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newlines doubled when editing RTF with Internet Explorer 9


When using IE9 to edit rich text description of a task, when I enter a newline and save the task, I'll end up with newlines being doubled. The doubled newlines didn't show up while I was editing, only after saving. If I then click "Amend" to re-edit the the description, the double newlines show up in the editor.

I tested the same repro steps with Chrome and it doesn't repro. Perhaps this is related to the linux heritage of chrome (LF = newline) vs. the Windows heritage of IE (CRLF = newline).

Not sure whether it reproes 100% of the time, it may only happen with some tasks. It's a relatively new problem I think -- I don't remember this happening a few months ago.

Is this a known bug? We're running hosted Gemini 4.1.1 if that matters.

Justin Grant
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Justin Grant
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You must be still using the old editor. Switch to the new tiny mce editor (Administration -> General under items) or use compatibility mode in IE.

··· nice! Thanks for the quick reply. Justin GrantFriday, May 25, 2012, 6:55:59 AM

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen