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Questions (31)

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· How to protect database during Gemini upgrade?  asked      follow    
· How to manipulate the filter options?  asked      follow    
· No "Update" button after using "Search"  asked  reply    follow  answer  100 points
· What permission is needed to see the "Customize" button?  asked      follow    
· Does the AppNav remember the *original* filter or the most recently-created filter?  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· Can import the first 30 rows from Excel, then get error  asked  reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Cannot import a column entitled "Comments"  asked  reply    follow    
· Only two "Affected Version" visible in dropdown at one time  asked  reply    follow    
· A workflow status is not in Bulk update  asked  reply    follow    
· Why are Activity, Planner, etc, still in dropdown menu?  asked  reply    follow  answer  100 points
· Unable to set "Can Set Project Default Values". Menu is off the foot of screen.  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· How to restrict permissions for External Users?  asked      follow    100 points
· License for Test Runner  asked      follow    100 points
· What is meaning of error message in system log?  asked      follow    100 points
· How to remove extra users?  asked  reply    follow    
· How to move items to a different project?  asked  reply    follow    
· Purpose of Default Landing Page?  asked      follow    
· How to set the page that appears after login?  asked      follow    
· The highlight for an item in the grid is not persistent  asked      follow    
· I get "Error 1" when I try to import a CSV file  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· How to back up snapshots of the configuration?  asked      follow    
· During Create, a second attachment overwrites the first attachment  asked  reply    follow    
· An issue in one project also appears in another project as a ticket  asked  reply    follow  answer  100 points
· How to search in the PDF docs?  asked      follow    
· Anyone using Windows XP Pro 32-bit and IIS 5.1?  asked  reply    follow    
· Creating issues from excel or csv file    reply        
· Can you add your company logo?    reply        
· importing .txt or .csv file results in error in gemini 5    reply