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Email notifications stopped working when they used to be fine



Email notifications stopped working for us about a week ago; before which they had been working fine. The error in the error log is: "Access to the path 'C:\GeminiSMTPLog.txt' is denied" - this is for the "mscorlib" (in the Additional Information field)

We did used to get a recurring log message about it not being able to access the file because it was in use by another process... but emails still worked fine and then this changed to the new "denied" message above.

I don't know whether relevant but it seemed to stop working about the same time that we got rid of the F:\ drive off of the server - even though Gemini was only purely on the C:\ drive.

Recent events and checks already done:

  • Turned Verbose logging to off - This now means we can send a Test email successfully from the SMTP config area of the Admin suite - but we still get the error of "Denied" when updating tickets etc and no email sent.
  • The actual file "C:\GeminiSMTPLog.txt doesn't exist - is this a problem? Should there be a file and what would be in it i.e. can I recreate it?

  • There doesn't appear to be anything in the Event Viewer to reference this problem.

Hope you have some ideas...



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Which version of Gemini are you running? The smtp log file is for diagnostics only so setting verbose to off is ok.

What is your email alerts engine set to (Administration -> Notifications)? If it is the scheduler service then please make sure it is installed and running.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing