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Sort components by name


When you define the components for a project, the system stores and displays them in alphabetical order. When I'm editing an Item, I want the components to appear in a logical order, so I name the components with a prefix, like:

A Very first component

B Some other component

C Another component

This works OK -- but if I want to re-order them, and I change their names, the list is still presented in its original sequence. For example, if I want the order to be Very first component, Another component, and finally Some other component, I change the prefix letters. But the result is still in the original order:

A Very first component

C Some other component

B Another component

How can I tell Gemini to re-sort the component list? Or is there some other way to specify the sort sequence?

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The component's order can be changed by dragging and dropping the row.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing