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How do I change the contents of the email for updated tickets


Good day,

I inherited the task of looking after our Gemini instance from another work colleague who has subsequently left.

At the moment, when someone updates a ticket with a new comment, we get a long email containing the details of the ticket followed by the latest comment right at the bottom of the page (the template is attached to this request)

I want to know if it is possible to change this email template so only the description of the ticket and the latest comment are shown... or, if that is not possible, show the latest comment at the TOP of the email so our clients do not miss the comment when they receive the email.

I could not, reliably, see in the admin section how this can be changed

Thank you

ticket template.jpg ]
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This can be done by changing the templates that are stored under the MailTemplates folder of the scheduler service (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\CounterSoft\Countersoft Gemini Scheduler Service\MailTemplates)

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing