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Don't want to automatically be added as Watcher when Assigned To field is reassigned.


Under Administration --> Notifications, I have "Email Item Creator" to No and "Email Item Resource" to Yes and "Email Alerts Enabled" to Yes. I have it set this way so that when an Issue is assigned to a resource, they automatically get an email whether they have set their own profile to receive emails or not. This part of product works great.

What I don't want is the current Resource to be assigned as Watcher when I remove them as Resource and assign the Issue to someone (i.e. ResourceA is replaced by ResourcB in Assigned to field and ResourceA is automatically added as Watcher of Issue. ResourceA now gets emails on changes to Issue). I just want to stop that Auto Add as Watcher functionality.

I don't want to disable "Enable item Watcher alerts" because if someone adds themselves voluntarily to an Issue, they should still get emails.


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This is something that we are looking to do in version 5 of Gemini. At the moment, it is not possible to do that without custom code.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen