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Email alerts in Gemini 5


It seems that the way email alert are handled, has changed quite a bit from 4 to 5. If I want one user to received an email everytime a new item is created in a specific project and another user to only receive emails on items that he/she has created, how do I set that up?

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In Gemini 5 users need to subscribe to alerts. So they create an AppNav card (filtered view) and subscribe to it for alerts. So in your case create a card that will filter items by "submitted by me" and subscribe to it, share it with that user's group. For the specific user's project filter by the project you are after, You can also use the "Auto-email creator/reporter" and "Auto-email assigned resource" settings to send alerts when item is created / resourced to the user globally. Finally you can enable the "Auto Watchers" add-on to add item creators and resources as followers to the item.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing