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SVN Connector - Permission error when AddIssueSourceCodeFileLink = True


I am able to get the SVN check-in comments successfully added to the Gemini issue, but I get the following permissions exception when it attempts to add the source code file link.

 CounterSoft Gemini: Main   
 CounterSoft Gemini: Argument: post-commit  
 CounterSoft Gemini: Argument: D:\Repositories\Embedded 
 CounterSoft Gemini: Argument: 6539 
 CounterSoft Gemini: Constructing Service Manager.  
 CounterSoft Gemini: Constructed Service Manager.   
 CounterSoft Gemini: Gemini Username: dan_xxxxx 
 CounterSoft Gemini: Gemini Logged in user: Dan_Xxxxx   
 CounterSoft Gemini: Issue ID: 6531 
 CounterSoft Gemini: Commit Comment: CR: ABCSW-6531 | Testing SVN-Gemini linkage while running debugger to try to capture AddIssueSourceCodeFileLink error. 
 CounterSoft Gemini: Gemini User ID: Dan_Xxxxx  
 CounterSoft Gemini: SVN check-in Author: Dan_Xxxxx 
 CounterSoft Gemini: SVN check-in Repository Path: D:\Repositories\Embedded 
 CounterSoft Gemini: SVN check-in Revision Number: 6539 
 CounterSoft Gemini: SVN check-in Committed Files: U   branches/TRY-DanX-Gemini_Integration/gemini_integratin_test.txt  
 CounterSoft Gemini: Gemini PostCommitHandler.Handle. Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. 
 User Dan Xxxxx does not have permission for: add source control file. :: CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices ::    at CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices.BaseService.ThrowResponseException(WebResponse response)   
    at CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices.BaseService.ProcessResponse[T](String url, Object obj, RequestType requestType)   
    at CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices.IssuesService.CreateSourceControlFile(Int32 issueId, SourceControlEN sourceControlFile)   
    at CounterSoft.Gemini.SourceControl.SVN.PostCommitHandler.Handle(String repositoryPath, Int32 revisionNumber)   
 CounterSoft Gemini: End Main   

Is this a particular user permission that our Gemini administrator will need to set for all of our users? Can you tell me the name(s) of the permission(s) needed for this work correctly? I'm not very familiar with Gemini administration. I assume this is something that can be set at the group level?

Thanks again.


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The user needs to have the Add Comment and Link Source Control Files permissions

··· Thanks. I'll ask our Gemini admin to set those for us next week. Happy New Year!User57545Saturday, December 31, 2011, 12:12:18 AM

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen
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I got our Gemini admin to add the Source Control Files permissions and now that part seems to be working; however, I was expecting Gemini to display a hyperlink to the source code files (either in the Comments tab or in the Source Control tab or possibly both), but that is not the case.

The comments tab includes the following:

Affected files  branches/TRY-DanO-Gemini_Integration/gemini_integratin_test.txt (Updated)
                branches/TRY-DanO-Gemini_Integration/gemini_multi-CR_test.txt (Updated)

And the source control tab looks like this:

File Name                   File Path                               Repository
gemini_integratin_test.txt  branches\TRY-DanO-Gemini_Integration    D:\Repositories\Embedded
gemini_multi-CR_test.txt    branches\TRY-DanO-Gemini_Integration    D:\Repositories\Embedded

None of these are hyperlinked. Should there be hyperlinks to these file locations somehow?

The repository path is obviously a file system path and not a URL, so is that something that needs to be modified (in the configuration file or script)?



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You can change the revisionlog template to put hyperlinks to your files. You may also change the source code to do that.

··· Thanks. I made some changes to the source code to implement the hyperlinks.User57545Thursday, January 05, 2012, 11:25:14 PM

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing