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Different "screens" for comment creation/editing


Hello there,

I am experiencing some strange behaviour.

Whenever I create a new comment by clicking on the Comment link in the issue view, everything works fine and I see the fields (role dependant) as defined in the according comment editing screen for this issue type.

However, when I later try to edit this comment, I get a reduced set of fields - all I can do now is change the comment's text or mark it as closing. I can no longer change issue properties, as I could do in the other screen. Bummer :-)

What's even more irritating - and I would call this a bug - when I create a new issue NOT by clicking the link but by clicking the little "add comment" icon next to the link, I will also only get the very reduced set of fields.

Regards Heiko

Heiko Scharnberg
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Heiko Scharnberg
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not helpful

This is by design as when editing the comment you are looking to change the actual comment text. The popup comment is there to let you add a comment without leaving the page and therefore have only the comment fields.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing