ids when doing a test run in Gemini 5    reply    follow    
· Running the Test Runner on a test case in Gemini 5    reply    follow    
· Gemini v5.2 target release date    reply    follow    
· v5.1.1: can't go to project    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Copy Components from one project to another    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5.1 Affected Systems / Business Area / Business System field data    reply    follow    
· Gemini 5.1 Creating SQL drop list custom fields    reply    follow    
· Make Resource and Creater automatically followers    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Synchronize TFS Work Items with Gemini    reply    follow    
· How do I restore the SENTRY template    reply    follow    
· save templates and security schemes when migrating    reply    follow    
· pre-requisit for deleting user    reply    follow    
· sorting issues' item    reply    follow    
· searching for project's access option    reply    follow    
· View project only.    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How can I remove a dependency?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Changing Component and Version Nomenclature in Project Template    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Why can't I bulk Update Items from Complete to Closed in v5?    reply    follow    
· v5.1: can't update Configuration - Options    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Where is the API documentation    reply    follow    
· Will Gemini search attached documents    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do you amend / add to areas on an item    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How can I import some issues from a .csv file into Gemini ?    reply    follow    100 points
· Install on Server 2012 - No static content working    reply    follow    
· v5.1: Associate permission to all projects?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Upgraded from 3.1 to 5.1: can't see all open issues    reply    follow    
· Filter by reported by in V5    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· importing .txt or .csv file results in error in gemini 5    reply        
· How to import Gemini issues / Tickets into TFS 2010 work items?    reply    follow    
· Geckoboard for custom fields    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· V5 spell check    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· UpdateIssue error - 100 is an unexpected token error    reply    follow    
· v4.2 missing projects on home page    reply    follow    
· Is there a way to make an item field a required field?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Force password change    reply        
· Install Version 5/5.1 on the same server of versione 4.2.1    reply    follow    100 points
· project creation in Gemini 5    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Licensed User Error Message    reply    follow    100 points
· Default Project    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Cannot access screens    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· export ad hoc report    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do I indent components in Gemini 5?    reply    follow    
· When I attempt to delete a type, it doesn't delete.    reply    follow    
· GIT Hub addon    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do you filter out planner columns that belong to other processes?    reply    follow    125 points
· Geckoboard json error    reply        100 points
· Installer not responding    reply    follow    
· Edit Privelege    reply    follow    
· Where is the document management inside Gemini 5?    reply    follow    
· How can I list all Items that have test cases asssigned?    reply    follow    
· Anyone using Windows XP Pro 32-bit and IIS 5.1?    reply        
· Multiple AppNav cards for the same project dont work!    reply        100 points
· Request timeout    reply        100 points
· Are all browsers (safari, ie, firefox,chrome) supported?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Email Alerts/Notifications    reply        
· Removed all users from Gemini Administrators Gobal Group (me also)    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Download Gemini Scheduler Service 4.2    reply      answer  100 points
· Upgraded to 5.0, can't unassign resource    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· ERROR 500 DURING THE INSTALLATION OF GEMINI 5    reply    follow    
· API Documentation    reply    follow    
· Login failed for user 'IIS APPPOOL\Gemini'    reply      answer  100 points
· Upgrading from v3.x.x. to latest v5    reply        
· displaying outcome (pass/fail) of a test plan in the screen (grid format)    reply        
· duplicate template results in a closed status    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Where is API sample/dlls?    reply    follow    
· Server Name    reply    follow    
· Can't set a Custom Field as a Multi-Select List    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· No email notifications for 3 weeks    reply    follow    
· When I attempt to add an item, I click create but nothing happens.    reply    follow    
· Gemini Desktop: Screen Capture + More    reply    follow    
· Missing Gemini.Business from the API download    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Office 2013 + 2010 support    reply    follow    
· Drop and drop is not working (right click either)    reply        100 points
· Gemini 5 and TFS 2010 and VS2010 Plugins    reply    follow    
· Issue with upgrading 4.2 to 5.0    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Unrequested Email Alerts    reply    follow    
· Login page reloading again and again    reply      answer  100 points
· How can I limit access into a project ?    reply    follow    
· How do I create a burndown chart for my sprint?    reply    follow    100 points
· Converse not picking up e-mails    reply        
· Does Gemini keep a record of notification emails?    reply        
· Sort components by name    reply    follow    
· Use of numeric fields with currency values    reply    follow    
· Moved database to a new server but can't change full gemini URL path    reply    follow    
· Login to web    reply    follow    
· next version of gemini    reply    follow    
· Gemini test Environment Issue    reply    follow    
· Missing Created Statuses when trying to edit Item on the Items List    reply    follow    
· How do I change email links which refer to demo version rather than live version    reply    follow    
· Upgrading database to SQL Server 2008R2    reply    follow    
· Giving client access to view all issues    reply    follow    
· TestRail Plugin    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Item status to comment screen    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed...    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Timestamp History On Status Change    reply    follow    
· Hiding Time Logs from Clients Only    reply    follow    
· Can not turn off notifications    reply    follow    
· put outdated issues in 1 x all on closed    reply    follow    
· Unexpected token from GetIssue    reply    follow    
· What do the custom field definition checkboxes "Show Inline" and "Is Active" do?    reply    follow    
· sprint management in gemini    reply    follow    
· IE9 and TinyMCE editor bugs    reply    follow    
· Is there a way to have the date represented dd/MMM/yyyy    reply    follow    
· Mailbox Processor not processing automaticly    reply    follow    
· Email notifications    reply    follow    
· Items grid graphical refresh bug    reply  comment  follow    100 points
· can I run this in the cloud    reply    follow    
· Missing accept button on delete dialog    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· multiple email notifications after upgrading from 3.6 to 3.7    reply    follow    
· UsersService.GetUsers throws Exception    reply    follow    
· Documents, filenames are urlencoded    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· <NOBODY> in assigned resource selection    reply    follow    
· Converse not picking up, Mailbox Processor Socket Exception    reply    follow    100 points
· project summary: scrollbars on the left = weird. why?    reply    follow    
· 4.2.1 Icons not displaying in IE9 (Type, Priority, Severity)    reply        
· Prioritizing Product Backlog    reply    follow    
· Gemini 2.2.6 -> 4.2.1 Issue    reply    follow    
· How can we import items into Gemini?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How can I get, using API, all the TestCases for a particular project?    reply    follow    
· Email into ticket problem POP3    reply        
· Removed all users from    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Problem adding new item    reply  comment  follow  answer  100 points
· Is there a way to undelete an issue    reply    follow    
· Microsoft Project Plug-in saved filters    reply    follow    
· Email notifications stopped working when they used to be fine    reply    follow    
· Need version affected field to be required    reply    follow    
· RSS feed customization - to show only completed issues    reply    follow    
· Possibility to change the order of the custom fields in new item creation screen    reply    follow    
· How to set task dependencies, or logical relationships in Gemini?    reply    follow    
· Deleting a user does not work    reply    follow    
· How can you find answers?    reply    follow    
· Custom field at the items filters    reply    follow    
· How do I uninstall Converse completely?    reply    follow    
· DB service account permissions    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Upgraded to paid subscription and now a user error    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Integration between Team Foundation Explorer plugin for Eclipse?    reply    follow    
· Inline editing for custom field of type "rich textbox" not working    reply    follow    
· User Pricing    reply    follow    
· Automatically assign resource at status change    reply    follow    
· User Roles and Permissions    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Edit Severity    reply    follow    
· TFS 2010 Gemini Check-In Policy : Cant Install PlugIn    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Additive Licenses?    reply    follow    
· Gemini has stopped sending email: Version - 2.1.1    reply    follow    
· TFS 2010 Gemini Check-In : Source Control dont registry check-in    reply    follow    
· UsersService.GetUsers    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Assigned issues to a specific user    reply    follow    
· New Status not showing up    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· When is next Gemini Version going to be available?    reply    follow    
· Error adding comment - Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.gemini_watchissues' with uniqu    reply        100 points
· Gemini Issue Comment Attachment (API/VB.net)    reply    follow    
· TFS 2010 Gemini Check-In Policy : Which user ?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· TFS 2010 Gemini Check-In Policy : Improvement    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How to allow users / developers (not managers) to manage own logs time ?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Time Reports for clients    reply    follow    
· Ressource Items Allocation Report won't show    reply  comment  follow    
· Documentation of Reporting features and capabilities    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Performance problem main.aspx    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Fields    reply    follow    
· Converse with 3 users free evaluation    reply  comment  follow    
· Performance issues page    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· VisualSVN integration problem    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Converse and notifications    reply    follow    
· This exception is occuring when starting the Gemini Scheduler Service. Any ideas?    reply    follow    
· Converse not picking up    reply    follow    
· Using Story Points    reply    follow    
· Cannot restore from version: 4.2    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Deleted issue    reply    follow    
· Gemini:User has access to one project for entering time but cannot enter in the other project    reply    follow    
· SBS 2011 Install - A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected    reply        
· How do you restore the Gemini database?    reply    follow    
· Scheduler service error    reply        
· Wrong order for Percent Complete column    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Is TSVN integration working with subversion 1.7?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Send request thru email    reply        
· How do I change the contents of the email for updated tickets    reply    follow    
· Changed by in emails    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How to customize 'Summary' screens?    reply    follow    
· URL changing problem in Scheduler    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Countersoft Gemini Data Import    reply    follow    
· 5.0 release roadmap    reply    follow    
· The plugin Snagit Capture don't work    reply    follow    
· What existing images can i use in creating an item type?    reply    follow    
· How to share items between two managers ?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Countersoft Gemini Outlook Addin: synchronization interval    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Email notification settings    reply    follow    
· Is there a way to get a time report across projects    reply    follow    
· Issue with Exporting and Printing    reply    follow    
· Issue email sender add to watcher    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· API Newtonsoft.Json dll mismatch    reply    follow    
· Is there any way of importing items/tasks/issues into Gemini other than using Patterns and API?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Reordering Converse Fields    reply    follow    
· Editing the "Source"    reply    follow    
· Created item via API but it doesnt show in issue list    reply    follow    
· Unable to setup Converse plug-in    reply        
· External Users - add fields to users -add fields to new item under help desk    reply    follow    
· Can TFS Work Items be imported into Gemini?    reply    follow    
· Change workflow under existing project    reply    follow    100 points
· Image links contained in "Issues" are broken after Upgrade from 3.7 to 4.0    reply      answer  100 points
· Strange behavior of Converse module and Gmail IMAP folders    reply    follow    
· After update to Gemini 4.2.1 -> Error message, when we change the project attributes    reply    follow    
· SQL Server Timeout, when I click on a project issue summary.    reply    follow    
· Is there any way to display parent component in item page or items list?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Maximum Length of Custom Field is not enforced on edit screens    reply  comment  follow    
· Broken email links after changing Full Gemini URL    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Copying test cases between projects    reply    follow    
· Gemini Issue Links    reply    follow    
· Gemini release dates    reply    follow    
· Time remaining and the burndown chart    reply    follow    
· In Version 3.7.3, I cannot remove some fields    reply        
· DNN module doesn't work on DNN 6.1.2    reply    follow    
· Authorised By    reply    follow    
· Change date format in the web interface    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· What is the role of Full Gemini URL?    reply  comment  follow  answer  100 points
· Don't want to receive alerts when I'm the one who created or updated an item    reply    follow    
· Receiving multiple (exact) email alerts    reply        
· View effective permissions    reply    follow    
· Heirarchy and sub-items    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Converse Not Sending    reply    follow    100 points
· Home and Projects tabs are not showing after logon    reply    follow    
· Multiple rules over one mailbox    reply    follow    
· How do I get status field to be enabled?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Enable all reports on all projects    reply      answer  100 points
· Issueid not the same between source Gemini and target gemini hosted env    reply    follow    
· Reporting a minor bug    reply    follow    
· Schedule is getting an OutOfMemoryException    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Uploading large file attachment to comment using Gemini API    reply    follow    
· Gemini 4.1 SSL and Scheduler    reply    follow    
· Having a Problem Adding Severity Filter to side menu    reply    follow    
· Version progress chart problem    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Trying to add custom fields to "All projects issue reporting"    reply    follow    
· File attachment is in a different format or corrupted    reply    follow    
· How to load attachments using excel on data import tool    reply    follow    100 points
· Where is the burndown chart?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Windows authentication with TFS Check-In Policy plugin    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· 'source' field not showing up on Create Task Screen    reply    follow    
· Best Practice Advice: How to handle re-opened issues w/ SLAs    reply    follow  answer  125 points
· User didn't see his own item with 'Only View Own Items' permission    reply        100 points
· Why do non-required custom fields get the first value in the list if the user doesn't select one?    reply        100 points
· Invalid Gemini URL when attempting to connect with desktop utility    reply    follow    
· We have created some custom fields that we would like to report on. Is this possible? If so, how?    reply    follow    
· Change Item order in hierarchy?    reply    follow    125 points
· Plugin broken moving from 4.1.1 to 4.2.1    reply    follow    
· Everyone and everyone authenticated    reply    follow    
· Documentation on creating custom reports    reply  comment  follow  answer  100 points
· Release notes for from version 3.5.1 to 4.2    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Active Directory integration issue    reply        100 points
· Email notifications contain broken links to images    reply    follow    
· Migrating data to a hosted Gemini system    reply    follow    
· Scheduler not sending mails    reply    follow    
· Eclipse plugin    reply    follow    
· Is there a way to include the history of a task in Print Full?    reply    follow    
· Gemini Search Keywords and options    reply    follow    
· How to fix the editor?    reply    follow    
· How do I get an amended user/quick guide for 4.1 release?    reply    follow    
· Parent item in the Item List View    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Time logging - First day on the calender    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Delete just own logged time    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Logging time - Hide work estimate filed    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How do you sychronize Gemini calendar with your 2007 Outlook calendar?    reply    follow    
· CreatePartialIssue with CustomFieldData    reply    follow    
· Documents viewer    reply    follow    
· Upload Multiple Attachments - Gemini v4.0    reply    follow    
· How do I make fixed in version required?    reply        
· Extended steps fields?    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Is it possible to sort the item view by multi columns?    reply    follow    
· Only close own issue    reply    follow    
· SVN connector problem when Gemini is installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2    reply    follow    
· Grouping Customer, projects and subprojects    reply    follow    
· clearing emails    reply    follow    
· blank emails    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Problems adding watchers in Firefox 9.0.1 Windows 7 64bit    reply    follow    
· email templates    reply    follow    100 points
· TeamCity and Gemini    reply  comment  follow    
· Source code 4.2    reply    follow    
· SVN Connector - Permission error when AddIssueSourceCodeFileLink = True    reply      answer  100 points
· SVN Integration - Setting SVN project properties    reply    follow    
· MIME types handled wrong    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Can the automated numbering of test case ID's be changed?    reply    follow    
· Permissions needed for API GetUsers    reply        
· Visibility change displays number instead of group names    reply    follow    
· Invalid Gemini Url    reply    follow    100 points
· Traceability when viewing a bug which was raised from a failed test case step.    reply    follow    
· precise instruction for IIS Express    reply    follow    
· Report Fails, when date fields are the parameters    reply    follow    
· How to copy administration set up from test platform    reply    follow    
· empty IssueCustomFieldData on IssueCreated    reply    follow    
· Rights to see a custom created report    reply    follow    
· When searching all items and all projects I get SQL time-out error    reply    follow    
· Alter size of New Item>Component Affected listbox    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Resource allocation accross projects and preventing overload.    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Creating filters by API    reply    follow    
· How can we upgrade from v3.6.3 Build 2590 to v4.2    reply    follow    
· Time Detail in Time Report    reply    follow    
· Partner companies    reply    follow    
· unable to add issues    reply    follow    
· converse    reply        
· Moving between projects    reply    follow    
· "canned responses" to close issues    reply    follow    
· Exception when adding comment    reply    follow    
· How to change component of a task.    reply    follow  answer  100 points
· GetFilteredIssues - multiple custom fields    reply    follow    
· Change status to closed for Bug, Task and Enhancement    reply        125 points
· Customizing Item Print Output    reply    follow    
· Item being created with wrong status    reply    follow    
· Custom fields showing populated on items where custom field shouldn't appear    reply    follow    
· Size-differences in dll's    reply    follow    
· How do I get the 'IssueLongDesc' field without html format?    reply    follow    
· Server Error in '/Gemini' Application.    reply    follow    
· [Gemini] Found 8 Messages. Test SMTP Message - can't get ticketing to work    reply    follow    
· Screens - Items vs Projects    reply        
· proper project mapping with only one Converse mailbox    reply    follow    
· Custom field user picker    reply        
· Jpg & Gif images are not being displayed however Png image are on a new install of IIS 7.5    reply    follow    
· Can I make due date required?    reply    follow    
· Scrum items are ordered, not prioritized.    reply    follow    
· Test Steps Adding    reply    follow    
· Trouble Configuring One-Project Viewers    reply    follow    
· date format in Excel export    reply    follow    
· German Umlaut in Excel export function    reply    follow  answer  
· Regular Expressions in Mailbox Pro    reply    follow    
· "User Picker" Custom field    reply    follow    
· 4.1.1 email not working    reply    follow    
· embedded image in comment    reply    follow  answer  
· Where does the welcome message appear?    reply    follow    
· Force users to post comment before resolving issues    reply    follow    
· Suggestion : tooltip for status    reply    follow  answer  
· Show swedish characters in comments    reply    follow    
· Windows Authentication & Allow User Registrations    reply    follow    
· Gemini 4.1 pages    reply    follow    
· MS Project Custom Columns    reply    follow    
· Converse - notifications    reply        
· Logging    reply    follow    
· Test Steps Edit Window Length    reply    follow    
· Sorting the status dropdown    reply      answer  
· drag and drop attachments    reply    follow  answer  
· SVN commit hook failing    reply        
· Converse Mailbox Setup    reply        
· Not sending acknowledgement emails    reply    follow    
· Move Gemini to new Server    reply    follow    
· Setting item to a 'Complete' resolution doesn't indicate it as 'done' in Linked tickets    reply    follow    
· Applying a default template.    reply    follow    
· Creating test cases from existing issues    reply    follow    
· Where can I download an older version of Gemini?    reply    follow  answer  
· Is it possible to rearrange fields on a screen?    reply    follow  answer  
· Upgrading 4.1 to 4.2 - Exception    reply    follow  answer  
· Adding columns to Project views    reply    follow    
· Trying to integrate MS-test unittest with gemini.    reply        
· List of Email fields    reply    follow  answer  
· Process of saving item    reply    follow    
· Permissions not working correctly    reply    follow    
· Project based email templates    reply    follow  answer  
· All users can see all images in the Image Manager!    reply    follow  answer  
· Is it possible to edit estimated work time (Hours/Minutes) in-line?    reply    follow  answer  
· Converse add-on for Gemini    reply    follow    
· can i copy tests from one project to another?    reply  comment  follow    
· Almost continuously logged out    reply      answer  
· Remember Me? doesn't work?    reply    follow  answer  
· How to link item to test case (plan)    reply    follow  answer  
· Custom field: Link to directory    reply    follow    
· Email alerts    reply    follow    
· Scheduler not sending mails    reply    follow    
· Scheduler Service not starting    reply    follow    
· Login redirects to IP of the server    reply        
· How to edit the source code (.cs file)    reply        
· Closeddate not always populated    reply    follow    
· Timeout error accessing one Project    reply    follow    
· Delete inactive users    reply    follow    
· Email Notifications    reply    follow    
· Scheduler not starting when server reboots    reply    follow    
· Creating Item from Test Run Does Not Link Item to Test Case    reply    follow    
· Delete actually Deletes?    reply    follow    
· Possible to enforce closing comment?    reply    follow    
· Give edit issue priviledges for severity and priority specifically    reply    follow    
· Display time in Schedule    reply    follow  answer  
· My Watches - Filter by Watcher    reply    follow    
· visibility    reply    follow  answer  
· Unable to change issue status    reply        
· automatically sort by Priority when I display a project RoadMap    reply    follow    
· Error when creating PDFs    reply    follow    
· 2.2.6: what can break the rtf editor?    reply    follow    
· Impossible to delete folder with document    reply    follow    
· View time in "Created"    reply    follow    
· Planner board questions    reply    follow    
· See complete comment history    reply    follow    
· Gemini Restore Error    reply    follow    
· Active Directory error    reply    follow    
· Search no longer works after upgrade to 4.1    reply    follow    
· TFS plugin "Check in" issue    reply    follow    
· Howto create an Empty Database ?    reply    follow  answer  
· Control columns displayed in "all items" listing?    reply        
· Seing user emails in item list    reply    follow  answer  
· How to use Gemini: test resources for mixed teams    reply    follow    
· "Screen tooltip" Custom field    reply    follow    
· Gemini keeps sending to Login page after update something    reply    follow    
· About Gemini API v2.0.2    reply    follow    
· latest version of Gemini API is missing (3136)    reply    follow  answer  
· Gemini Scheduler Service and Active directory Integration    reply    follow  answer  
· Get Time Logged from API    reply    follow    
· Cannot connect to gemini with Data Import    reply        
· Problems Dragging items around in the Planner    reply    follow    
· HelpDesk response time    reply    follow    
· Report on Issues created and Issues closed???    reply        
· Sum of columns?    reply    follow  answer  
· Direct URL to Dashboard (My Work) with Windows authentication    reply    follow    
· PDF of Roadmap    reply    follow    
· VB.Net CreateIssueComment is throwing exception    reply    follow    
· New release dates for downloads, where to find changes?    reply    follow  answer  
· Mailbox - how often does it import mails?    reply    follow    
· Removal of historical filters    reply    follow  answer  
· Gemini SQL - Moving CFS    reply        
· Editing emailtemplates    reply    follow  answer  
· data migration utility    reply    follow    
· The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.    reply    follow    
· SocketException    reply    follow  answer  
· using the serviceManager within a plugin    reply    follow  answer  
· Importing Test Runs/Test Cases    reply    follow  answer  
· Priority Sorting/Limiting    reply    follow    
· Active directory - not importing users    reply    follow    
· About Gemini API v3.6.x    reply    follow    
· Default OnClose/OnComplete resolution    reply  comment  follow    
· Can not move issue    reply    follow    
· Active Directory Integration    reply  comment  follow    
· Reuse testplans and testcases from other projects    reply    follow    
· How do I specify Custom Field values to filter on in the IssuesFilterEN type?    reply    follow  answer  
· Search over all issues crashes    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· Get logged-in userid within report    reply    follow    
· Where can I find v3.6 version of Gemini ?    reply    follow    
· Whats the purpose of the start stop and button for test steps?    reply    follow  answer  
· Is there an easy way to see all test cases for an item    reply    follow  answer  
· Time summary for issue with hierarchy    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· Gemini Mail error    reply    follow    
· Plugin Development (Documentation)    reply    follow    
· Offline mode in desktop app    reply    follow    
· Customize list with custom fields    reply    follow  answer  
· Burn down chart    reply    follow  answer  
· MS Project Add-On throws exception when component added    reply    follow  answer  
· MS Project connector    reply    follow    
· item with subtask in deleted project still indicates a subtask    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· auto-refresh vs add-on?    reply    follow  answer  
· Item View Tabs "Source Control", "Time": visible albeit unused    reply    follow    
· Different "screens" for comment creation/editing    reply    follow    
· Custom notification plugin    reply        
· Role dependant workflow    reply    follow    
· Help Desk Group w/ multiple possible projects    reply  comment  follow    
· Globalization - Date / Time format    reply    follow  answer  
· How do I edit status/priority icons    reply    follow    
· Filter Time Type for project    reply    follow    
· Imported Items not visible in 4.1    reply    follow    
· Popup Error in Outlook Add-in when Start and Due Date are Same Day    reply  comment  follow    
· SQL Connection Error    reply    follow    
· Bulk update - assign to nobody    reply    follow    
· How to remove an item from the hierarchy.    reply        
· Manage issue status    reply    follow    
· Unable to create any items    reply    follow    
· POP Port/Configuration Setup Problem    reply    follow    
· Outlook Plugin Configuration    reply    follow  answer  
· Error "Root element is missing" when connecting to Gemini    reply    follow    
· invalid gemini url? outlook add on    reply    follow    
· Comments visibility does not work    reply    follow    
· Reset default value    reply    follow  answer  
· How do I view existing group permissions?    reply    follow    
· Security Schemes and Projects    reply    follow    
· Has the Security Scheme link changed its name in 4.1    reply  comment  follow    
· what permission is required for UserService.WhoAmI call    reply  comment  follow    
· Hello. I want to style the description when viewing an item.    reply    follow    
· Attachment File Types    reply    follow    
· Exporting All Fields from Tracker into Excel - how do I get Comments? not listed    reply    follow    
· Project Description Visibility    reply    follow    
· Custom fields permissions    reply    follow    
· Handling a mix of domain and non-domain users    reply    follow    
· "Time" option has gone from Projects!    reply    follow  answer  
· Can I export hierarchy info to the Excel extract?    reply    follow    
· DotNetNuke module - broken?    reply    follow    
· MS Project Connector    reply    follow    
· No groups being retrieved from Active Directory    reply        
· Restrict users to specific project    reply        
· Invalid Gemini URL using desktop 4.1.0 build 3106    reply    follow    
· Web publishing Gemini through reverse proxy with port mapping    reply  comment  follow    
· Add parameters to custom report    reply        
· Weekly Time Spent by User/Issue report    reply        
· Method to list possible Resolution status for an issue    reply      answer  
· Which Database Migration Scripts to Run?    reply    follow  answer  
· missing quick issue in latest version    reply    follow    
· How to change assigned status automatically    reply    follow    
· Custom Fields data source    reply    follow  answer  
· Component field visiblily on Items screens    reply    follow    
· Unable to get scheduler working    reply    follow    
· Why can't I change the administrator password    reply    follow    
· Detect Windows authentication on    reply    follow    
· I need that when a developer changes the status to "Done" the item is automatically assigned    reply    follow    
· Concern regarding Excel Report Formating (ver 3.7.2)-Not addressed in ver 4.0 upgrade    reply    follow    
· v3.6.0 Build 2543    reply    follow    
· Using API - Unable to save date value?    reply    follow    
· Default value for the "Detailed Description" field    reply    follow  answer  
· Color rows based on resolution    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· Security Interaction with Visibility    reply    follow    
· Custom Reporting in Gemini    reply    follow    
· "Amend" and "Comment" dialog size is too small    reply    follow  answer  
· Change date format    reply    follow  answer  
· Can I change connection from Named Pipes to TcpIp?    reply    follow  answer  
· Nobody for Assigned Resource    reply    follow    
· Field Visibility - Version Affected    reply    follow    
· Just installed the free version, and get sql errors    reply    follow    
· Copied Test Cases - how to assign them to a Test Plan?    reply    follow    
· Email alerts not received by a user    reply    follow    
· using UPN for Windows Authentication vs domain\user    reply    follow  answer  
· SVN integration with Windows Authentication    reply    follow  answer  
· Custom Field Type - Multiple selection    reply    follow    
· Roadmap API call stopped working    reply    follow    
· User, Group, Projects Permissions    reply    follow    
· Burn-down chart based on 'Percent Complete'    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· Bread crumbs in ver 4.0    reply    follow  answer  
· Excess email, how to limit notifications on certain events?    reply    follow    
· E-mail message    reply    follow    
· export to excel - missing fields    reply  comment      
· Exposing one project to Everyone (authenticated)    reply    follow    
· Issue with Windows Authentication    reply    follow    
· How can I search for all comments made by a given user?    reply    follow    
· Padding is invalid and cannot be removed    reply    follow    
· Migration issue    reply    follow    
· Question about test cases    reply    follow    
· Is it possible to increase the size of inserted images?    reply    follow    
· Is it possible to close an issue via SVN commit?    reply    follow    
· Is there a tutorial or description of how to create custom Gemini reports?    reply    follow    
· Problem with creating new items when using SSL encryption    reply    follow    
· svn connector: how does Gemini decide which user to associate the checkin comment with?    reply  comment  follow    
· Emails send to to many project groups    reply  comment  follow    
· Can I host Gemini myself?    reply    follow  answer  
· Issues displaying statuses different to the ones defined in the workflow for the issue type    reply    follow    
· VS 2010 addon never finishes Fetching...    reply  comment    answer  
· Gemini licence server restriction    reply    follow    
· Issues Ordering    reply    follow    
· Not sure how to link items to test cases    reply    follow  answer  
· Order of Statuses on item edit doesn't match workflow order    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· Test Runs    reply    follow    
· Error "This page has been blocked because it attemps to exploit an application level vulnerability"    reply    follow    
· Error "Unable to validate data. at System.Web.Configuration.MachineKeySection.EncryptOrDecryptData"    reply        
· Email notifications not being sent    reply    follow    
· Publish this report?    reply    follow    
· Password Reset Emails    reply    follow  answer  
· How do you create templates to be used when creating a new issue/call    reply    follow    
· Custom Fields in Notifications    reply      answer  
· Intermittent error when trying to log time    reply    follow    
· Error:Object doesn't support this property or method    reply    follow    
· Permissions on folders    reply    follow    
· Browser Support for IE6 - Item menus disappear on mouseover    reply    follow  answer  
· Can't save custom filters in ITEMS    reply  comment    answer  
· UK Date Format    reply        
· Home page load Very Slow in 4.0    reply    follow  answer  
· Watchers can't see other watchers    reply    follow  answer  
· Project Admin->Versions page is getting too long    reply  comment  follow    
· Versions are not sorted on Project Summary page    reply    follow  answer  
· Is it possible to add an IssueWatcher that's not registered?    reply    follow    
· Adding a property to a view    reply    follow  answer  
· [solved] System.OutOfMemoryException    reply    follow    
·  Project versions released or unreleased do not appear in roadmap or change log    reply    follow  answer  
· Restore Project Issue    reply    follow  answer  
· Mailbox multiple expressions    reply    follow  answer  
· No mails when creating an issue with API    reply    follow  answer  
· Restore project created in ver 3.7 into ver 4.0 creates an error    reply  comment  follow    
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· Question on the testing component    reply    follow    
· Disable 'Create Quick Issue/s'    reply    follow  answer  
· CustomFieldData in email under v4.0    reply    follow    
· Understanding repeat tasks    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· New Custom Field Visibility    reply    follow  answer  
· How to assign a user to an issue?    reply    follow  answer  
· Mixed Forms & Windows Authentication    reply    follow  answer  
· VS addon Uninstallation    reply    follow  answer  
· Gemini - When creating or editing my defects, the editing (icons) tools are missing.    reply        
· Send automated username and password Emails    reply    follow    
· Roadmap sorting    reply  comment      
· Unable to insert comment, issue or anything which has a rtf edit field    reply    follow  answer  
· I need to download previous versions of gemini, is that possible    reply    follow    
· Automatic error reporting component / plugin    reply    follow  answer  
· fix width of left hand pane on issue display    reply    follow    
· Internet Explorer 9 & v4.0.0 (build 2995) - Filter items on search page results in an error    reply    follow    
· Gemini 4.0 - Invalid gemini url    reply    follow    
· Test plans, runs etc    reply  comment  follow  answer  
· Automatically populate values from parent issue    reply    follow    
· Disabling "Work Estimate"...?    reply    follow  answer  
· VSnet 2010 addon - Invalid Gemini URL    reply    follow  answer  
· After creating New Item, does not navigate to the New Item    reply    follow    
· Scheduler Service - Error    reply    follow  answer  
· file/image upload in RTE security issue    reply    follow    
· get Gemini multiply component info from api    reply      answer  
· Cannot add item    reply    follow  answer  
· Desktop connection error    reply        
· Gemini issue Resolution in project level    reply        
· Importing Excel Flat File into existing project    reply        
· Custom Fields on Project Creation    reply        
· DNN - sorting    reply        
· Timeframe for .0.1 or .1 release of Gemini 4?    reply      answer  
· Error saving or changing filters    reply        
· Error on Gemini Desktop 4.0.0    reply        
· Gemini WebService CustomeField saving xml error    reply      answer  
· Gemini DB Size    reply        
· No image is displayed on PDF generation    reply        
· TFS 2010 Plugin    reply        
· Cannot paste anything into Comment field    reply        
· Cannot add comments    reply        
· Notifcations    reply        
· A potentially dangerous Request.Form    reply        
· Search for a person in &quot;Assigned To&quot; field    reply        
· Hard Delete from Table Question    reply        
· IE 9 adds extra blank lines    reply        
· Welcome message    reply      answer  
· Create Issue Partial    reply      answer  
· Null issue comment attachment    reply      answer  
· Subprojects?    reply        
· Gemini 4.0.0 and SQLServer 2000    reply      answer  
· Changing additional fields while Adding a Comment    reply        
· Release 4.0 Cannot Edit Version Attributes    reply        
· Cannot add Hyperlink to Projekt Attributes in Gemini 4.0    reply        
· Release 4.0 Translation de-DE is like en-GB    reply        
· Importing from Mantis - projects/versions are ok but no issues!    reply        
· add new field    reply        
· IssueCreated Event Handler - IssueEventArgs    reply      answer  
· Projects &gt; Groups    reply        
· Creating Issues through REST API    reply        
· Integrate Gemini into Call Log / Call Tracking application    reply        
· capture issuecreated event    reply      answer  
· Recurring error running Gemini Scheduler (3.7.2)    reply        
· unable to get &quot;UPDATED&quot; emails to stop sending    reply        
· customfieldlookup    reply      answer  
· How is use sort(order by)    reply        
· Eventing changes to the desktop from web    reply        
· Unable to update IssueCustomFieldData    reply      answer  
· Accessing the LoginName/Email of the reporting user name from the .vm files    reply      answer  
· Project Administration - General    reply      answer  
· Issue Security    reply        
· Gemini Event    reply        
· Security Schemes    reply        
· Inactive user Account    reply      answer  
· Problem with UpdateIssue (3.7)    reply      answer  
· Redirect after issue created    reply      answer  
· Missing Image message in error log?    reply        
· Moving an issue Programatically ..    reply        
· Accentued characters in email notification subjects    reply        
· Error starting Gemini Scheduler [3] (    reply        
· What is &quot;User Data 1&quot; ? And why can I edit it ?    reply      answer  
· Issue Resolution filter    reply      answer  
· Retrieving a list of open issues for a specific user    reply      answer  
· v3.1.0: filter by due date    reply      answer  
· Installation Gemini and Cvs    reply        
· Error with the Gemini module in DNN 5.5.00    reply      answer  
· Burndown going green but status not &quot;final&quot;    reply        
· Upgrade from 2.2.5 to 3.7.2    reply        
· Assigning Issues to Versions    reply      answer  
· Feature Request: Embed Windows Clipboard into Ticket    reply      answer  
· Part of XML in Description field causes error page    reply        
· Download old version (for Gemini 3.6.5)    reply        
· Gemini Web Service: Not saving custom field    reply        
· Popups and Menu Drop downs not working    reply      answer  
· How to get user password    reply        
· Multiple copies of issue emails being sent    reply      answer  
· Store images in the database    reply        
· Another error in the system log    reply      answer  
· Invalid JSON primitive: .    reply      answer  
· HTML notifications and plain-text spamming.    reply      answer  
· signed encrypted mail    reply        
· App just hangs while fetching    reply        
· Image manager does NOT work with Internet Explorer 7.0    reply        
· Gemini Desktop app freezing when opening a ticket    reply        
· Attach file to specific Version or Project    reply        
· Editing component for wrong project    reply        
· Input Validation Errors    reply      answer  
· Annoying sounds    reply        
· What is Gemini V3.7.3 from Dec 03, 2010?    reply      answer  
· remove licence information from gemini login form    reply        
· User can edit all issues    reply        
· gemini and cvs    reply        
· Resource list limited to 15 on Project page?    reply        
· bulk delete    reply        
· Issue Filter, How I use date filter by between date    reply        
· Image manager: how to upload a file from C?    reply        
· incomplete project home screen    reply      answer  
· Custom Field of Type 'User'    reply      answer  
· Problem add CounterSoft_Gemini_API_v3_7_2 to references    reply        
· webcal / ics for integration with calendar apps (e.g. Outlook)    reply        
· Display Resolution in Road Map    reply        
· Users unable to change issue status, resolution or assignment    reply        
· Missing issues    reply        
· Splitting issues    reply        
· Estimated time for an issue - Days?    reply        
· Error updating Issue from Custom Event Handler - **RESOLVED**    reply        
· Date format in release 3.7.2    reply        
· Issues not marked as revised after changing sub issues    reply        
· Not showing sub-issues at the top level    reply      answer  
· How I attachments by create issue?    reply        
· Import from Sharepoint into Gemini    reply        
· Integration with Plastic SCM    reply        
· Custom Workflow - **RESOLVED**    reply        
· Error encountered processing template file: IssueStatusChangeSubjectLine.vm    reply        
· Gemini on iPhone, Android, iPad, iTouch, Blackberry, Palm Pre, WindowsMobi    reply        
· Alternative Windows/TortoiseSVN Client Side Gemini Integration - Simple Install and Docs    reply        
· what do i do with ProjectWatcherEN    reply        
· Can Components be common among projects    reply        
· set Assigned status and Final Status differently per Issue Workflow    reply        
· Versions not appearing if parent has been archived    reply        
· Request timed out when doing a big bulk update    reply        
· Error 403 Forbidden when trying to update an issue    reply        
· Several Questions about : editing fields , reports on versions    reply        
· How to upgrade from 3.7.1 to 3.7.2    reply        
· Email Alerts not working    reply        
· Issue: Issue links when adding a new Issue (default Workflow)    reply        
· Telerik dll exception    reply        
· Customize create Issue screen    reply        
· Java Web Services - Cannot get version details    reply        
· User deletion    reply        
· Documents Management - Removing a folder    reply        
· v3.7.2 Build 2784 : REmember on Login screen does not work.    reply        
· How to create IssueCustomFieldData    reply        
· Updating an issue without updating the revised date using the Gemini API    reply      answer  
· Create Issue with Assign Resource    reply        
· Using milestones to plan future releases    reply        
· Change the default port    reply        
· Upgrade from 2.2.6 to 3.7.2    reply        
· is it possible to produce report showing elapsed time by resource for each issue?    reply        
· version multiple project    reply        
· Integration with HP Quality Center 10.0    reply      answer  
· Detailed Description default text    reply        
· Gemini Event Listener API    reply        
· Change &quot;Edit Own Issue&quot; permission    reply        
· Different Timezones for the different users    reply        
· How to get IssueStatusEN, IssuePriorityEN via .net API    reply      answer  
· Gemini on Linux    reply      answer  
· localization questions    reply        
· Time Reports seem to be wrong    reply      answer  
· Upgrade and UAT    reply      answer  
· Private comment and notifications    reply        
· WindowBlinds and Desktop (was Splitter ... acts strange)    reply        
· WindowBlinds and Desktop - Again (was Issue list...)    reply        
· v3.7.2: can't see components, resources, etc on the project home page    reply        
· API Assemblies    reply        
· Version 3.7.2 - Customise Issue View does not display selected fields    reply        
· Windows Auth - 403 Forbidden    reply        
· Find Issue - Button does not work.    reply        
· User Guide Theme    reply        
· Invalid URL - matching web/desktop versions    reply        
· Components and Ressources not linked to issue anymore after upgrade 2.1.1 to 3.7.2    reply        
· make Comment in time log required    reply        
· API change?    reply        
· Ajax controls don't move in upgrade to 3.6.0 to 3.7.x    reply        
· Project lists in admin mode    reply      answer  
· .IssuesService.UpdateIssue(issue); do not update issue    reply        
· Getting an error when trying update issue    reply        
· Api -&gt; Projects Api    reply        
· Any chance of user licenses?    reply        
· Is it possible to customize Create Quick Issues with custom fields    reply        
· v3.7.2: Internal Server Error after installation    reply        
· Lock Icon    reply        
· v3.7.2: Batch update    reply        
· v3.7.2: RoadMap - resource cannot be found    reply        
· Mail config query    reply        
· v3.1.0: Unkown server tag 'gem:externalheader'    reply        
· Application Error    reply        
· v3.1.0: can't view home page of certain existing gemini project    reply        
· Raised By field ignored?    reply        
· Can't see any issues (open or closed) after deleting groups/schemes    reply        
· Custom Fields Filtering    reply        
· Integration with SVN -- Linux    reply        
· Non-project, Ad-hoc Billable Time    reply        
· How to set my external clients to view their own created issues    reply        
· SQL Error during database migration (Gemini 2.1.1 to 3.7.2)    reply        
· Deleting/Modifying Saved Filters?    reply        
· Is there a way to get more detail in the System Log?    reply        
· User right to get users information    reply        
· Locked out!    reply        
· &quot;Version&quot; usage    reply        
· Maximum issue number    reply        
· bad performance    reply        
· Time Left for a version    reply        
· Marking bug as Won't Fix doesn't affect Estimated Effort    reply        
· Tips for arranging Clients/Projects/Tasks - Bill by client    reply        
· Invalid URL?    reply        
· Unexpected token error...    reply        
· Enforcing Notifications    reply        
· Remove/Hide Affected Versions    reply        
· Does bulk user update work?    reply        
· Request: Integration to Mantis    reply        
· Maintenance or Readonly Mode?    reply        
· Gannt view doesn't show last issue (in IE)    reply        
· Mailbox Processor    reply        
· Saved filters doesn't show    reply        
· Migration from sql 2000 to sql 2008    reply        
· Loss of formatting after upgrade?    reply        
· V 3.5.3 My watched issues does not get filled    reply        
· Scheduler keeps processing the same email    reply        
· Closing comment    reply        
· Documents - 4MB Limit - How to Change?    reply        
· Delete Documents folder?    reply        
· Sub-issue cannot be parent - Rationale?    reply        
· 3.7 Documentation Page points to 3.6 PDF?    reply        
· Customize Gantt view    reply        
· 401 error on custom field insertion?    reply      answer  
· Is it possible to add users to project without them being visible on resource?    reply        
· Private comments from old Gemini are not visible to our project groups    reply        
· Gemini won't automatically download email from pop-inbox    reply        
· Desktop - version in offline mode    reply    follow    
· Requirement to fill in estimation fields on &quot;Create issue&quot; page    reply        
· Root level of Documents module    reply        
· Unable to prevent users from assigning resource when creating an issue    reply        
· Private Issues    reply      answer  
· Help depending on the Project    reply        
· Use of Gemini to manage product development    reply        
· Use of AD Groups - AD Integration    reply        
· Email SMTP, Mail Plugin and Scheduler Service    reply      answer  
· Dynamic priorities    reply        
· Gemini desktop changing url links in email    reply        
· Custom Fields - User Telephone    reply        
· RegEx validation for Custom Fields    reply        
· Show issue-description while entering comments    reply        
· Mail scheduler - Email link references 'localhost' not current installation    reply        
· VS2008 v3.7.7 reports as 3.7.0 build 2711 when installed?    reply        
· how does the [gemini_issuealerts] work    reply        
· Preview of a selected user permissions?    reply        
· Layout - Email Alerts    reply        
· SQL Server 2000 support still there?    reply        
· Version ordering    reply        
· No concept of issue dependencies?    reply        
· Not understanding Task types    reply        
· Not understanding &quot;Fixed in Version&quot; field    reply        
· Closing a bug is a 2-step process?    reply        
· How can I restrict some users to post issues only of some types?    reply        
· Subversion SCM Adaptor installation and usage    reply        
· Project groups have no roles by default    reply        
· VS2010 Add-on Problems    reply        
· Attachments in gemini desktop?    reply        
· Private Issue    reply        
· Update 3.7.1 --&gt; 3.7.2    reply        
· SVN file locations and repository information    reply        
· Custom Workflow    reply        
· Workflow(project) become slow when new customfield is created.    reply        
· Configuration Error after installation    reply        
· Rights to assign watchers    reply        
· Considered Addon - Confluence tag (show gemini issue details in confluence page)    reply        
· Problem with Links in E-Mail Notifications    reply        
· Saved Filters?    reply        
· Gemini Website is not configured to accept GET/POST/PUT/DELETE Http Verbs (.ashx)    reply        
· Is there a way to see last logged in date of a user?    reply        
· Deleted the administrator user    reply        
· Question about gemini.countersoft.com    reply        
· Mailbox Processing    reply        
· Gemini Website is not configured to accept GET/POST/PUT/DELETE Http Verbs (.ashx)?    reply        
· No http handler was found for request type 'GET'    reply        
· Error messages    reply      answer  
· 2 versions of Gemini    reply        
· Logged in but not logged in    reply      answer  
· Field Descriptions    reply        
· Version Links    reply        
· Edit of the Log Time Record    reply        
· Scheduler Service    reply      answer  
· Gemini Time Tracking Toolbar download?    reply        
· Customerize Issue creation?    reply        
· Importing to existing project with CSV file    reply        
· Issue components    reply        
· global handling of Email alerts    reply        
· Sub-issues configuration    reply        
· Creating a SubIssue throwing an exception    reply        
· Dashboard    reply        
· Is knowing of ID enough to determine issue URL?    reply        
· Extended issue persmissions    reply        
· Cusom Fields Inline Edit    reply      answer  
· Getting all issues related to a project    reply        
· Set Email Notifcations by User    reply        
· Addin not saving (some) changes back to server.    reply      answer  
· change name of existing fields    reply        
· Gemini Specific Permissions for certain web service calls    reply        
· Invalid Gemini URL?    reply        
· Customize Issue Display Columns for all users    reply      answer  
· AD integration    reply        
· Timed Out Problem    reply        
· Feature request - 'Watch' programmatically    reply        
· Changing Status without creating a comment    reply        
· Cannot save editted issues    reply        
· How to close defects in gemini?    reply        
· Resolution Final can't use    reply        
· Report on &quot;Time Type&quot;    reply        
· History Functionality Changed in Latest Version    reply        
· Visual studio exits to desktop after opening .aspx file in the designer    reply        
· Problem with CSS after installation    reply        
· VS2008 Addin    reply        
· Where is Outlook Add-in?    reply        
· How do I assign an issue to a user through API ?    reply      answer  
· When creating an issue through API - how do I specify the component ?    reply        
· OutofMemoryExceptions    reply        
· Countersoft Homepage - Swim lane image    reply        
· Migrate from 2.0.2 to 3.6.5 - partially    reply        
· Error when open...    reply        
· Subversion SVN Integration    reply      answer  
· Deleting a Project    reply        
· Project Groups - Do they work with Global Groups    reply        
· search and issue linking    reply        
· Deleting/updating won't work    reply        
· Duplicate Alerts after upgrade to 3.7    reply        
· Sort Orderof Issue Status (Quick Edit)    reply        
· Error loading VS2010 extension    reply        
· Error after 3.7 upgrade    reply        
· Customize Road Map Columns    reply        
· Script Error Upgrading from 3.6.5 to 3.7    reply        
· editing issue (including custom fields)    reply        
· Create Quick Issue and Create Quick Issues does not work    reply        
· Outlook Task changes don't sync to Gemini    reply        
· Permissions on the API folder    reply        
· Problems getting Scheduler and Webservices to play together    reply        
· Issue Field - Resolved - how do I get it to show up on a form    reply        
· Invalid Gemini URL?    reply        
· Access Denied for User - but nothing in the System Log    reply        
· Description template    reply        
· Security    reply        
· Custom Fields needed    reply        
· Desktop on Win7 x64 crashed on start    reply        
· email subscribers    reply        
· VSS Integration issue    reply        
· Multiple projects, multiple clients    reply        
· Recommend 3.6.5 or 3.7    reply        
· DataBinding Error on view project    reply        
· VS 2010 Integration    reply        
· GetPagedFilteredIssues not returning any results    reply        
· Issue Links    reply        
· &quot;Pop up&quot; forms sometimes load as full page and won't close    reply        
· Sorting of projects on Home page    reply        
· Mailbox processor - Using sender as reporter    reply        
· Changing Project default    reply        
· Client customization of front page    reply        
· Standard (Default) Permissions in Default Security Scheme    reply        
· Deletion of all projects except one    reply        
· Customers not able to view issues    reply        
· Description field    reply      answer  
· When is a custom field visible in the &quot;all issues reporting&quot; view?    reply        
· Gemini Desktop Help Desk    reply      answer  
· DB server and application location    reply        
· Gemini how to see what can a user see?    reply      answer  
· Multi project versions    reply        
· Permission denied in HttpCombiner.ashx    reply        
· Change field visibility, now issues are not created    reply        
· 3.7    reply        
· How do I install this..    reply        
· Gemini Desktop on Windows 7 x64 - Crash or Log-In Problems    reply        
· Changing the creation date    reply        
· Application Exception Manager    reply        
· maximum 500 hours for work estimate    reply        
· Upgrade from 3.1.1 to 3.6.5    reply      answer  
· Mailbox processor and alerts    reply        
· Setting the initial Issue Number    reply        
· New Users Don't Show up as a Resource    reply        
· VS 2008 Plugin not updating defects    reply        
· Affected Version - how to setup to be required    reply        
· Project &gt; Home &gt; Project Administration Menu &gt; Versions    reply        
· Email Notifications/alerts do not work    reply        
· My Watches -- Too SLOW!    reply        
· CounterSoft Data Import    reply        
· DB error migrating from 2.0.2 to 3.6.5    reply        
· Duplicate alert emails    reply        
· Error when browsing in IE    reply        
· How to email specific users when status changes    reply        
· Create issue (or convert) from Outlook email    reply        
· feature request: create issue comment attachment method    reply        
· Federated Authentication?    reply        
· DB error when installing 3.6.5    reply        
· Customize text for emailed Alerts    reply        
· Can't view issues after gemini upgrade    reply      answer  
· 3.7.0 ScheduleService Doesn't Send E-Mails    reply      answer  
· Master pages in 3.6.5    reply        
· [3.6.5] Security Schemes - Close Issues, Resolve Issues    reply        
· [3.6.5] All Updated Emails    reply        
· Most stable version of Gemini for upgrade    reply        
· Misconfigured server    reply        
· Version comparison    reply        
· Installation Problem    reply        
· Install two versions    reply      answer  
· Printing Gantt Chart report    reply        
· Question on gui positioning    reply      answer  
· SMTP Test Failed...    reply      answer  
· [3.6.3]Email notification    reply        
· Unwanted Emails    reply        
· &quot;Fixed In Version&quot; editable with in-line edit even when user doesn't have &quot;Assign Ver    reply        
· Field Visibility Schemes    reply        
· Error installing 3.6.5    reply        
· can't login using time tracker 3.6.4    reply        
· translation    reply        
· Issue created via email overwrite default theme    reply        
· Upgrade from 2.2.6 to 3.6.5    reply        
· Default visibility for comments    reply        
· change status right of an issue    reply        
· Create Issue error - IE cannot display the webpage    reply        
· rights for issue attachments    reply        
· renaming / deleting of primary directory in project documents    reply        
· E-Mail Notification on High Priority Ticket Creation?    reply      answer  
· Gemini crashes every time now    reply        
· project and issue visibility    reply        
· Active Directory, user account provisioning, user password changes    reply        
· Custom field not displaying content after filter when exported to Excel or in Printer Friendly View    reply        
· Custom Reports    reply        
· IIS authentication issue &amp; REST api    reply        
· How do I make &quot;Work Estimate&quot; not a required field in 3.6.5?    reply      answer  
· Issues disappeared after deleting project group    reply      answer  
· Error testing connectivity/authentication to client    reply        
· Trying to get off TrackIT!    reply        
· Using Gemini as a Help Desk system    reply        
· VS2010    reply        
· Import from Axosoft OnTime 2009    reply        
· Creating project and adding user on project.    reply        
· UserService.GetUserByName returns logged in user    reply        
· Unable to add sub-issues    reply        
· Linking to issue lists    reply        
· Can't set log file location?    reply        
· Password and email problem    reply        
· How to set an inital status ?    reply        
· Cannot Login via desktop 3.6.4    reply        
· Gemini API Quirks    reply        
· No RAD Editor    reply      answer  
· Suggestions for using saved filters    reply        
· IssuesService.CreateTimeLog() allows bad data    reply        
· PDF Reports    reply        
· Share Filters    reply        
· Problems with AddProjectGroupMembership()    reply        
· Potentially Dangerous Cookie    reply        
· Required default value for version attributes    reply        
· Issues List View available properties Percent Complete    reply        
· Create an issue with custom field data Java API    reply        
· Strange behavior after upgrade to 3.6.5    reply        
· Remember me not work    reply        
· Working with plugins    reply        
· How to force the date Created, Revised, Resolved for importation from other Bugtracking    reply        
· Cannot view/edit issue on VS 2008 addin    reply        
· Create Watcher from Java API    reply        
· With java Api how to create attachement    reply      answer  
· ProjectGroups    reply        
· Try Web service with Java error 500    reply        
· How to insert table in issue description (and full screen mode) ?    reply        
· Dashboard - Time    reply        
· GetFilteredIssues by RevisedBefore/After    reply        
· SCRUM template    reply        
· How to define a Workflow after specific types ?    reply        
· Minor &quot;Create Quick Issues&quot; Bug    reply        
· IE6 - v3.6.4 Build 2630    reply        
· API: Edit Not Working    reply      answer  
· Component Parent Dropdown not sorted anymore    reply        
· Server Error in '/Gemini' Application after Gemini migration form 2.2 to 3.6    reply        
· EMail not sent after Gemini migration form 2.2 to 3.6    reply        
· Module Load Exception on DNN 5.2.3    reply        
· SVN hooks changelog    reply        
· Status and Assigned values incorrect when task Moved to different Project    reply        
· Linked Task Behavior - &quot;Duplicates&quot;    reply        
· Inline editing custom fields    reply        
· Dashboard - Edit Status    reply        
· Dashboard\My Work Navigation    reply        
· Dashboard\My Work - Filters    reply        
· &quot;Root element is missing.&quot; when consuming .GetMyWork()    reply        
· Gemini IssuesWS Service    reply        
· Time Tracker issue list dropdown not wide enough    reply        
· Can't login using Windows Authentication over VPN    reply        
· Outlook 2010 support    reply        
· Web service and email alerts    reply        
· Time Tracking    reply        
· Windows Authentication failing for some users.    reply        
· Help Desk configuration    reply        
· An alternative to subproject?    reply        
· is there a report for time tracking comments    reply        
· Schema documentation    reply        
· Email Template error    reply        
· SCRUM burndown chart    reply        
· Pulling all issues in a project w/ PHP    reply        
· Clients can't change the Status and Resolution?    reply        
· Getting Triplicate Emails When I Create an Issue    reply        
· CSS issue?    reply        
· SMTP Test Works, Can't Get Issue to Send to Anyone    reply        
· VSS integration on 64 bit machine    reply        
· Can't Delete Issue Resolution    reply        
· Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.    reply        
· Unexpected row count: -1;    reply        
· How to set AffectedVerion in IssueEN?    reply        
· Importing issues from Jira    reply        
· Error after 3.6 Upgrade    reply        
· Time Logging in Gemini    reply        
· Problem with Portal Mode    reply        
· Single Sign On Implementation?    reply        
· Importing is nothing but problems - how to make it work?    reply        
· v3.1.0: Notification emails shows no Description at all    reply        
· What is the proper way to create a new issue and set custom fields on that issue    reply        
· No issue alerts (was: Email Alerts defaulted to none (unchecked))    reply        
· Can't login    reply        
· Filter Control (How to make/alter)    reply        
· Saved Views    reply        
· Gemini Workflow question    reply        
· Adding groups on project creation    reply        
· How to authenticate with Gemini Web Services (not using .NET)    reply        
· Ability to filter issues visible (security) based on a value in an issue?    reply        
· Where do I get VS2005 Add-on?    reply        
· Emails not being sent    reply        
· custom fields - with subcategories    reply        
· Custom Fields don't show in Excel    reply        
· Issue Visibility across Project Groups    reply        
· Updating Fields for Issues    reply        
· 3.6.3 Where did Resolution Go?    reply        
· Turn off inline editing?    reply        
· Using Sample Test Harness: getting '--' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '&gt;'. Li    reply        
· Updating license with ClientPortal?    reply        
· IssueService.CreateAttachment() returns 404 error    reply        
· API Issue service call with filters for nulls    reply        
· Telerik with Custom Control    reply        
· New installation - Failed to grant minimum permission requests    reply        
· Resolution History    reply        
· Road Map order    reply        
· Gemini 3.6.2 - Cannot update status directly    reply        
· DNN Intergration and Active Directory    reply        
· Gemini not sending emails since new certificate on mail server    reply        
· Error starting Gemini    reply        
· Issue: Can't Add comments when an Issue does not have a 'default' Component    reply        
· Watch tickets    reply        
· No issues found in Dashboard    reply        
· How to assign default values ie Today's date to custom date fields    reply        
· How to enable voting    reply        
· Login issues with windows authentication-invalid username/password    reply        
· Adding custom HTML in comments (Gemini 3.6)    reply        
· &quot;Assign issue to me&quot; leave status Unassigned    reply        
· Error Installing DNN Integration Module    reply        
· Log in issues with Gemini Desktop and time tracker    reply        
· Personal Filter, causes exception when trying to delete existing or save new.    reply        
· Obsolete tables in database?    reply        
· DB upgrade from 3.1 to 3.5    reply        
· System Information &gt; About in 3.6.3 tell me to download and install 3.6.2!    reply        
· Issue assignment, issue watchers and issue visibility    reply        
· Closed Issues on time tracker tab    reply        
· Gemini 2.0.3 - Application crashes when trying to fetch a deleted or non-available issue    reply        
· 3.6.3 whats new?    reply        
· Issue Alerts not mailing    reply        
· Closed issue in offline mode    reply        
· Edit Status?    reply        
· Project Management, Product Issue Management, and Product Assessment in an Iterative Development Pro    reply        
· Version heirarchy breaks when creating a project from a template    reply        
· Watcher emails without the message body    reply        
· Can i close an issue from the time tracker?    reply        
· Can't change status with Batch Update in version 3.6.2    reply        
· Can't Create Issue for a Specific project    reply        
· CustomFieldsService.CreateCustomFieldLookupData returns (500) Internal Server Error.    reply        
· Search shows issues from projects not enabled for user    reply        
· Scheduler Service errors on startup    reply        
· Desktop crashes at startup    reply        
· How to reference documents and how link issues in Gemini 3.6    reply        
· Active Directory Login Workaround    reply        
· Popup Windows in IE8 not opening    reply        
· Duplicate email alert    reply        
· Response from GetFilteredIssues / GetIssue does not include IssueLinks.    reply        
· Problem after upgrade to version 3.6    reply        
· Invalid column name 'summary'    reply        
· Navigate to deleted issues    reply        
· Email being ingested repeatedly with Scheduler    reply        
· JSON    reply        
· Unexpected Gemini logon when confirming filter by the Enter key    reply        
· Add New Comment: Caret is not visible in text editor    reply        
· configure project email alerts    reply        
· Gemini implementation help    reply        
· Edit scheme role, or create my own    reply        
· Migrate Projects from Gemini 3.5 to 3.6    reply        
· Can I paste Clipboard Image Into IssueDetail/Description?    reply        
· Where is UPGRADE_v3-6_SQL2000.sql    reply        
· Error Message in Event Log after rebooting the system.    reply        
· Comments Screen timed out while trying to open    reply        
· Restricting Issue Visability    reply        
· Link &quot;Schedule&quot; visible even if user has no right to view schedule    reply        
· All Projects reporting on home screen shows projects a user has no access to    reply        
· Collapse/Expand all on Home screen    reply        
· Watch Issue multikpli Issues    reply        
· Gemini Administrator    reply        
· Project / Version AppException    reply        
· Cannot load plugin    reply        
· Custom fields looking up table data    reply        
· Custom Field Searching    reply        
· Create Issue    reply        
· enforce users to log time    reply        
· Export Gantt chart    reply        
· Gemini running slow/locking up since...    reply        
· Special custom field    reply        
· What's new    reply        
· Attachment upload limit problem - 3.6.1 Build 2571    reply        
· Users, Schemes, Global Groups, Project Groups, Oh My...    reply    follow    
· v3.1.0: Reports option don't display some component    reply        
· Will there be a addon for visual studio 2010?    reply        
· Scheduler Service in 3.6.0    reply        
· v3.6.1 Build 2571 - Menu Z-index    reply        
· Problem with the carriage return into issue description field    reply        
· Optimize Performance    reply        
· Private Issue    reply        
· v3.6.1 Build 2571 - Export in Road Map    reply        
· homepage displays a last login date equal to 1/1/1 00:00 and doesn't display my projects    reply        
· Project Administration &gt; Components    reply        
· windows authentication fails after migrating from 2.1 to 3.6    reply        
· View Issue realtime update items missing image (?check.png)    reply        
· Add comments in some issues    reply        
· Copy issue with custom fields    reply        
· Server Error in '/' Application.    reply        
· sql error : missing gemini_errorlog table when migrating from 2.1 to 3.6    reply        
· Link in component's tree    reply        
· &quot;Current Release&quot; on projects page    reply        
· CustomFieldsService.SaveCustomFieldData returning error    reply        
· PDF generation Error    reply    follow  answer  
· API: GetIsssues using CustomFields    reply        
· Sheduler Error since Update to 3.6    reply        
· Mailbox Processor    reply        
· Synchronising doesnt exactly    reply        
· Searching for a user    reply        
· v3.6.0 Beta 2 Upgrade to v3.6.0    reply        
· Gemini does not remember rename of documents folder    reply        
· IssuesService.GetFilteredissues parameters    reply        
· Gemini Does Not Refresh On First Access    reply        
· Warning to others - Gemini 3.6 and (NO) SQL2000 Support    reply        
· issueFilter - use custom fields in the filter    reply        
· Having Visual Studio projects picking up svn keywords    reply        
· ProjectsService.GetComponents - what does it return?    reply        
· Batch update without changing the Revised field    reply        
· Learning the Web API    reply        
· Import from Bugzilla, MYSQL Error Unknown column 'id' in 'field list'    reply        
· CounterSoft Gemini Scheduler Error    reply        
· Dotnetnuke    reply        
· Gemini 3.6 on IIS 7?    reply        
· Can't filter by Reporter    reply        
· 3.6: Can't see Versions (Application Error)    reply        
· IssuesService.GetAttachments not returning FileEN collection    reply        
· Hooking up ankh to Gemini via the vs add-in    reply        
· Change Field Names?    reply        
· Issue with pasting URL in comment    reply        
· Access permissions on component level?    reply        
· SVN Integration Error with TortoiseSVN    reply        
· Alerts y Mail    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.4: Batch Update doesn't work    reply        
· Question on time tracking via Scrum    reply        
· Time Types    reply        
· Error Adding An Image    reply        
· CVSNT integration    reply        
· '--' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '&gt;'. Line 81, position 5.    reply        
· Estimated Hours - Need over 500 hours    reply        
· Uninstall Outlook Add-on on Vista Ultimate 32bit    reply        
· Jira import - custom fields    reply        
· Need new swedish translation    reply        
· Add an issue to a component    reply        
· Custom fields    reply        
· Issue Status and Resolution Won't Change?    reply        
· Gemini Source Control    reply        
· License Key?    reply        
· After relogon the same view    reply        
· Accessing Gemini API via PHP    reply        
· Gemini Permissions    reply        
· Issue Status??    reply        
· Assign Issue to non Developer    reply        
· Status &quot;closed&quot; on issue creation    reply        
· set issue voters    reply        
· Unexpectedly navigated away from &quot;All projects issue reporting&quot;    reply        
· Install O/S Requirements    reply        
· Watchers are not getting updates    reply        
· filter with custom field    reply        
· Gemini 2.02 comaptiability    reply        
· &quot;Only View Own Issues&quot; override    reply        
· trigger email notification based on component    reply        
· Comment closed issues    reply        
· Odd results on a burndown chart    reply        
· SQL Server / SQL Express / SQL 2008 ?    reply        
· Cannot install Gemini Outlook Add-on on windows 7    reply        
· Cloning a Gemini install    reply        
· Component Name Sorting    reply        
· Minor Typo    reply        
· Inactive users appear in the user search drop-downs    reply        
· Auto Genration of tickets    reply        
· Email Notifications, Issue resolution changed to Complete    reply        
· Gemini scheduler service sends allways the same email    reply        
· Gemini Outlook integrator login    reply        
· This Morning Little Locks Started Appearing On Issues    reply        
· Users getting logged out and system log entries    reply        
· Time Tracking, Assigned issue    reply        
· Cant see Hours logged in issues list    reply        
· Where do I change page Title?    reply        
· Outlook task body formatting for issues with HTML descriptions    reply        
· Changing database field sizes    reply        
· How do I increse of document size?    reply        
· Migration from JIRA    reply        
· Creating an issue with components    reply        
· Custom Field Screen Order    reply        
· Sabbatical    reply        
· Several question about project managment    reply        
· Performance Issues    reply        
· Custom Field - Change Order in Ticket Creation    reply        
· GET/api/users.ashx/users/username/{username} returning myself    reply        
· Error when assigning default values    reply        
· Error during 2.2.6 - 3.5.4 upgrade (while running Upgrade_v3-1.sql)    reply        
· Anonymous Login    reply        
· Project Group Administration    reply        
· Creating components via rest, parentComponentID needs to be NULL...    reply        
· Windows Authentication - Gemini 3.5.4 (Build 2435)    reply        
· SQL error when upgrading from 2.2.6 to 3.5.4    reply        
· Batch Update    reply        
· After Moving An Issue The Status Field Is Blank In The New Project    reply        
· Import from JIRA    reply        
· Cannot open zip file with the source    reply        
· How do I put Images at Themes?    reply        
· probleme configure mailbox processor    reply        
· Hiding Issue Title on Create Screen?    reply        
· Custom fields in e-mails    reply        
· Automatically Login Users?    reply        
· Gemini Web services and PHP    reply        
· Gemini Desktop Not Launching    reply        
· Issue Routing and Assigning by Severity    reply        
· Windows Authentication - Gemini 3.5.4 and IIS7    reply        
· Errors on reports    reply        
· CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices - Invalid URI    reply        
· released versions in the &quot;Fixed in Fixed For Version&quot; field    reply        
· Cannot use Custom Fields    reply        
· Am I insane? How do I create issues from a pop3 mailbox?    reply        
· How to set a default project    reply        
· Time report    reply        
· Default detailed description and Time Tracking    reply        
· OMG!!! HELP FAST please    reply        
· Exception thrown by the target of an invocation - CreateAttachment    reply        
· Gemini API - Change AssignedTo Value    reply        
· Cant Assigne Issues    reply        
· Description and comment formatting    reply        
· gemini lost password    reply        
· I am enjoying and appreciating Desktop!    reply        
· v3.1.0: &quot;View Issue Watcher / Vote&quot; role doesn't work    reply        
· Exception thrown by the target of an invocation - CreateIssue    reply        
· Gemini's application pool keeps being stopped    reply        
· Field visibility    reply        
· Error With SVN Integration exit code -532459699    reply        
· Synchronizing Custom Time Field with Outlook    reply        
· Gemini API - Get Issue    reply        
· Mailbox Processing with IMAP4 (not POP3)    reply        
· v3.1.3: Cannot open the component with IE6 SP3    reply        
· Missing icons cause Desktop to hang displaying issue list    reply        
· [Incorrect info - Ignore this thread]    reply        
· Suggestions: Remember Window and Login    reply        
· Error when I edit an issue    reply        
· Unable to log into Gemini Desktop Twice (Update)    reply        
· &quot;Component Maintenance&quot; screen    reply        
· Road Map - complex projects with many components having different version/release schedules    reply        
· Visibility scheme weirdness    reply        
· Search timing out    reply        
· Filter queries    reply        
· Downloaded project data access    reply        
· &quot;Unable to load one or more of the requested types&quot;    reply        
· Intended use of Mailbox processing    reply        
· Gemini 3.0.4: Win32 error code -2146893048    reply        
· 3.5.4 on Windows 2008 installation problem    reply        
· Permission to change their own project description    reply        
· Initial screen not showing Projects    reply        
· Synchronizing Problem    reply        
· Can't sign in - Always get invalid username/password    reply        
· Setting default text into field    reply        
· v3.1.0: Batch update for Affected Version field doesn't work    reply        
· Unable to authenticate    reply        
· How to set a default value for a custom field    reply        
· Global Custom Field    reply        
· Controlling access to Documents tab    reply        
· SMTP Error    reply        
· Gemini API    reply        
· EventListener API    reply        
· 2 errors when upgrading from 3.1.x to 3.5.4    reply        
· Hide/Remove Detailed Description    reply        
· Problem with comment visibility    reply        
· Exception thrown by the target of an invocation - GetProjectVersionAttributes    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.3 - Where is the table?    reply        
· Upgrade to 3.5.4 leads to: Server Error in '/Gemini' Application. Attempted to read or write protect    reply        
· Error Starting Schedular    reply        
· Can't create comments with 3.5.4    reply        
· GEM-2915 - fixed in 3.5.4, but my program still doesn't work    reply        
· New License: Good for temporary installation?    reply        
· Release 3.5.4    reply        
· Field Visibility - same for all issue type    reply        
· v3.5.3: can't export the report?    reply        
· CounterSoft Gemini Scheduler Errors    reply        
· Json references in CounterSoft_Gemini_API_Samples_v3_5_3 sample download    reply        
· External User Voting    reply        
· Batch Update of issues doesn't include checkbox custom fields    reply        
· Component is mandatory when setting Default Vaules for a project    reply        
· Bad performance on Gemini    reply        
· Can't delete a version on the 'Project Administration &gt; Versions' page    reply        
· Error while upgrading from 2.02 --&gt; 3.5.3    reply        
· Apply default sort to issues list    reply        
· Email Alerts error    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.3: two (or more) emails on change    reply        
· Free-busy reporting    reply        
· Change Log takes 50 seconds to render    reply        
· Upload of attachments to issues    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.3: Where is WSDL?    reply        
· Error with SVN integration    reply        
· Sorting by severity and priority    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.3 sends too much emails    reply        
· Wrong user is used in history if issue is updated using batch update    reply        
· Losing Full Gemini URL and Licence    reply        
· Error setting animation value    reply        
· Non-Profit Licensing Options    reply        
· Separation of the 'estimate' from 'actual time' and 'to go'    reply        
· Global Settings &gt; Notifications &gt; Enable issue WATCHER alerts    reply        
· Date Format not setting to US format    reply        
· Custom user control is not loading....    reply        
· Could not find a part of the path ...    reply        
· Can't assign &quot;add project group member&quot; permissions to project administrator group members    reply        
· Gemini Plugin for TFS (Team Foundation Server)    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.3 Not Logging in, Windows Authentication    reply        
· Error after upgrade from 3.1.2 to 3.5.3    reply        
· Can't deselect affected versions.    reply        
· License Problem after Upgrading to 3.5.1    reply        
· Error with SVN integration    reply        
· Textbox lenght    reply        
· Branding Question    reply        
· Upgrade Gemini 3.0.3 -&gt; 3.5.2: Edit Issue Assigned Resource not visible    reply        
· My Work??    reply        
· Let Project administrators add users to Gemini    reply        
· How can I add a table to the DB from the app    reply        
· Trouble getting email notifications to work    reply        
· Moving from Gemini 2.2.27 to 3.5.0    reply        
· Issue Time Type ??    reply        
· Project LEAD ??    reply        
· Default Values for project    reply        
· Work Estimate??    reply        
· Problem while doing &quot;Create Issue&quot;    reply        
· Integration with Trouble Ticket Express    reply        
· Custom Field problem    reply        
· Email Scheduler Service doesnt remove alerts from the queue after sending    reply        
· TimeType DDL empty?    reply        
· New Gemini Permissions Needed?    reply        
· Possibility of adding global issue filter    reply        
· Problems with Custom Fields    reply        
· 3.5 Webservice Error    reply        
· advanced search    reply        
· Issue with creating issue    reply        
· complimentary license - cannot login    reply        
· QA notification    reply        
· Change default values in comment dialogue    reply        
· recommendation for status workflow and security schemes    reply        
· Mailbox Processor creates blank issues    reply        
· More DB Upgrade Woes 2.02 to 3.51    reply        
· common.js not found after upgrade to 3.5.2    reply        
· closeddate not being set?    reply        
· Error after upgrade to 3.5.1    reply        
· Upgrading DB from 2.0.3 to 3.5.1    reply        
· Scheduler 3.5.1 startup error    reply        
· Gemini 3.5.1-Inst doesn't work on Win XP    reply        
· Error during DB upgrade (2.0.x -&gt; 3.5.1)    reply        
· Effect of Issue Status ASSIGNED / CLOSED flags ?    reply        
· Editor    reply        
· trying to access gemini after installation    reply        
· Batch Update doesnt work (V3.5.1)    reply        
· Gemini N00b here - question about Custom Fields logic    reply        
· Creating comments with REST    reply        
· Error when try to see 'All issues'    reply        
· Change Profile Data    reply        
· Gemini 3.5 + SVN hooks 3.5 integration fails    reply        
· API/SDK for non .net systems?    reply        
· Add custom field data to alert message    reply        
· Custom fields dont show    reply        
· SVN connector problem    reply        
· Problem with POP3 Processor    reply        
· Unable to login afer updating to 3.5    reply        
· Can't login via Visual Studio addon    reply        
· REMOVED issues alerts never sent    reply        
· Problem running the Upgrade_v3-1.sql script    reply        
· Permissions    reply        
· Problems with integration of SVN in Gemini 3.5    reply        
· Gemini scheduler 3.5 - Root element is missing    reply        
· String was not recognized as a valid DateTime    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler for 3.5    reply        
· Changing From Email Address    reply        
· Can&#180;t delete Users    reply        
· Add Mailbox Processor - Insufficient user rights    reply        
· Redirect loop after installation (v 3.5)    reply        
· Permission for Project Manager    reply        
· Report Recently Closed/Complete Issues    reply        
· Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.    reply        
· Accessing 'gemini_user' table from an external application    reply        
· Release 3.5 ?    reply        
· existing data from V1.8 did not show in V3.1    reply        
· Unable to validate data in System Log    reply        
· Projects    reply        
· Custome Field is not visible    reply        
· Syning Issues with an Excel Sheet    reply        
· LDAP Integration    reply        
· ProjID is coming as -1 while creating the issues    reply        
· restores RAD editor content after accidental navigations    reply        
· SVN post-commit StackOverflowException    reply        
· Remember me not seeming to work    reply        
· Gemini theme CSS colors becomes corrupted after posting comment    reply        
· Remove permission    reply        
· Certain status items coming across more than once...    reply        
· Beta1 release?    reply        
· Gemini Scheduler Service - Memory Leak    reply        
· &quot;Find Issue&quot; Speed Issue    reply        
· Is there any Documentation section in Gemini ?    reply        
· Project Default values using Custom Field    reply        
· unable to login    reply        
· Customising the Layout    reply        
· Issue assigning lead to a project (and users to groups) in 3.1.2 (Build 2257)    reply        
· Another Medium Trust question    reply        
· RSS    reply        
· Trouble with Scheduler    reply        
· Saved Filters    reply        
· SchedulerService vs MailPlugin    reply        
· Can't seem to get the Web Application to Launch    reply        
· Adding trailing message to the reply of an issue    reply        
· Where to download the installer?    reply        
· Scheduler source code    reply        
· Active Directory User Groups linkws with Global groups    reply        
· Notifications to the &quot;Reported By&quot; user    reply        
· Problems with gemini + proxy    reply        
· Relation between SMTP settings and Scheduler Service    reply        
· Passing data to GET for login and issue viewing    reply        
· Filter by custom field and sort    reply        
· Are multiple components for issue allowed?    reply        
· Can i create my own reports ?    reply        
· Can I add a link in &quot;Project home page-&gt;Documents&quot;    reply        
· Cannot update issues after database move - URGENT    reply        
· Can I link to an filtered issue view?    reply        
· Build 2257 Visual Studio 2008 Add-in Login Problem    reply        
· Adding extra fields from the &quot;Reported By&quot; selection    reply        
· Firefox Layout Format    reply        
· Documentation?    reply        
· Invalid web service access code    reply        
· Setting vote counts using web services SDK    reply        
· VS Add-on and Gemini 2.2.6    reply        
· Latest Gemini Scheduler release and Gemini 2.2.6    reply        
· Calling Web Service Function --&gt; CreateSourceControlFile    reply        
· Call Web Service, Pass Value to It ( a way to integrate Gemini with Vault.)    reply        
· &quot;Project IDs are different!&quot; Error Calling GetIssue    reply        
· Custom Fields: how to make and use?    reply        
· Converting 2.0.4 to 3.1.2 License issue?    reply        
· Error Occuring While Callling the Web Service    reply        
· Cannot login    reply        
· v3.1.0: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.    reply        
· Gemini and Active Directory    reply        
· Internet Explorer 8.0 and Gemini 3.1.0    reply        
· Logout to http://localhost/...    reply        
· Email has stopped working, settings are correct    reply        
· &quot;Created by&quot; not visible    reply        
· Invalid object name 'gemini_components'.    reply        
· Screen stuck in Issues list for one project    reply        
· Creating Issue - no components visible    reply        
· Gemini 3.1 slow performances    reply        
· Inactive user's issue become unassigned    reply        
· Gemini 2.2.2 to 3.1.1 Upgrade Issues    reply        
· RadControls license    reply        
· Custom Issue fields?    reply        
· Time Tracking - Period of time    reply        
· Filter all project with same version    reply        
· SnagIT add-on install question    reply        
· How to configure security for this scenario?    reply        
· new issue statuses not selectable in new issues    reply        
· Supersize Database    reply        
· Events and Custom Fields    reply        
· VSS integration    reply        
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