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Email alerts



I have tried to read through some of the other users questions, but couldn't find quite the right one.

I have a User who only should receive emailalerts on issues that she created, and only when the issue is created and when a ressource is assigned. Unfortunately, she receives emails when this issue is commented.

In my global settings, "Email Item Creator" is set to "Yes". Does this setting overrule my Users personal email preferences?

And what difference does the "Email me my changes" under Profile do? Does this affect something as well?

BR Kathrine

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Yes "Email item creator" will override the user's preferences. So they will get any update to the item in that case.

Email my changes will control if to send you an alert for changes you are making. so if you edit item X you will not receive an alert when email my changes is set to "No".

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing