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Project default screen vs. custom issue views


Gemini 4.0 here. We have a project with 4 issue types. The default screen for the project is set to the screen used by Type1, which does NOT contain some of the custom fields utilized by Type2, etc.

If a user creates a custom view of the issue list, he/she can select the custom fields that are used in Type2, but those fields do not display in the custom view. Only fields that are utilized by Type1 will actually display in the issue list.

Am I correct in assuming this is because the project has the screen associated with Type1 as its default, so the issue list can only display custom fields associated with Type1? Easy enough to change if that is the case, but we wanted to make sure the behavior was expected.

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Yes, we will only show fields that the project default screen allows you to see on the grid.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing