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Questions (12)

· Roadmap: grid remains brightened after sorting (v5.1.3.3606)  asked      follow    100 points
· Outlook plugin: select destination project on the fly  asked      follow    100 points
· time totals for a bunch of items in a list  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini 5: DotNetNuke module?  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· dialogue "Add Time Log": resizing not possible  asked      follow    100 points
· "Item Key" missing when viewing an item  asked  reply  comment  follow    100 points
· status workflow broken after moving an item to another project  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· AppNav cards: notification problems with multiple projects-cards  asked  reply    follow    
· planner: no gain from collapsing  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· planner: exceptions when adding/editing/moving items  asked  reply    follow    
· proper project mapping with only one Converse mailbox  asked  reply    follow    
· Can we set a different workflow and Status values for each project individually?    reply  comment    answer  100 points