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Lost all input type of control visibility!


All the input controls  (Buttons, links) are gone!

All i did was change the globalization section in web.config from en-GB to en-US.  The buttons all disappeared.  I quickly changed the setting back to en-GB, but the buttons are still gone.

I deleted cookies in the browser, reset IIS, event rebooted server.  Still no buttons! 

The error log shows:

Could not find a part of the path 'C:\inetPubGemini\wwwroot\Gemini\en-GB\en-GB\Resource.xml'.

A diff of the web.config vs. the unmodified web.config shows only changes to connection string and IP address for SMTP...

So i added a folder to my gemini web site \en-GB and copied the folder  \language\en-GB into it, and the buttons reappear....

What that heck is going on?

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Are you sure that you have only change the web.config?

This change to the web.config should be fine.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing
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You are correct.  The problem was will the settings stored in the database.    My   LanguageFilePath   was incorrectly set.

Thanks for the help,


-------------------- ------------------------------
AlwaysUseFullGeminiU NO
FullGeminiURL        http://carbon:81/gemini
WelcomeTitle         Welcome
WelcomeMessage       <font face="Times New Roman" s
DictionaryFolder     controls/FreeTextBox/dic
ProjReposFileClick   None
EnableHTMLPosts      YES
CharSetForExcel      ISO-8859-1
SessionRefresher     600
Theme                Default
LayoutMode           ltr
LanguageFilePath     en-GB  <----- Should be Language
DefaultCultureName   en-GB
InstalledLanguages   English|en-GB|German|de-DE|Spa
InstalledThemes      Default|Blue|Army
DateFormat           EU
TimeInWorkingDay     7:30
GlobalAssignResource NO
IssueDescriptionType RichText
IssueCommentType     RichText
IssueLinkQualifier   GEM:
AutoAlertForIssueCre YES
AutoAlertForIssueRes YES
PluginPath           bin/plugins
ShowUserRegistration YES
AllowAnonymousUsers  YES
ViewAllProjects      YES
AlwaysShowGeminiStat YES
ResetPasswordSubject Gemini Password Reset Request
ResetPasswordMessage Please click on the link below
NewUserResetPassword BLANK
SSOPasswordType      PLAIN
UseAccessCodeForSour NO

(34 row(s) affected)


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