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Upgrades and backup


Are there any plans to include

  1. A backup facility in the configuration > system area?
  2. An installer that can upgrade an existing install?
  3. An update check / install d/l link from the configuration > system area?

I ask because I never know when there is a update released, is there some subscription that will notify me? Also downloading zip files to extract and replace manually as well as running sql scripts is a bit of a pain point for maintenance. See teamcity for a great example of these features in action.

··· +1stepand76Friday, January 04, 2013, 9:27:04 AM
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We are working on #1 and #3, #2 is done from 5.1, it will upgrade your database. We are also going to introduce a new installer that will take care of the web app upgrade.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing