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Hierarchies Versions and Tasks


We are looking to use hierarchies in a few ways with Gemini and wanted to know if they were supported. First is there a way to do a roadmap for a project as a whole that encompasses all versions. We are looking to divide our projects into versions with sprints that would sum up to the project. The idea is the project encompasses all assigned tasks / stories and estimates. This allows us to view the project as a whole based on the progress of the active sprint.

Product Version (Sum of Child Versions 70 Stories & Tasks / 180 Hours)

|- Sprint 1 (20 stories / 50 hours)

|- Sprint 2 (20 stories / 50 hours)

|- Sprint 3 (20 stories / 50 hours)

| - UAT / Deployment (10 Tasks / 30 hours)

Second we would like to use sub tasks that sum up to parent tasks.

Parent Tasks (Estimate / Time logged = Sum of children Estimate 6hr / Logged 9hr)

|- Child 1 (Estimate 2 hr / Logged 3hr)

|- Child 2 (Estimate 2 hr / Logged 3hr)

|- Child 3 (Estimate 2 hr / Logged 3hr)

I have tried to create parent / child relationships but the information does not seem to sum up to the parent on various displays.

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The information should some up when viewing the item under the dependencies section, do you not see that?

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen