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Gemini Community Support Site

This Gemini community support site can be used to find solutions to product issues. You can log in using Open Id, Google Profile and even Facebook. Feel free to ask a question or browse FAQs and documentation. Product tour videos are also available along with how-to videos demonstrating key Gemini capabilities.

Say Hello To Gemini 5

Gemini 5 is out - see the new killer features that puts Gemini into a whole new world.

The Gemini 5 Migration Guide

See how you can migrate your existing Gemini instance to the latest v5 release. Follow the guidance notes to help you migrate.

Gemini Review By Anton Starovoytov

A short Gemini product review by Anton Starovoytov who explains why they selected Gemini and their experience so far. Anton also talks about how their teams leverage Gemini for every day usage.

How to Convert Emails to Tickets with Gemini

The Converse add-on for Gemini allows end-users and customers to communicate with you entirely through email. Converse empowers you to move emails into Gemini, notify the customer, and even attach any subsequent emails as comments to your ticket. T...

New Year, New Website

We were thrilled to push out a new website for Gemini on the 24th December 2011.   It was built within a week and was designed with easy navigation and speed in mind. Being .net guys through and through, we (predictably) went with ASP.NET MVC...
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