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Converse and notifications



We've been using the Gemini mailbox feature for some time, automatically logging tickets from email messages sent to a particular mailbox. We recently added Converse functionality so that users could "converse" with Gemini simply by replying to the message acknowledgements. I've observed a couple of peculiarities and am unsure whether they are configuration errors or something else.

  1. When a user submits a ticket via email, Converse picks it up, creates the ticket and sends an acknowledgement email. The sending user receives an acknowledgement with a from address as defined in Converse > Mailbox > Pop Mailbox. The users who monitor the project (through notifications), receive an email notification with the senders address as defined in the Global > Notifications section. Is it possible to have the notifications sent out using the from address defined in Converse > Mailbox > Pop Mailbox? I'm not sure if this is a feature request or I have misconfigured something?

  2. When a user replies to a Converse acknowledgement, it logs their email message as a comment - all good. The problem we seem to be having is that sometimes (and only sometimes) the comment is added and then another ticket is created from that reply email. I have Mailbox Debug mode on, but there is nothing being logged in the Event log on the host where the Scheduler service runs.

Appreciate any comments in reply.

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  1. This is by design. Registered Gemini users will receive alerts from the Notifications section as they are Gemini users and notifications will sent according to their preferences.
  2. This is the 1st time we have heard of such occurance. Are you saying that the same email is loaded once as a comment and once as a new item? What is the "Delete messages" setting set to?

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing