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1 hour substracted from timeentrydate?


After upgrading from Gemini 4.2 to Gemini 5.1.5 the contents of field 'timeentrydate' in the timetracking table has changed.

Every field has 1 hour substracted from the old value.

In some cases, the old value was just after midnight which results in a date change in the interface after the update. (e.g. 31-12-2012 00:32:00 became 30-12-2012 23:32:00)

I understand that this can be fixed relatively easy, by running a query that adds 1 hour to the field timeentrydate, but could you please explain if I did something wrong, or if the update changed this?

Kind regards.

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Please check your time zone setting in the preferences (click on your name at the top right).

··· UTC +1, but I don't see how this converts data in the database between updates?User22148Monday, January 28, 2013, 12:41:43 PM

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing