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Gemini 5.1.3 Upgrade Issues from 4.2.1



We upgraded from v4.1 of Gemini to v4.2.1, and all seemed to function and display properly. We then upgraded to v5.1.3, and we are experiencing issues. Some details about our environment:

• Web Server: Windows Server 2008, IIS 7.5, using .NET 4.0 • Database Server: MS SQL Server 2005 SP4 • Client machines: Windows XP, IE7 (soon moving to Win7 / IE8) • Gemini is behind a firewall within our corporate environment without access to the internet • My colleague & I have admin rights, and tried to add permissions

  1. Once we migrated to 5.1.3, we started to get errors from the main page (i.e. “Internet Explorer blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors”), presumably because we are inside a firewall and the code references “”. Do you have a workaround for 5.1.3 installation within a firewall?

  2. When we look at configuration, the web forms don’t seem to render tabbing properly. For example, when we look at the configuration page, instead of the tabs across the top of the page:

…the tabs are centered, and appear on top of one another. Is there something we missed in the migration?

We tried using Mozilla Firefox (11.0), and the issue of forms is better in Firefox and on the main page we see a complete listing of projects, however clicking on them does nothing.

  1. We are able to see a listing of the Gemini items / tickets created, but without being able to see anything other than the Item and Title (no Types, Priority, Severity, Components, Status, Resolution). When I click on the item (I have Gemini admin rights), it redirects me to a blank page, with the Project code, and “Item 1 of 21”. Is there something we missed in the migration?

We only got as far as that in terms of validating the migration. If we cannot resolve the issues very soon, we will need to roll back to a stable version that we can use.

Please let me know if you have a solution to the problems above, or if our environment cannot support the move to version 5.1.3.

Thank you in advance,

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Gemini 5 will not run on IE7, we only version 8+. As for the projects not showing, please make sure that you have setup sceens, permissions and menus for the template you are using (migration template by default).

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing