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Questions (20)

· TFS integration install, missing option in check-in policy  asked  reply    follow  answer  100 points
· When is next Gemini Version going to be available?  asked  reply    follow    
· Error adding comment - Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.gemini_watchissues' with uniqu  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· Gemini crashed  asked  reply    follow    100 points
· Scheduler not sending mails  asked  reply    follow    
· Set field visiblity\edit rights???  asked  reply    follow    
· Sql Server user credentials  asked      follow    100 points
· How to copy administration set up from test platform  asked      follow    
· Closeddate not always populated  asked  reply    follow    
· Report results do not seem to be accurate!!!  asked  reply    follow    
· Assigned/UnAssigned????  asked      follow    
· Countersoft URL password change  asked      follow    
· MSTest 4.1.1  asked      follow    
· New Version email notification?  asked      follow    
· Report on Issues created and Issues closed???  asked  reply    follow    
· Can't edit fields in list view    reply        
· Documentation of Reporting features and capabilities    reply        100 points
· Excess email, how to limit notifications on certain events?    reply    follow    
· Is it possible to add an IssueWatcher that's not registered?    reply        
· TFS 2010 Plugin    reply