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Breeze - Email-to-Ticket with screen captures



I have downloaded v5.1.3 and tested the Email-To-Ticket function.

It works as described ,however, if I sent an email from Outlook 2010,

and that email contained a screen capture (from Print Screen button and pasted with CTRL+V), the ticket converted would not show the capture, just text left.

The screen capture became an attachment.

I remembered that when I had tested the V4 Trial Version with Converse 6 months ago, the picture is still inside ticket Description, plus an attachment of the screen capture in png format.

I am using firefox v17.01 and IE

Is this a bug or configurable? Thanks!

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This should be the same in Breeze, I have just tested it and it works for me. Can you send us a sample?

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing