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This Gemini community support site can be used to find solutions to product issues. You can log in using Open Id, Google Profile and even Facebook. Feel free to ask a question or browse FAQs and documentation. Product tour videos are also available along with how-to videos demonstrating key Gemini capabilities.

Gemini 4.1 Released

Tuesday, December 27, 2011, 2:00:01 PM

Gemini 4.1 has been released and is now available for general download. For those of you who want to see it now, we have already rolled it out to our very own Gemini instance: http://gemini.countersoft.com

Active Directory Integration

You can now map Active Directory groups to Gemini global groups and Gemini will automatically synchronize users between the groups. If a user is part of an AD group that is mapped then the user will be added to Gemini's global group and if a user is not in an AD group, the user will be removed from the Gemini global group. More Information

Issue Tracker Active Directory Integration

Automated Unit Test Integration + Test API

Integration with MS Test and xUnit brings automated Unit Test support linking Unit Tests to Test Cases/Plans so you can automatically record pass/fail status back into Gemini. This is in additional to the current support for Manual Testing. The Gemini rest-based API has been extended to cover testing enabling the full management of Test Plans, Cases and Runs including the importing of test management data into Gemini from any exportable test data source.

Unit Test integration is simply a case of ensuring the Unit Test class inherits from the "GeminiTextFixture" class. Individual Unit Tests can then be associated with one or more Gemini Test Cases. Optionally, you can specify whether a unit test failure is recorded as a new Bug within Gemini.

Unit Testing with MS Test and xUnit
MS Test integration with Issue Tracker

Reporting Re-vamp

Over 20 new reports have been introduced and existing reports re-vamped. Two new Resource Allocation reports detail by resource, by day, allocated items or hours. Resource utilization issues are now easy to spot thanks to highlighting of potential workload problems.

Resource Allocation Report
The new set of reports detail week-on-week activity breakdown in terms of Open vs Closed rates across the key attributes that Gemini tracks out-of-the-box: Component, Version, Type, Priority, Severity, Resource.
Project Activity Report

Improved Keyword Searching

Keyword searching has been enhanced to support more complex query types.

Improved Issue Tracker Search

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