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Custom Field values not showing


I have added a custom field from a table to two seperate project as a multi select list. I have populated the table with the values I want which are city, state names(ex. Atlanta, Ga.).

When I edit an issue and select one of the values I see it on the edit form. I click save and it does not show on the item view and if I edit that item again I do not see the value I selected.

I went to the database table Gemini.dbo.gemini_customfielddata and found the customfield id, projectid and issuedid corresponding to the item I added the custom field data to and the value in the fielddata column is: "0|Acworth| Ga.|Adairsville| Ga.|Adrian| Ga.|Alamo| Tn."

It should be: "0|Acworth, Ga.|Adairsville, Ga.|Adrian, Ga.|Alamo, Tn.".

If I directly edit the db and make it look like the second example it shows properly on the view and edit forms.

Can you not have a "," in a custom field value? If not, I can make that change but I would prefer to have the "," as it makes it a little more readable.



H. Ray Long
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H. Ray Long
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not helpful

This is a bug which has been fixed in 5.1.3, which is out this week.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing