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Gemini 5.1.5 DisplayItemId Error on System Log



I got this on the system log:

Error Rendering item pane tab widget show: App Id: 9C12B8ED-D0FD-4975-A317-614EFF97AAF2, Control Id: A6180205-44A6-444F-8EFC-46EC6327A239 The method or operation is not implemented. Countersoft.Gemini.DisplayItemId at Countersoft.Gemini.DisplayItemId.DisplayItemId.OnShow(ItemWidgetArguments args) in c:\Code2012\Gemini\Apps\Countersoft.Gemini.DisplayIssueId\DisplayItemId.cs:line 53 at Countersoft.Gemini.Infrastructure.Apps.AppManager.ItemContentWidgetsOnShow(BaseController controller, UserContext userContext, IGeminiContext geminiContext, ICacheContainer cache, IssueDto issue, String appId, String controlId)

My gemini v5.1.5 is freshly installed, all come out of the box.

How to check what's wrong about this ? Thanks!

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Please download the updated add-on and put it in the app_data\apps folder

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing