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Can a component be disabled?


We've been using Gemini for years, so there's been some natural changes in our organizational thoughts, etc. Now we have many components (with lots of associated issues) that are essentially now defunct or unused. So, I'd like to "disable" those components, so that they don't show up in the dropdown list for new issues. But I don't want to orphan the old issues, just prevent anyone on the team from selecting those old components in the future.

I'm not seeing that on the Project Admin->Components page. It looks like I can Delete a component, but I definitely don't want to delete old issues! Nor do I want to change reporting from way back when.

I also see a checkbox for "Locked", but don't know what that means...

Am I missing something? If not, can you take this as a feature request?

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Locked is what you are after. It will prevent users from adding items against the component.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen