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Field Visibility Question


Two Projects. Project A and Project B.

One Visibility Scheme - Default

Both Projects are set to this default scheme.

For Project A, we want ALL users to see every field.

The default scheme, has checked every box and Everyone/Auth is selected for each.

For each issue type, bug, new feature, etc, etc, the field visibility scheme is set to default for CREATE, EDIT, VIEW.

All of this works fine.

Now in comes project B.

We want everyone to NOT see the Priority or Severity fields.

This is where I get confused. If I edit the default visibility scheme or create a new visibility scheme, it doesn’t seem to matter as the issue type can only accept one scheme. If I change it from default, to the new scheme I create, for each issue type, bug, new feature, etc, then I lose priority and severity for Project A.

If every issue type can accept only ONE field visibility scheme, then does that not mean that you need to have everything you want, ( which isn't possible ) within that same visibility scheme ?



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You should use groups for this. One group for project A and set that group to see those field and the other group for project B.

Or you could have 2 issue type schemes.....

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen