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HOWTO share Components between Products/Projects?



We have different PRODUCTS that share different COMPONENTS. Both the COMPONENTS that the PRODUCTS have multiple versions.

PRODUCTS : - Soft-ONE - Soft-TWO - Soft-THREE - .. and so on

COMPONENTS : - GraphicsComp - DatabaseComp - MathComp - .. and so on

We need share COMPONENTS between PRODUCTS :

  1. Soft-ONE Version 1.0 USE GraphicsComp Ver 1.1 and MathComp Ver 2.0
  2. Soft-ONE Version 2.0 USE GraphicsComp Ver 3.1 and MathComp Ver 2.5
  3. Soft-TWO Version 1.5 USE GraphicsComp Ver 1.1 and DatabaseComp Ver 2.5
  4. .. and so on

We need add Items (new featutes, bugs ...) to MathComp Ver 2.5 and "see" them both Soft-ONE Version 2.0 and Soft-TWO.

It's possible ?

Regards Paolo

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That is not possible at the moment. What we suggest is creating one project for these and each product will be a compoennt with sub components.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen