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Multiple rules over one mailbox


Dear support,

we have installed Gemini ver. 4.2.1 and we would like start using creating tickets from incoming emails. Unfortunately we using Google apps for Business as our mail system and there is payed monthly fee for each box, then we prefer use small number of mailboxes.

So, we tested your mailbox feature and there each mailbox rule can create one type of ticket (Project, Component, etc..). We would prefer for our use implement multiple regular expression output rules for each mailbox.

For example - I have two new email messages in one support mailbox: 1. Subject "CustomerAlfa - Issue Coffe machine o out of order" 2. Subject "Customerbeta - My IceCream machine is broken" mailbox rule will be defined sub-rules by regular expression for sort CustomerAlfa to project Alfa and CustomerBeta to project Beta. Also regular expressions over

There is any chance implement this feature in future versions? Or any idea how solve it other way?

Thank you

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You should be able to do this now using the Converse add-on and adding a subject regular expression for each mailbox (project / component). You will need to set the mailboxes to keep the messages (not delete).

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing