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Email alert Issue


On version 4.2.1 -instance recently upgraded from v 2.2.7

When I click the link on an email alert it doesn't bring me to the issue, it just brings me to a version of the homepage that doesn't seems to have the stylesheet applied to it

The link in the Email alert is http://SERVERNAME/INSTANCENAME/Main.aspx/Default.aspx?p=12&i=7088 When opens in IE/Firefox it stays as the above

We have another instance of Gemini 4.2.1 on the same server and the email alert/links look similar and work ok Link looks like this in email: http://SERVER/gemini/Default.aspx?p=1&i=11268 When it opens on IE/Firefox it changes to http://SERVER/gemini/issue/ViewIssue.aspx?ID=11268&PROJID=1

Thanks in advance for any help

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It seems like the full Gemini url setting is wrong. Check in the Administration -> General, it should point to the root of the site not main.aspx

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing