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Prevent unassigned items



I want to prevent the situation where I have items in the system that are not assigned to any one. However there are a certain group of users who are not allowed to assign resources, so I cannot make the field mandatory. We also have over 30 projects. I have been looking at two approaches

  1. Some how trying to set a default value for this, but it looks like I cannot do this globally. Can you confirm that I have to do this on a per-project basis

  2. Have an email sent to the administrator every time an item is created, event though the administrator is not the creator or the resource. Again it looks like I cannot do this globally, rather again on a per-project basis. IS this correct ?

Another idea I have just had would be to have a mail sent to the administrator if unassigned items exist. Is this possible ?

best regards Simon

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Yes, default values are per project as resources are per project.

To set preferences accross all projects go to the all projects page and set your email preferences.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen